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Once again, they made a quick mysterious death out of a leader who stood in there way, again I am very suspicious of this entire affair:



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Comment by Thoth II on October 25, 2011 at 3:31pm

Is this really different than any time in history?


I just throw that question out because I was this week reading a comprehensive book on medieval history.  It occurred to me that our current war on Islam isn't that much different than the Crusades.  There they used euphemisms like "infidels" and the wars were launched at behest of kings of christiandom.  


We do not see these links too much in part because the historians are silent.  They do not dare upset the apple cart of modern history, and I watch historians galore on cpans BookTV every week, they never question conventional autnority.  In fact , I believe Tom Mann who wrote a book on 1491, 1492, and this year 1493 is apologozing for the European conquest on the Indians by trying to make an equivalency between these divergent civilizations and philosophies; plus he tries to blame all the problems on transfer of microorganisms over to the new world vs. conscious immoral decisions.  I never blamed Crazy Horse for taking on Col. Custer.


These monstrous elements of the human population are forever at work throughout history.  Technology and resources did nothing to change this dynamic.

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 2:09pm

Fidel Castro is a smart enough man, by the way, that when the limo was about to take the final turn down into Dealey Plaza that day, had he been in the limo, sitting on Jackie's lap, or wherever, and seen the Secret Soivis (Rothschilds FED guards) jump off the limo and shrug their shoulders, methinks he would have hit the deck in that limo and hugged the floor mats and saved himself from harm, unlike hapless John Kennedy who's brain obviously wasn't working too well before it got blown out of his skull that morning.  Seeing the security detail more or less make it possible for a clear shot from any number of angles would have done it for me, for damned sure!  Just imagine had that occurred that day, and a few shots rang out and both Kennedy and his bonus target, Fidel Castro, both survived because they were both making love to the floor mats.


I can just see it now: "muffler problems cause backfires on motorcade route" being sold by the MSM.


where would the second attempt have been had JFK not been hit that day?  the answer to that would be in the George H.W. Bush travel itinerary at the CIA records division, buried somewhere in the vaults or destroyed by now.  And Lee Harvey Oswald could have been a successful used car salesman at the Jack Ruby car lot there in Dallas...or a bouncer at Ruby's strip joint club maybe.  but you can rest assured that had JFK been paying attention, he would have grabbed Jackie and pushed her to the floor and made sure that if they shot him, they'd have had to do it from a fucking helicopter maybe, and not the white picket fence where Files was at with the Viper 100 that delivered at least '2' of the hits that morning.  Vietnam would have ended, and the funny money of the FED would have been jerked off the streets, and DIMONA would have been bombed into rubble by U.S. fighter jets before it could produce one ounce of fissionable bomb making material.  World would have been a significantly different place.


remember now goyz n gurlz, the mystery question for the afternoon is this:


Q:  "what did all of the dead by assassination U.S. presidents have in common?"




Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 1:42pm

yeah, the twofer with JFK would have been an Ahole Sphincter (arlen spector) magik bullshit speshul then, where the 'free ticket and limo ride' for Fidel n JFK together would have been with one more zig or zag and before you know it, they'd make that pristeen bullet diagram look like it was 'son of veg a matic' before it was all whitewashed up.


in any case, I doubt sincerely that they got Khadaffi. per the constant stream of lies out of the Whore House, they keeled so many of dem OWL CIA DUH guys over and over again, that even in DOOM II they couldn't respawn that fast.  Every poor son of a bitch who got blown up by a drone was 'NUMBER TWO IN OWL CIA DUH' for a good many years going back to the bush bastard's reign of terror.  too bad the american sheeple aren't lucid or sane enough to understand that human victims of unwarranted aggression don't 're-spawn' or have magical resurrection qualities, and even the dumbest amongst them should have smelled many a rat in the incessant litany of OWL CIA DUH who were getting snuffed after respawning, left and right, for a long time.


they would purposely come up with jerkoffian names like 'Mohammed Wuzi Souflaki Gahdammmit' and other whacko shit and then declare; "he wuz KEELED becuz he wuz NUMBAH THREE IN OWL CIA DUH" and hence, an enemy of the State.


if there were still a weekly reader in the classroom like in my day, the kids would have figured out a long time ago that someone 'haz a lot of splainin to do' about all this fucking re-spawning shit going on, and the weirdo TOILET names they hung on the hapless victims of the murder fest who's sole crime was being in precisely the WRONG PLACE at the RIGHT TIME for a reaper fired hellfire to find them, guided by some contractor moron in Nevada who's flying those things.


this new assault on Libya is about national sovereignty and the Rothschilds inability to control Khadaffi's banks and his gold assets probably moreso than the OIL, though the OIL is a big factor no doubt.


can't you just see O'murderer whipping cruise missiles into Reykjavik to keel OWL CIA DUH in the event that OIL somehow gets discovered there in Iceland in huge quantities?  NO place on this planet is safe with ZIONATO bombing for the Rothschilds zionist banksters for control.


maybe they'll really f' up and inadvertently start killing people in Beijing who won't allow Rothies to take over the Chinese banks soon, and we all can have a nice crispy thermonuclear exchange for the new GOP product du jour called; "If we can't have it, we'll burn it" campaign with the DINO helpers and sayanim in Congress and Senate?


