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Logos Radio / Truth News Radio Australia hit piece on Vancouver Hearings last night

In case anyone is interested in hearing the Logos / Jones/Gage  Tangy Tangerine Thermite gang hit piece on the Vancouver conference, listen here...


Heroit Fenton is the main host for the show but on this hit piece in the second hour, there is a replacement host.

Misinfo and disinfo begins at 01:13:50 on the first MP3 linked below and continues throughout the rest of the show on to the second MPS with semi-addled sounding Frank Legge as guest.  Keep in mind these are all the "hard science" guys.


If anyone wants to take part in a discussion about this, that may be possible at TruthNews.com.au .  There is a forum there.


The topic of this show was NOT "the events of 9-11."  The topic of this show was Dis Vancouver Hearings.




Free Speech Truth Talk Radio at Its Best




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I listened to both hours. Only the 2nd hour has Dr. Frank Legge basically dismissing Jim Fetzer, Joshua Blackenly, & Dwayne Deets with no, none, zero scientific reasons for their belittling, and defaming approach.

All Legge did was to verbally denigrate them as "loonies", even clowns with no basis for the hit piece assaults.

Frank has some decent things to say about the Govt must have had a hand in it or did it.

Frank says that Jim Fetzer is not Scientific enough for them, so they split ways with a self-expulsion
coup to start a new group that did not have the additional interests of Jim Fetzer.

I believe that Jim Fetzer is being demonized for extending the reach of the "Truth Movement"

I am sorry to say that "DEWs" are yet with us leading to distraction & confusion within the Truth Movement.
Judy's Hurricane Erin, DEWs, interferometry, dustification, no heat, no explosives, demolecularization, transmutation Theory is pure bunk since all, all, all can be easily explained, point by point, with directed cutter charge micro nukes, nano-Thermate, high-explosives directed cutter charges for wall-cutting into puzzle- like pieces with trailing tube-like chemical vapor trails of Thermate or gas forming explosives.

Frank should not be attacking the Vancouver Hearings.

Frank's acceptance for the plane crash is based on govt. reported evidence, which may not be trustable.

This was a pure "hit" piece against the Hearings & Jim, which was very easy to see through...

Jeannon: Thanks for the heads up on these scoundrels. This was bad enough to make me finally get off my butt and start

purging my SU pages of all ae911truth and justice crap.  I've made it through my first 50 pages (1,000 links) so far, but won't

stop 'til I get 'em all out.  Thank goodness we have Dr Fetzer to keep us going straight  through this minefield of lies and

propaganda.  After all, logic is the name of the game.

What is so pathetic is that GCNlive.com  (Genesis Communications), LogosRadioNetwork.com, RuleOfLawRadio.com, and many of the RepublicBroadcastingNetwork shows and hosts, as well as many "independent" shows and hosts, all buy in to all of this propaganda hook, line and sinker.  It makes me tend to discount the entirety of all that these show hosts put out on their shows, though I know that is not right.  Some of them do produce some quality and some truth.


For example, James Lane and Holland Van den Newhenhoff of Free Minds Radio that is broadcast on Logos just put out an excellent, award winning film  "A Noble LIe" on the Oklahoma City Bombing.  And they are working on a couple of new films which I think will be of equal high quality.  But they repeatledly sing the praises of Richard Gage and the basic line of Dr. Steven Jones.  They seem to be all about "truth" except when it comes to that one line of propaganda.

I guess I am going to have to stop listening to all of the shows on those stations because to me, really exploring all ideas and really seeking truth of 9-11 is the litmus test.  Same goes for all the political candidates, especially presidential and U S congress races.  If the candidates are silent on 9-11 truth, that negates their whole candidacy to me and makes me not want to vote any more.  Voting and reading the local newspaper and watching TV news makes me feel like I am participating in the lies.

I am so tired of the lies and propaganda.  Guess I will try to work for truth on a local level as much as I can.  I always try to name names and follow the money and that is forbidden by many of the various activist groups.



Richard Gage, I regret to report, attempted to convince the Vancouver 9/11 group to not support The Vancouver Hearings, which I regard as a gross act of betrayal of the 9/11 Truth movement.  I have serious doubts about A&E911 and what they are all about, which appears to be constraining the boundaries of 9/11 Truth, not expanding them.



"constraining the boundaries of 9/11 Truth, not expanding them."


What an oxymoron.  Truth by its very essense cannot be constrained.

Yippee!   Postive review of Vancouver conference on GCN! The GCNlive.com network had a show host George Butler's called Secret Truth on Satruday, June 23, 2012.  Mr. Butler was in charge of the live streaming of the Vancouver conference and he was there.  He did a positive review of the conference, though not in a complete or fully accurate way.  But at least we have one GCN show host doing a positive review of an effort that was not exclusively about the Jones / Gage plan.  I called in to the show and made some supportive comments about the conference and Dr. Fetzer and referred people to read articles on VeteransToday.com.  The downloadable archive of the show probably will be available Monday at



.  I called in  Hour 2 of the two-hour show, but there were positive remarks throughout the two hours.


George Butler indicated that Dr. Fetzer may eventually make available for sale a complete DVD or  CD of the entire conference.


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