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"Is The PsyOps The PsyOps You Think It Is?" by Jeff Prager

Is The PsyOps The PsyOps You Think It Is?
by Jeff Prager

- A Sandy Hook Tale - 
How To Create A False Flag Without Getting Dirty

For arguments sake I have to assume the reader has seen the various videos and essays regarding Sandy Hook and that the reader is also aware of the almost 2 dozen alleged anomalies.

On the 14th of this month a young man, Adam Lanza, is alleged to have entered the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut and committed what can only be described as a mass murder by shooting to death 26 people. Including his own death and the earlier murder of his mother the total toll becomes 27 human beings murdered in cold blood with one final suicide. There are allegedly numerous unexplained anomalies.

In an article titled "Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?"[1] Dr. James Fetzer opens his essay with the first relative statement to his hypothesis and we read that Adam Lanza "was not known to have had any training in the use of handguns, much less assault rifles".

Shooting Ranges Don't Count

On the 16th a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) spokesperson notes that Adam Lanza "and his mother both spent time at an area gun range." This contradicts Dr. Fetzers claim. [2] Lanzas mother was known to own a variety of guns and it's not a stretch of the imagination to believe she shot them and certainly no surprise that she would shoot them with her son at a local gun range. She was a responsible pro-2nd amendment gun owner from what we've heard so far.

Dr. Fetzer next says "and where the kind of accuracy in killing typified military experts, not that of young men of slight build who are most unlikely to have the marksmanship skills displayed in shooting 20 children and 6 adults." 

4 Of 32

Is this true? We know already that ATF stated he had "spent time" at gun ranges with his mother presumably shooting guns which is what one does at gun ranges and he could obviously shoot a gun. Lanza also attended Western Connecticut State University at the age of 16 and maintained a 3.26 grade point average over the course of 4 semesters between 2008 and 2009 so I think it's safe to say that he resided in the upper realm of the learning curve. Whatever he decided he wanted to learn and learn well enough to complete and earn relatively high grades, he did. [2] Dr. Fetzer also fails to note that there are two survivors currently recuperating in the hospital and that two victims that died actually passed away at the hospital which means 4 of 32 victims survived. According to Dr. Fetzer Lanza killed everyone he shot at in the school.

As far as Lanza being slight, he is. Lanza was also a very intelligent and capable young man even if he was a little odd, and slight, and if a 9 year-old girl of very slight build can click off 19 shots in 7 seconds with an AR 22 conversion [3] with relatively good aim then I think Lanza could also have very easily done the deed. 

Everyone Huddle

Shooting and killing 20 people in a relatively small room with a semi or fully automatic weapon; re-loadable, confined quarters, rapid fire, is simple. If all of the children panicked and ran to a corner as Lanza was entering the room fully armed and frightening to look at or if by the time he entered the room the teacher(s) had already huddled the children into a corner, which is very likely the case, they would have been sitting ducks. Confined to a horribly frightened mass of hysteria in the corner of what isn't an enormous room.

ALL of the teachers herded their children, their responsibilities, their charges into huddles, closets and corners as they're probably trained to do.

9 Year Olds Shoot Weapons

For those who might claim that the 9 year-old girl [3] is an anomaly Google and Youtube searches will put to rest the notion that small, slight people can't fire semi and fully automatic weapons with some range of coordination and accuracy. [4] [5] [6] 

I've personally seen young people of all ages firing weapons of all types in the deserts in Phoenix. I frequented a popular public area where people went to drink a few beers and shoot at bottles, TVs and anything else we could think of for a number of years on many weekends. Anyone can shoot with fair accuracy in a small room with some minimal experience if they can point and squeeze the trigger.

Anyone can shoot almost any handgun, rifle or shotgun although some higher end rifles and shotguns pack a wallop that would indeed prevent younger and slight people from handling them yet those types of weapons weren't used at Sandy Hook. The weapons used by Lanza could have all been easily handled by people much slighter and even much younger than Lanza. 