Dr. Strangelove would have been so proud. 

Comment by Thoth II on October 21, 2011 at 12:37pm
I think the only reasons Fidel Castro wasn't taken out long ago was because he was probably too remote an interest to the zionists, plus I don't think there is much oil in Cuba.  If there had, he would have been taken out in a twofer with JFK.
Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 7:34am

one more thing before I go for the morning, is that yesterday as I drove into town, I spent about an hour thinking about what ZIONATO is doing in Libya, and the best I could come up with was that their zioturd controllers in ZIONATO h.q. there in the Netherlands, were drinking beer one night and after guzzling a few Stella-Artois kegs, they deduced they needed to mass murder a bunch of civilians there in Tripoli with cruise missiles and laser guided bombs, to get their blood for the cheap bloody mary's they were making.  it was of course drizzly here and adding to the gloom of that, other government malfunctioning would infringe on my life yet again in another way once I got into town.  I won't go into detail about it, but it's just more proof that the plug needs to be pulled here to reset the machine.  Far too much of the U.S. is in utter, total "in deep space, sans HELMETS" mode here, and for that matter, in all of the countries who are flogging the dolphin for the Rothschilds banksters to grub a few more shekels.


I had one question for you guys here in this blog, and it's this:


"How much more killing and destruction will it take before you get to the point where all you can do is just dry heave because virtually all of the stuff in your stomach has already been pitched to the porcelain goddess because you just can't stop puking?"


I'm pretty dry. I can't watch too much more of this slaughter anymore.  Short of having a Ray Milland moment from 'The Man with the X-Ray Eyes' ending, I just cannot take much more of this shit.


today I had the urge to go to the City Hall and just scream until my voice went fully hoarse and no more sound could issue forth.  I even imagined what I'd say when the cops dragged me off about 'why' I was doing it, if they'd even bother to want to know.  I'd just hand them a few hundred pages of U.S. atrocities thru the going on 60 years I've been on this ball, and then ask them in reply; "how can anyone NOT fucking scream??"


I'm dry.  Bone fucking dry.  At this point you could hit me with a goddamned brick bat, and you probably wouldn't get much of a reaction. I don't think I can take too very much more of this horse shit without sneaking  the fuck out of the country and making my way to some hard to find place near Chernobyl where nobody will bother to either look for me, or make me watch this horror with my eyeballs still open wide.


this nation is a nightmare and I truly cannot tell you how much I want the fuck out of here.  I'm sick of this.

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 6:57am
his worst crime was having the hots for Condolezbian Ricebowl of the Bush league II, Wrath of Conjob.  Unfortunately for the morons in the U.S., too few will smell the turd in the punchbowl this time around, as most did not see the fakery that Rita Katz floated from her S.i.T.E h.q. there in Langley, next desk over from Mikey 'of the devil' Chertoff, there at D.H.S.  You'd think with all the shekel grubbing they could find less lazy turds who root around a bit more fastidiously and not re-use crap from the Abbotabad fake raid they photoshopped pics from an earlier alleged OWL CIA DUH killing long before that took place.  as there is no end in sight to the gullibility of the American Public, who spends more time watching 'Dancing with the Transvestites' or 'Slum Vivor' on the tube, or 'Wheel of MISSED FORTUNE' here, this most likely will be eaten up with huge spoons like the fraudulent 2nd death of O'Sammy Bin BobbinInDaAtlantic.  at this rate they could float cartoon excerpts and morons here would eat it up uncontested.  I'm astonished Obumma got away with the first fraud in May, and now this horse shit.  Did you hear about his latest crap with the faked photo op at the car plant, green screened because he dare not show his sorry ass at any still in operation factory in this country?  that's a real KNEE SLAPPER there for sure!   We need to get the National Lampoon guys out of C.I.A., if this is the best fakery they can produce.  but to your point, Moammar's only true crime was saying NO to the Rothschilds / Bauer banking cartel and the zionist control of his gold.  now THAT'S a huge CRIME!!!!  :)
Comment by Thoth II on October 21, 2011 at 6:42am
that's what I was thinking.  My best friend  and college roommate was Libyan and he at least talked in very good terms about Khadaffi's Libya in 1981.  I remember him for years reading newspapers he got I think from home.
Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 6:10am
these assholes didn't get him.  the photos are more photoshop shit like the faked crap they floated after O'sammy Bin Decomposin got keeled agin ten years after his death on December 14th, 2001 in Tora Bora from Marfan's Disease and Renal Failure.  This is just Shillary Clinton-stoned's idea of Photoshop wishful thinking.  Moammar Khadaffi is probably laughin his ass off at the pathetic and sad Rita Katz S.I.T.E. fakery being floated here again just 5 months after the fraud that O'suckah floated about Abbotabad.  If anyone can believe a word this scumbag government says any longer, I want to know what kind of crack you smoke, so I can send some of that to the assholes in the C.I.A. and MOSSAD that dream up this shit.  Certainly they need to avoid the ACME brand of Crack cocaine, it's laced with gefiltefish droppings!!!!

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