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I'm glad Dr. Barrett is no longer associated with this website

His puerile nuttery makes truthers look bad.

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Who is Dr. Barrett and what nuttery does he put forth to make truthers look bad? Please give us some examples of what you are trying to get a discussion started on...and why you dismiss his thoughts and opinions...

Chuck Boldwyn
Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor
You make some good points, sandy. We can't expect to agree on everything, disagreements are no reason to bash ourselves to death, it's important to stay focused on the goals. Your observation that the confusion about the issues makes it difficult to talk to new people about them is very perceptive.

"There were these 19 terrorists, see, and the CIA and the FBI and the NSA and NORAD did nothing to stop them--but wait, maybe they had US military backgrounds, and maybe they didn't fly the planes" sounds a bit nutty to someone who hasn't read the books we've read. Also "Jet fuel can't melt steel, but there was molten iron, and it came from thermite which cut the steel, but this is superthermite that's explosive and it also blew up the concrete floors, and though controlled demolition is normally done from the bottom up, this one was from the top down, except there were these basement bombs...."

When the stuff for which we have good evidence sounds nutty, it only hurts us to bring up stuff that sounds even nuttier. The news media are looking for a "Loony 9/11 Truther" story and Dr. Barrett is only too happy to play the part.

I disagree with your belief that we need all the help we can get. I think it's reasonable to expect our people to adhere to the principle of "First Do No Harm", and Dr. Barrett has demonstrated time and time again that he has no concern for the movement's credibility and that he's more interested in attracting attention to himself than he is in furthering the cause of building public support for the need for new investigations.

I don't consider Dr. Barrett's destructive actions just a matter of disgreements. If my neighbor thinks he has the right to burn toxic waste in his backyard, the conflict involves more than a difference of opinion. The call for being civil to each other amounts to a license to do the movement great harm when it leads to tolerance of destructive behavior.

We should all be pulling together, I agree--we should all pull together to convince Kevin to shut up. He spends way too much time whining about being attacked when instead he should stop doing and saying stupid things. Only when he acknowledges the extreme stupidity of many of his past actions can we trust that he won't repeat them.
Because of the Western mass media blackout of the 911 issues, the movement can go nowhere. Overcoming the controlled mass media is the biggest obstacle to getting out the truth in a massive manner. The media controllers ,knew the power it could wield wheh it purchased all the mass media resources, ~ 90%. The uncontrolled media is about 10 %, ie is reaching only about 10% of the population. In a democracy, only the majority awareness news items get acted upon.

Boycott the newspapers and tv news and radio news. You see, only about 10% or people, max, can ever get this message of truth.

The mass media is the biggest road block to 911 truth. It must me conquered, but how? It seems to be impossible, especially when the usa government is fully supportive of it and its messages of falsehoods and blatant deceptions and lies...

Having the truth is useless if you can not get the message out to the majority of the people, especially the voting people...

Chuck Boldwyn
I know Kevin very well. We have done a dozen or more events together and co-hosted
"The Dynamic Duo" for some eighteen months on GCN. In my opinion, he is committed
to 9/11 truth and uses his abilities as a provocateur to draw attention to the movement
and the evidence we have uncovered. His unorthodox style has its strengths and its
drawbacks. Absent some evidence, I think that Brain hasn't made his case. I agree
that not everyone is going to like his style. But he has done quite a lot of good for us
in general, even if I have reservations of my own about some of the things he's done.
Chuck, though I agree that the media's maintain-consumer-confidence imperative makes it a roadblock to truth, I disagree with the strategy of boycotting the media entirely. To reach on their level the 90% of citizens who are mainstream media consumers, we have to understand what their level is, and know what they're reading. "How about them Iggles, anyway?" Or Bears or Colts or Saints or Steelers or what have you. We have to know what Bamford said on PBS.

Dr. Fetzer, I don't know Dr. Barrett well enough to judge his sincerity, but I think he's been counterproductive. His "War on War" fantasy of V-for-Vendetta mobs of masked and cloaked truthers flinging firecrackers was an extremely reckless scheme in the charged environment before hearings on the HR1955 "thought crimes" bill. Had it succeeded in San Francisco I believe we would have had mobs in disguises marching on Nancy Pelosi's house--an agent provocateur's (in the bad sense) wet dream.

Last Friday Dr. Barrett told a mainstream radio audience that covered half the country that Germany's invasion of Poland was a worse crime than killing 6 million Jews. Such statements hurt the cause of 9/11 Truth. As one who's had his ears pinned back many times, I think Dr. Barrett needs his ears pinned back. As an example of his counterproductive stunts, consider this wedge issue that produces different reactions within the truth movement from the reaction outside: Barrett's announcement to the press that he intended to arrest Waleed al Sherhi. Truthers applauded Barrett's audacity and humor. The news media noticed only that he had failed to deliver Mr. al Sherhi, and wrote off the "living hijackers" story forever.

Dr. Barrett needs adult supervision. He does not understand the consequences of his actions. His Truth Jihad is a suicide bombing of his own credibility, and he doesn't care that it hurts the rest of us.
Hi Sandy,

Since there are some vicious lies about me going around, I'm not surprised that you've heard some bad things about me.

We need all the productive help we can get. We don't need the kind of help that puts dead mice in the punch.

When Barrett told half the country that Germany's invasion of Poland was a more serious crime than "toasting six million Jews", how many people right there turned off the radio in disgust, saying "Barrett is a loon, Truthers are loons, questioning the war on terror is for loons"? If he was selling Fords, people would buy Chryslers.

We need help like that like we need a hole in the head.

I didn't say I don't know a whole lot about Barrett. I know a lot about Barrett. I said I don't know him well enough to judge his sincerity, and I'm not sure even his wife knows him that well.

I do have personal problems with Kevin, as well as political disagreements. He lies about me viciously, he refuses to answer questions, he refuses to engage in dialog about his destructive antics, and he does reckless, destructive and dishonest things that make the movement look bad and hurt the credibility of other activists, and he refuses to even acknowledge the damage he does, let alone try to make up for it.

I'm here because I like to expose my ideas to counterargument. On this particular thread I'm looking for someone to talk me out of my opinion that Barrett is bad for the truth movement and should be disavowed. Maybe give me some new information I don't have.

Also maybe I'm hoping Barrett will show up for a wee chat. He complains that the people who attack him don't have names. I have a name. He's a gutless wonder who likes to talk about cojones but doesn't demonstrate them. The only way he knows to respond to criticism is lying ad hominems. Actually I'd like to have our chat on my home email list at sf911truth. He doesn't have the guts.
Sandy, my previous post shows why I'd assume what you'd hear about me was bad: there are vicious lies circulating about me, and one of the vicious liars is Dr. Barrett.

Barrett's actions have been extremely destructive to the credibility of the Truth movement. Every time he gets a mainstream microphone (most recently on Russia Today and KDKA radio AM) he makes a fool of himself by making easily disprovable errors of fact. Lately he's been yammering a lot of Jews-did-9/11 stuff on his blog.

Barrett is a gutless wonder. For almost two years I have been trying to get him to debate his dumbassness with me in writing. He refuses. He prefers the non-accountability of the internet blathersphere.

He's also a liar. He lied when he told the press that Willie Rodriguez rescued ten people, he lied when he told Chomsky he had lost a tenure track job, he lied when he told Chomsky he would not publish his emails, and he lies every time he says anything about me.

Call me old fashioned, but I don't think we need irresponsible spokesmen and liars in the truth movement. If Barrett was really a truther, he'd admit that either he didn't know or he didn't care that Willie Rodriguez's hero story was a lie.

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