Lanza himself, a typical slender 20 year-old young man had more than enough physical strength and certainly more than enough determination to handle weapons effectively for the few minutes the Sandy Hook massacre might have lasted. Murdering a bunch of children huddled in a mass like sitting ducks (likely) or even spread out across a small classroom still as house mice under their desks they would have been easy pickings for a person with the worst aim and a semi or fully automatic weapon with a large supply of ammo and a couple of minutes to spare entering through the only exit to the room.

Next Dr. Fetzer states "Or the fact that two other suspects were also identified, at least one of whom was apprehended–and possibly both." Is this true? 

Dr. Fetzer fails to acknowledge that at this point we don't know whether the person seen in the woods, the person discussed as having camo pants or the person seen by the child who states that person was handcuffed on the ground, represent 3 people, 2 people or one just one single person yet Dr. Fetzer claims two additional suspects were identified. Never mind that all three statements regarding the apprehension of suspects could refer to the same single individual or two or three separate people. In all likelihood the statements made refer to one person as I'll explain below yet Dr. Fetzer went with the middle figure, 2, deciding firmly against 3 and 1. Why? Maybe it represents 3 different people?

Next Dr. Fetzer writes "The circumstances are so blatant that I have been surprised by those who have been taken in. A friend who had read my piece wrote to tell me that he thought there were a lot of alternative explanations that made more sense than what I was suggesting. When I pointed out Adam probably only weighed around 120 lbs and would have had a hard time handling an assault rifle, he replied by observing that you can find photos of children handling assault rifles on the web, but where he discounts the difficulty in firing them with accuracy and in hitting many small and moving targets. That displays a high degree of competence and extensive training."

Who Took Whom?

I'm surprised that Dr. Fetzer allowed himself to be taken in. I didn't refer Dr. Fetzer to "photos" as Dr. Fetzer notes above but to the videos I linked herein which are just a small sample of the numerous similar videos on the internet and of course they all depict slight children of all ages much slighter and far younger than Lanza and they're all firing semi and fully automatic weapons.

I also addressed Fetzers "moving target" theory in that when Lanza entered the classroom dressed like a ninja it's far more likely that the adult in that classroom had already been alarmed and frightened by the gunfire and herded all of the children into a huddle in the corner before Lanza entered and it's likely she had done so quickly and instinctively. I suspect we may come to find out that the teacher(s) were found shielding some of the children. I don't believe that by the time Lanza entered the first classroom he faced moving targets. I believe he faced the huddled masses.

From the New York Times on the 14th we get, "Witnesses and officials described a horrific scene as the gunman, with brutal efficiency, chose his victims in two classrooms while other students dove under desks and hid in closets." [7]

The children did what they were taught. They hid under desks and in closets. They weren't moving targets at all. They were stationary, frozen with fear, under desks, in corners, huddled with their teacher, the only adult they could count on. A mass of children huddled in a classroom or cowering but perfectly still under desks make for an easy target and certainly many of these horrified children clung to one another and the adults around them.

The disinformation is palpable.

Off Duty Officer Attempts To Save Day, Gets Arrested

In a previous article titled "Mossad 'death squads' slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook" by Dr. Fetzer [8] we have Mike Harris quoted to support his opinion that Sandy Hook was a staged event, a false flag event, as follows: "A three-man team entered the school, one was arrested in the school–cuffed and put on the lawn–two went out the back door, one was arrested, the third appears to have escaped. You can find this on helicopter videos." and "Those arrested are currently not in police custody; their names were never released. That is a telling sign that we are being sold a story that is based on fiction, not on fact. What else are the local police concealing?"

Here Dr. Fetzer once again ignores the most obvious conclusion; what if all three sightings were the same person? What if the person seen in the woods, the person seen by the adult described as having camo pants and the person seen handcuffed on the ground were all the same person? 

If that person were an off-duty armed officer in street clothes living in Sandy Hook but working in another jurisdiction responding after listening to his police radio in his living room a block away he might have the right to remain anonymous after having been determined to be innocent which in the case of this mass shooting may have taken a while. I'm sure the first minutes were absolute chaos. The first hour certainly had its share of chaos. 

