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Hi Rosalee and Jim,

I really enjoyed the show and only wish I could've taken notes. I need to subscribe to Revere again to gain access to the archive. Will it be played for the next 24 hours until it's added to the archive?

A few things jogged my memory: I did meet a cabdriver who was in the category of "saw something unusual that was not an ordinary plane" He was driving close in that area. If I knew what I do now I would've questioned him closely. He insisted that it was not an ordinary airplane, "I have worked around airports. I know what planes look like." He had a frightened look in his eye. So I believe there are actual witnesses.

At the time I was trying to convince him a plane had hit, since it was before I knew different, and I wanted to know what markings it might have had. He stuck with a lot of conviction to what he apparently knew, though I tried to dissuade him. He said it was like no other plane he ever saw and that it was not normal.

A member of the NYC 9/11 Truth splinter of a splinter group [splintered from the group "We Are Change" which was a splinter from the group which met at St. Mark's Church] who was on the ground in the area on the day, is convinced that there were military airplanes strafing the area, "We all thought it was World War 3." This man lends weight to the argument that the footage we have now is completely doctored, beyond conformity to great swaths of reality which are the true narrative.

And Rosalee and I and others know one credible witness who has insisted, since way before I payed any attention to what he was saying, that he saw a piece of the building 7 fly upward with explosive force and that the piece hit the A T and T building, which was undamaged until then.

Best to you all. Bye for now.

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The plane crashes or explosion without a plane and the fires had nothing to do with the colllapses. It was all demolitions equivalent to 3.2 Atomic Bombs in mini nukes, most likely. The energy to take down a tower was 48,000 Tons of TNT which was impossible to take up into the towers.

Listen to the mp3:


Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Chuck Boldwynn

Why the Twin Towers could not have collapsed -

(Audio corrected)

and view its accompanying PDF here:


This will allow you to understand the impossible collapses in quantitative Vector Forces depth...

Chuck Boldwyn
Thank you for the refresh, Chuck. I agree with you. I will listen to MP3.
Peggy, No, you don't need to subscribe. My archives are open and free. It should be posted by mid-week next. Go to radiofetzer.blogspot.com and you will see the best feature of the station. I'm glad that you are here. I am intrigued by what you are telling us. Jack White would also like to hear about it. Thanks for joining the fourm. Keep on truckin'. Best, Jim

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