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Comment by Jeannon Kralj on June 1, 2011 at 9:08am






The Fraud Of Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama)

From Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ <Dr_taitz@yahoo.com>
February 24, 2009

Forward courtesy of Don Nicoloff <donnicoloff@mac.com>

The Fraud Of Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) Feb. 28, 2009


Attention Senator John Thune
Senate Armed Services Committee

Attention Senator Chuck Grassley
Senate Finance Committee

Attention Senator Diane Feinstein
Senate Committee on Intelligence
Senate Committee on Judiciary
Senate Defense Subcommittee

cc Senate
cc Congress  

Open Letter

Via e-mail  

February 11, 2009 

Dear Senators and Congressmen:

Thank you for taking the time to review the documentation relevant to the Constitutional legitimacy of the presidency Barack Obama.  There have been various problems with the vetting of Mr. Obama throughout the campaign and the present.  I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the most pertinent and alarming issues that have been clearly revealed.  I’m sure you will agree that this information must be further investigated promptly before any damage is done to the United States and its citizens beyond the Constitutional compromises that currently exist.  Most  interesting, though, is the fact that Mr. Obama has not simply ordered the original vault copy of his birth certificate to be sealed and chosen to retain three (3) law firms to defend the various cases spending a reported $800,000 (of whose money?).  If Mr. Obama has nothing to hide, then why fight the more than  42 cases in federal courts alone (according to Justia) and similar number in state courts of which the merits are well-founded and substantiated through factual evidence, state and federal statutes, and international laws?   snip"


I want to respond to this article that Danny White posted here on May 9.


BO is a large fake facade of a man.  He has what is probably best described as a narcissistic personality disorder.  He has a deep seated constant motivation to be big and important and special.  He has superior con artist skills.  His mother and maternal grandparents have life histories showing that they may have been closely connected with the CIA (see Wayne Madsen's work).  BO probably was spotted at an early age to be the perfect candidate to be one of their big properties, someone who could charmingly lie and con his way all the way to the White House.


I will paste in the various kinds of lies that BO has told over his recent years.  (His early years are a big blank.)


Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America's First Postmodern President [Hardcover] 

Jack Cashill



"the story that Obama has been telling all his life varies from the true story in ways big and small. In fact, much of Obama’s life story appears to be a wholly constructed fabrication, one that Jack Cashill “deconstructs” to show the world just who Barack Obama really is."

Mr. Obama has supposedly written two books.  Dr. Cashill shows the writing style and phraseology and images used in the book "Dreams of My Father" almost identically match the writing of Bill Ayers, his neighbor in Chicago that he claimed to only know "of" but not know personally.  Obama's earlier book, The Audacity of Hope, is not commented on in Jack Cashill's book but I think Dr. Cashill said on Book TV interview (findable on the web) that he thinks Frank Marshall Davis actually wrote that book.

So these are examples of blatant plagiarism kinds of lies.


Here is a stupid kind lie that is immediately refutable where he says his father served in World War II.  



"My father served in World War II and when he came home, he got the services that he needed."


However, Barack Obama, Sr, the person Obama claims is his father, according to Wikipedia, was born in 1936.




There are numerous other lies of Mr. Obama documented on national TV video news clips that are all on YouTube.


He said during his campaign he visited 57 states.


He said at the appointment of Sotomayor to Supreme Court that the U.S. Constitution "goes back 20 centuries."


He referred to Europe as a county.


Obama refers to “Austrian” as a language…

“I don’t know what the term is in Austrian.”


Obama references the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as a state.



Rahm Emanual says "never waste a crisis".  I think Jerome Corsi's book and the subsequent presentation of a fraudulent long-form birth certificate and consequent law suit, present the perfect crisis that should not be wasted.


Barrry Soetory has a life that is overlayed with a thick facade of lies.  He has conned his way through life and managed to con himself into high positions.  He seems to be a CIA property and he may even be a person who is more like a Manchurian candidate.  (see stories about scars on his head indicating brain surgery.)  Whatever, he is not a legitimate person with a transparent life and history.  It is all made up and covered up and he is still making up and covering up to this very day in his every action.  He has the full support of his handlers and they may be in emergency mode having to put forth other big diversionary scenarios to save his presidency.




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