Google Earth

Examining the school on Google Earth reveals a large park adjacent to the school and separated from the school by accessible woods. The park covers 30% or more of the schools perimeter along the extended entranceway to the school. The school is fenced at the park line. The park and woods also include a full sized regulation soccer field and basketball court, a baseball field, two half courts, several tennis courts, a pool, a large well appointed childrens playground, a clubhouse with a large gazebo and a large parking area. There's also a parks type building with offices and vehicle storage with almost 20 vehicles parked outside and several maintenance style vehicles. The school also abuts several private homes, one tucked well into the woods with a pool and several businesses surround it also. There is ample reason to believe that at least one or two people were within a reasonably short distance from the school that day and could even have ventured closer having heard shots fired. Being close to the school would have led to being detained and anyone eventually realized to be innocent would, I would think, have a right to keep their name from the media. The likelihood that an innocent civilian or even two were briefly detained that day is extraordinarily high after one examines Google Earth.

The Escape Route

There simply is none. Exit from the school is confined to Dickenson Drive which is the private drive or road that leads to the school and Crestwood Drive which dead ends behind the school and intersects with Route 34/Washington Avenue and was certain to be saturated with law enforcement. Dickenson would have been suicide. There really isn't a viable escape route for a team of 3 operatives and any other school, almost every other school in the country, would have been a better choice if a team of 3 people were planning this operation. 

I Agree

Now I want to be absolutely clear that I don't disagree with Dr. Fetzers assertions regarding the ultimate motives of governing elites. I think he's right on the money when it comes to analyzing the final goals. When Dr. Fetzer refers to Zionism as being at the core of many ills I agree with him and when he refers to gun confiscation or control being part of the agenda I agree with Dr. Fetzer as well. It scares me just like I'm certain it scares Dr. Fetzer.

Yet let's not be foolish enough to jump to conclusions here. Didn't we learn about this from 911? What's the take away? Total control. They have that. They can massage the media and pervert the news.

As we'll soon see, there's no need to create a Sandy Hook when one can just wait for it to happen. It happens like clockwork. Taking over "news" during a mass shooting and perverting the dissemination of information just moments after it happens to turn it into the illusion of a false flag after the fact is a brilliant strategy, no?

Bozo Joins Special Ops And Gets Sloppy

I mentioned to someone who most of you know that there are two survivors, witnesses recovering in the hospital, and if it were an intelligence operation there would have been none. I also said that if this were an intelligence operation the Bushmaster would have been found by Lanza's side instead of in the trunk. His reply was that these people own Congress and the White House and they're getting sloppy. Yet that can't be true. The people he refers to as "owning Congress and the White House" wouldn't actually commit deeds like this themselves, ever. They would hire professionals. And professionals wouldn't have left the rifle in the trunk. Professionals wouldn't have left witnesses. Professionals don't "get sloppy". People that might have a mind to plan an event like this have more than enough money to hire professionals.

Undermining The Truth or Cassaganda™

Based on Cass Sunsteins analysis of conspiracy theorists in which Sunstein writes "the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined" [9] and other significant theories expressed in that brief my analysis of current events regarding Sandy Hook differs from that of Dr. Fetzers. Sunstein works for Obama and we should pay attention to what he has to say.

If I were charged with undermining conspiracy theorists as we should and must assume many others have been I would develop a rapid response team just for starters. For unpredictable yet catastrophic events I would have a team of military analysts, military psychologists, military strategists and others immediately prepared to respond to these events when they happend. Except unlike first responders this teams agenda would be to take charge of the media response by injecting small bits and pieces of data to expose the "chatter" they wanted to monitor on the internet.

Like the Sandy Hook shooting and other similar events I would start my disinformation campaign within the first  10 or 15 minutes and preferably within an hour. We have computers capable of monitoring every police frequency in the country with algorithms designed to set off alarms for various sequenced events. As you already know there are agencies on standby capable of responding rapidly to these events. A team charged with "creating" the news could easily inject subtle nuanced pieces of data into a news cycle and cause a variety of responses.

Everyone that searches for and tries to investigate events that could or might be a conspiracy, like the several mass shootings we've already had, would immediately begin posting about them across the internet. That chatter can be recorded and it can also be mapped; Lines can be drawn between all of the positive contacts occurring on the internet during the event. Outright dissent can be monitored and recorded and there's plenty of dissent to record around Sandy Hook and similar shootings.

