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LIHOP: not

Sad to hear a few stragglers out there, eh, not to pick on just her, Anita Langley, I respected her contributions to BOR and meticulousness to detail of documents; she claims that LIHOP was what happened because she has evidence of documents of bin Laden/al Qaeda planning the attacks, and unbeleivably, she still holds this position I heard her already this year.  LIHOP is so over I can't believe it is still being seriously discussed..  

Here is where I am glad I understood Dr.…


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revereradio.net troubles today

I am ticked off and extremely suspicious, my computer today of all days, the day of Chuck's debate on twin towers, I am not able to get into revereradio.net.  I never had a problem.

Dr. Fetzer:  I believe the NSA is monitoring this debate which makes me very suspicious as to why.  I really hope this is a ISP thing and doesn't affect any other people.   But I login to revereradio regularly and never had this problem.

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Gaddafi taken out

Once again, they made a quick mysterious death out of a leader who stood in there way, again I am very suspicious of this entire affair:



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outrageous story about Scott Walker




this stuff is getting unbelievable, first Jesse Ventura reports he was "summoned" by the CIA, now Wisc. governor involved in this, where does it end, at my homeowners association meeting? 

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good new years coast to coast program: listen here

I listened to all 12 parts of below last night coast to coast am program (now on you tube for Dec. 29), and it is a very interesting program to launch in the new years, stuff to consider:





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Denmark "terror" plot



Read above for the clever propoganda techniques. For example, here the

"terrorists" are not…


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BLM , managers for Big Business

Get this story:

Does BLM stand up for the average citizen in the west? For the mustangs? BLM is supposed to manage public lands, but instead is selling to the highest bidder, BP, big mining, whoever has the bucks. This one is the…


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Cass Sunstein - another step toward facism

Cyril Wecht responds to Cass Sunstein idea of infiltrating CT groups:


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All "CTers" lumped into one big tin-foil hatted group

I belong to different forums, and Jim's seems to be the only one dedicated to applying the principles of critical thinking, logic, and the scientific method in a CAREFUL way to drawn reasoned conclusions (for example, in his books on JFK he carefully sifts out the real from the fake evidence). Other forums seems to throw around the "Conspiracy Theorists" label to apply to anything that is not status quo.

For example, they throw together the following groups , mix them togethers as… Continue

Added by Thoth II on June 17, 2009 at 12:47pm — 9 Comments

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