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Dwain Deets Approaching the puzzling destruction

This is the link to the complete talk by Mr Deets on his idea of how to approach the demolition methods used on 9/11: ...

http://vimeo.com/29575849  .... the other link was a 5 minute review, which left a lot out.  A technology set is the method

used or devices used to demolish the buildings, such as EA (exotic accelerants ) or ND (nuclear devices).  The puzzles to be solved are called Perplexing Issues, such as toasted cars or radionuclides. Dr Fetzer will be having Mr Deets speak

in Vancouver, so we might want to get up to speed ahead of time.   I'm in agreement with Jeannon and Thoth ll about

Chuck's ideas being the closest to what most of us believe.  We're going to have to figure out how to round his stuff up and present a complete picture of what we all pretty much agree on.  I think Chuck is saying nanothermite was part of the

mix, but not explosive; so we all need to discuss such things  .... if you know what I mean.  We might want to break this thing up one bldg

at a time.  We have to be aware of false leads and outright lies by many involved, and ignore accordingly.

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