Injecting The Media

It would be much, much easier to rapidly inject media disinformation into an actual event with a rapid response team prepared for such things than it would be to actually stage a mass murder inside a local elementary school. 

I believe the most lucrative and least threatening intelligence option would be to respond rapidly to mass shootings since they happen with relative frequency. A carefully developed program to impregnate the media within the first hour or so of every mass shooting in the US with small bits of disinformation, even the tiniest seeds of doubt, would fulfill the goal of continued fear and allow for whatever draconian measures were desired. 

These would be often unverifiable but seemingly perfectly plausible bits and pieces of information that stir interest steeped with reasonable sounding conspiracy theory at first glance but that either fall apart or lead to even more unanswered questions after much further exhaustive investigation. By collecting, collating and mapping dissenters using disinformation, bad information, material that eventually proves false or forever unknown it would allow one to eventually ridicule the dissenters publicly after they've taken the initial false bait, or worse ...

Selective Misinformation

By listening to and watching all videos posted by Reuters, ABC and FOX, all seemingly reputable sources of both information and disinformation, between the dates December 14th and December 23rd and watching them in order in one sitting individually by station, one can see that the disinformation campaign is selective. [10]

I used an RSS feed for Reuters, ABC and Fox to watch videos between the 14th and the 23rd. I watched each media outlet separately. 

The disinformation campaign becomes visible if it is a disinformation campaign. At least the points of injection of misinformation are exposed. For whatever final explanation there might be one sees nevertheless the point at which the misinformation or bad data was injected into the media system and was disseminated publicly. 

Mapping Dissent

The principal calls the Bee and reports that there's been a shooting at the school. Yet if a clandestine operative, a member of a rapid response team made that call within the first hour of the event that would begin an avalanche of mis-reporting along with close scrutiny by interested people and then further dissemination of questionable data would create internet "chatter" so to speak. Actions across the internet, that chatter, visible and intimate actions by people across the country and the globe could be immediately tracked and recorded forever. That's what they're doing now, right? The data storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah speaks volumes doesn't it? [11]

Now, today, people are asking and stating, "where are the bodies?" and "what about the guns" or "the coffins were locked" and other questions that, like 911, may not have an answer just now. Some of the questions are obviously on the absurd side. I've seen no proof of nor mention of locked coffins in any media sources and somehow I don't imagine we'll see war images from the inside of a bloody classroom any time soon.

We might simply have to wait for some things to become clear. Certainly the many Reuters videos between the 14th and the 23rd linked below show numerous funerals at various funeral homes attended by many dozens of people. It seems to me that 20 children did get murdered and I say this because there are those that claim the children were all faked. I hardly think so.

Some Of The Kids Are Fake And If They Aren't, That Dad Is A Fake!

For those that claim one father is a fraud I ask why? What's the purpose of having one fake father? It serves no purpose at all. Or does this mean that all of the fathers are fake? If so, are all the various funerals and the 100s and 100s of guests all fake also? It's ridiculous. People making these claims have lost their minds.

Unlike 911 the Sandy Hook shooting was perpetrated by a capable young man and attended to immediately by a rapid response interdiction team whose goal was to inject unverifiable and questionable information into the event as it unfolded if there's any sort of conspiracy here at all. Sandy Hook thus could have become a pseudo false flag event. An event designed as a false flag after the fact; minutes after the fact, within the hour. 

The False Flag Illusion

This makes it appear to be a false flag event and prepares those people attributing it to Zionism for the gas chamber or at least a long stint in federal prison when disparaging Zionism becomes illegal like it is in Germany. Short of Zionism becoming illegal here in the USA this exposes dissenting people and it causes people willing to believe slightly nuanced and enticing but wholly erroneous data too quickly to lose credibility with those who rely on them while opening themselves to ridicule or worse. 

None of us can know for sure what happened at Sandy Hook just yet but based on the avalanche of evidence we do have now the likelihood that Adam Lanza perpetrated the event and that a team of operatives began injecting bits and pieces of deceptive data here and there during the first few minutes that the event became known seems like a far more plausible scenario for an established and professional intelligence agency than three men dumping Lanzas dead body in a classroom while shooting up the school and making their getaway through several layers of responding officers as some have proposed.

