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Congressman Resigns over Sexting Affair/Critical of 911 Investigation in 2002

From my facebook post of this am.
Quite apart from the moral implications of Conressman Weiner's behavior and the fact that he reportedly had few friends in Washington, it is noteworthy that he was critical of the 911 investigation back in 2002.


Interestingly, in Webster Tarpley's book 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, (Progressive Press, third edition, 2006, pp. 232-234) Tarpley reported that Congressman Anthony Weiner was a very vocal advocate on behalf of the need to properly investigate the destruction of the World Trade Center.


In a House Science Committee hearing in March 2002, Weiner complained about the lack of progress being made. The Congressman stated that there was a virtually non-existent investigation and that crucial evidence had been mishandled including 80% of the steel from the WTC being sold for recycling before investigators could analyze the information. He also made public the fact that NYC and Federal officials failed to cooperate with investigators on multiple issues making it virtually impossible for them to carry out their analyses. Food for thought.

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The way the "Powers That Be" defeat and get rid of their opposition is to get "dirt" on them and then "blackmail" them into resigning or exposing them in their MSM so the public does not elect them again to their high office.


You have to "behave" to keep these "gate-keepers" supporting you...


You will miss your Weiner when I resign, but maybe you can still see "it" on the internet social web site...



This is probably what has happened to "Mr. HotDog" or was it "Mr. Weiner"




He will not be the first one to go down that way nor the last.


Sometimes they falsify the evidence and then have "paid-off" or "blackmailed" witnesses give false testimony to save themselves, as in the case of former Ohio Senator Jim Trafficant, who now works for The American Free Press.


Yes, the District of Criminals operates on what I call a bribery / blackmail / extortion grid.  "They" only allow into office those who will tow the politically correct positions.  Anyone who gets out of line by say, wanting to pursue 9-11  truth or any policies that would lessen the power of the internationalists' chokehold on the USA government, will be lucky if they are allowed to live and die in obscurity and abject poverty.    I have a suspicion that Mr. Weiner was punished for some more recent "infraction" of the "party line" and it was not his 9-11 truth seeking of several years ago that is what is really behind this present mess.  Think of how many other congress members are towing the party line and what they may be being allowed to get away with.


Elliot Spitzer is another example.




Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers

By Eliot Spitzer

Thursday, February 14, 2008; Page A25


That article of his telling the truth and seeking justice ruined his career.  But now he has resold his soul to the devil and is a talking head on one of the mainstream news TV shows. 


Because of this system, we will never have 9-11 truth and justice, nor will our constitutional republic survive.


If the powers that be who enforce this evil system are largely controlled by the banksters and if those banksters are largely "Zionists and Jews", then the ruination of Weiner and Spitzer, both Jews, shows "they" show no partiality or favoritism to those of their own ethnic or religious affiliation.  This is all a deep evil that goes way beyond Judaism or "Zionism."



yes, all politicians who become powerful since JFK and don't tow the line are politically ruined or assassinated.  The 1960s assassinations fell into this category.  The assasination of Paul Wellstone was a big one this century.  Wellstone was the modern day JFK and the powers knew it, so they nipped it in the bud before he got higher in power.  Watergate was a takeout of Nixon by the CIA after he started poking into the JFK thing.  This is the way the oligarchy is now getting their dirty work special op guys to "TCB" take care of business these days.  This country is degenerating into a land of warlords like Somalia.

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