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CONSPIRACY THEORY with Jesse Ventura: "Death Rays, 9/11 and Murders"

This is quite good and doesn't go too far.  I have suggested to Jesse that he might want to consider "Mini Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle" for a sequel. We'll see.



'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura': Death Rays, 9/11 and Murders
@ 24:00 The John Hutchison Effect
@ 34:00 Dr. Judy Wood

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is back for a second season, and Jesse is back at his investigative best with new topics such as shapeshifters, death rays, time travel, and more.

The second episode in the new season focused on the Death Ray, a weapon that can reportedly "vaporize targets and entire cities from miles away." It is also said to have the ability to stop the human heart and give no telltale signs. The coroner will say the death was from "natural causes" when in fact it was from a death ray.

Whether or not you believe in some of the things Jesse Ventura covers, you've got to admit that the show is quite interesting and often proves some of these more insane theories to be true.

In episode two of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, the former Navy Seal and Governor ventures into unknown territory, searching for the truth about the death ray.

Images of metal literally melting, and contorting when hit with the death ray, remind Jesse of how the metal beams found after the buildings collapsed looked.

Jesse investigates the so-called Hutchinson effect, in which a death ray is put to the test with stunning results.

Dr. Judy Wood, who wrote a book "Where Did The Towers Go?," spoke to Jesse and his team about the suggestion that the Twin Towers weren't taken down by terrorists or controlled demolition but instead by a death ray.

Oddly enough, Dr. Judy's research assistant was shot and killed, making it seem as though she might be on the right path with her theory.

Even though some of Jesse Ventura's topics seem way out in left field, more often than not he has reputable information to back them up.

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Comment by Shallel Octavia on November 28, 2012 at 1:24pm

Thanks for the cogent reply, Jeff. I am almost convinced, but I still question the lack of any sign of a nuclear flash or seismic signature. Can directional nukes somehow evade Newton's Third Law? How about the steel sections in free-fall dissolving in mid-air with no apparent heat or alteration of trajectory, seen in the video frames posted here: http://911scholars.ning.com/photo/albums/free-falling-steel-section... ? (That is assuming these videos are real.) I appreciate your work, and will study it more, as I quest for the answers to these questions. I have not personally investigated the death of Michael Zebuhr, I am just commenting on the content of the Ventura show.

Blessings, Shallel

Comment by Jeff on November 28, 2012 at 12:33pm

Have you investigated, personally, the death of Dr. Woods assistant?

Comment by Jeff on November 28, 2012 at 12:30pm

No ones killing thermite and mini-nuke theorists because it would bring attention to them and because we know, factually, from the correlations of uranium, thorium, yttrium, cerium, vanadium and other elements found in the dust were caused by dozens of apple sized nuclear devices. As world renowned nuclear physicist Dr. Christopher Busby has stated, in print and on radio and in the email text to me that follows as well:


OK lets move on to what could have happened based on my deconstruction of the data from the war zones:
1. The concentration of Uranium is a key. This is slightly too high in the dust and much too high in the girder coatings. The activities for 2.7, 3.2, 4.7 and 7.57 are 33, 40, 58 and 93Bq/kg. The graph shows that there is too much U on the girder coatings. Normal levels of U are about 12, at most 40Bq/kg
2. My belief is that there is a cold fusion weapon or device of some sort. This employs Uranium and Deuterium. The output is neutrons, lots of heat, lots of energy, gamma radiation. The devise is the size of an apple or grapefruit but heavy (20-40kg). No radioactivity after the explosion except from Tritium H-3 which together with He-4 is the product and some short lived gamma radiation from neutron activation products (e.g. Ca-45 from the Ca in the concrete, Fe-55 from the steel). These would be radioactive for a few days only.
3. You would thus expect to find too much Uranium and also Tritium. You find both. There is a paper showing high levels of Tritium in the water at WTC. We also see U levels are too high ... the Barium is part of this mixture, and the Strontium. I have certainly found high levels of both in the war samples.

[emphasis mine]


I've engaged in dialogue with Mr. Hutchison by email over the course of several days with a large group of 911 researchers that I belong to and requested similar verification from Mr. Hutchison (link below). He responded that he was not a physicist nor a chemist and had nothing at all on paper. He forwarded me to a few videos that weren't of any help if we want to discuss death rays.

I'm open to discussing death rays. There's actually a great deal of material; physics and chemistry, regarding death rays on the internet. Studying the Petawatt Threshold is helpful and micro and nano-laser technology is also fascinating. In 2008 nuclear physicist Alexander Bolonkin wrote,"Cheap Method for Shielding a City from Rocket and Nuclear Warhead Impacts", in 2003 nuclear physicist Andrei M Beloborodov wrote, "Nuclear Composition Of Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballs" and in 2008 nuclear physicists F. Peano, R. A. Fonseca, J. L. Martins and L. O. Silva wrote, "Controlled Shock Shells and Intracluster Fusion Reactions". The effect Hutchison named after himself is not only known, physicists and chemists are well beyond it. Hutchison didn't discover anything that wasn't already well known and already studied by nuclear physicists and nuclear chemists. Having said that, and having spent the last year or two reading at Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge, Sandia, Cornell physics department, Yale physics department, Harvard physics department and the physics departments of dozens of other schools whose work is extremely well funded and whose physicists and chemists are on the very cutting edge of science, I can tell you that the method to power these advanced beams is not yet properly conquered. They require enormous, really gargantuan electrical feeds and we can't yet employ beam weapons in space or anywhere else really.

The dust weeps a tale here. The demolition materials and methods on 911 are easily determined using the dust found across Ground Zero and examined under several different microscopic atomic techniques. Anyone opposing a nuclear component to 911 is lying.

Link: Downloaded 1100+ times

Posted by Jeff Prager, Wed. Nov. 28, 2012

Comment by Shallel Octavia on November 16, 2012 at 10:37pm

How come no one's killing Thermite or Mini-Nuke theorists?

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