Two people survived. What will they tell us in the days ahead?

Cass Sunstein writes "Such (conspiracy) theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences" and he's right, they do.

I'll stand behind 911 being a nuclear event because I have the evidence. Before I can be convinced that Sandy Hook was a false flag event someone is going to have to provide evidence I can't find a plausible explanation for. Innuendo and speculation doesn't count.

This Just In: Fri 12/28/2012 1:40AM

As I prepared to post this essay to Facebook some new information became available.

Enter The Latin Kings

To begin with I've received an email connecting the Sandy Hook massacre to the Latin Kings street gang. A little searching shows the leader of the Latin Kings was sentenced to 4 years in prison last April in a Connecticut court some distance from Sandy Hook and in a case unrelated to Sandy Hook. That doesn't seem like something he'd have 20 school children massacred for. He'll be out in no time. I think we'll leave the Latin Kings-Sandy Hook connection for the professionals.

In an article titled "Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op” (12) Dr. Fetzer continues the acceptance of poor data and continues to use poor science to evaluate his poor data.

He uses the Sandy Hook Bee's web page posting of a comment attributed to the Sandy Hook principle that was then removed from the web as his first supportive element. Dr. Fetzer doesn't bother to tell us how the comment appeared if this was an intelligence operation or most importantly why an intelligence operation would include this element that stands out like a sore thumb. Intelligence professionals don't make mistakes like this.

Internal Error - Reboot

If it was a mistake, why would professional operatives make such an error? If it wasn't an error what was the purpose? It was likely an over zealous reporter who phoned the school and ever so briefly spoke to a female in the heart of chaos and didn't know who he/she spoke to. An internal error. Up goes the story attributed to the principal only to be removed the next day. That story appeared soon after the chaos of that day began and in my opinion it's directly attributable to that same chaos.

Dr. Fetzer goes on to use the Bushmaster in the trunk hypothesis to again support his theories but this also fails miserably. Initial reports had 2 hand guns found, then it was 3 and then 4 so how many guns were found, what types they were and where they were located is still unknown. There's a report that a high powered rifle was found in a trunk and another report that a shot gun was found in a trunk. I don't think that the rifle found in the trunk proves this was an intelligence operation. The total number of weapons and their whereabouts are still unknown as are the number of vehicles searched, why they were searched and who owned them.

I Forgot The Rifle

If this were an intelligence operation by trained professionals why would they leave the Bushmaster in the trunk, as many as 4 hand guns with Adam Lanzas body and kill everyone with a rifle? What's the purpose? If they were trying to blame Lanza, set Lanza up as a patsy, why would they leave the Bushmaster in the trunk? What if the forensic data shows Lanza used a rifle that was found with his body that wasn't yet revealed in the short 11 day news cycle for this story. There's a mountain of evidence that will eventually be revealed and to shout conspiracy this early based on shoddy evidence that leaks like a sieve is poor journalism.

I'm not prepared to call Sandy Hook a false flag event on shabby information that has plausible explanations and that's the result of what was surely an hour or so of unparalleled chaos and unimaginable grief combined with sporadic and limited reporting.

The essay (12) goes into a lengthy explanation of guns and trunks making firm assertions based on incomplete evidence and provides the reader with erroneous conclusions that become fodder for wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy. They might be trying to take away assault weapons and severely restrict the ownership of guns but so far Sandy Hook fits the lone gunman scenario and my money's on Adam Lanza for now.

The Latin Kings might be a close second ...


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Interesting that the Courant states a rifle was used on the 15th and then again they make the same statement on the 29th. Rather consistent. Maybe your ABC, NBC, CBS source got it wrong.

Have you considered that the shoddy and erroneous reporting my the mainstream media launched a frenzy of "false flag" claims that have proven after the fact to be untrue? Have you considered that at this point the meme of false flag is so strong that it can't be stopped?

That's what's happening.

Whether this was done purposely (as my essay indicates) or not we don't yet know. What we do know is that the Hartford Courant got everything right but no one used it as a source.


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