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This is Chuck Boldwyn, looking for 911 Scholars Forum members feedback on my (17) newly revised and updated Vector Forces Poster Graphics ( Landscape views)

This is Chuck Boldwyn, the retired Physics/Chemistry Instructor, who has been posting my Vector Forces Poster Graphics for, perhaps, a year now.


I am looking for member feedback on the Posters, any comments or criticisms at all.

Perhaps the lack of feedback stems from not having the sufficient Physics and Math background fresh in your memories, from when you took the Physic and Math in high school or college.


Anyway, I have removed my old, mostly Portrait Style, Poster Graphics, because there was confusion as to the meaning of the Ronald Hamburger Safety Factor of "5".

I had been multiplying that Foctor of "5" by Skilling's Safety Factor of "20" to give:


20 x 5 = 100 total Safety Factor. Meaning a Twin Tower could support 100 times itself.


I have now complety dropped the Hamburger Factor of "5" and I still get the exact same result, which is "Terminal Velocity" is still acheived with only a Safety Factor of "20".


Instead of the 16 floor block be required to be dropped from 120 miles up, now it only needs to be dropped from a height of 25 miles to acheive the required vacuum based velocity and collision energy to, perhaps, totally collapse the lower 94 floor steel, very intact Tower..


Either way, Terminal Velocity is reached before collisions occur and the required velocity and collision energy mandatory for the total collapse of the lower 94 Floor, very intact Tower,can never, ever, never be reached, under any possible natural earthly circumstances. 100% provably impollsible Twin tower collapses refuting the NIST conclusions and showing up the other PHD USA Government supportive Engineers, as theoretical-collapse-scenarios clowns and buffoons.

Corruption in the Sciences must not be tolerated by we Scientists who know the "TRUTH" that 911 was premeditated and carried out by the MOSSAD of Israel and the USA Zionist controlled Government...


I have removed 8 of my old Poster Graphics as of 4-16-10

I have been posting my newly revised Poster Graphics for over a month now, starting sometime in Feb or March.

As of 4-16-10, I have posted 17 new poster graphics for your review...


Also I have posted of Jim Fetzer's "Real Deal' internet radio site, 2 mp3 interviews that you may be interested in hearing, if you have not already done so, the latest one being on 4-1-10.


Please comment

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Thanks for all your work, Chuck. Your posters and math are (I'm sure) brilliant. Unfortunately I have zero math and physics remembered from school. But, I do have common sense and a rudimentary understanding of the properties of metals and Newton's third law, so I'm saved! The problem with even the clearest and most carefully worked out reasoning and explanations is that people refuse to look at them. I'm afraid that most Americans are unwilling or unable to think. I actually work with a person who, when I gave him the video 911 Mysteries to watch, merely as an introduction, now insists that steel is flammable! I guess that's because the video spent 10 minutes carefully explaining that steel doesn't burn. I suppose he now eyes his stove with suspicion. Getting people to look is a huge hurdle. But I appreciate what you're doing.

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