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Joshua Blakeney on TERRORISM: HOW THE WEST CAN WIN by Benjamin Netanyahu

Dear Friends and Comrades,

I recently acquired a book written and edited by Benjamin Netanyahu which was published in 1986. The book is entitled Terrorism: How the West Can Win.

Many will recall that Nafeez Ahmed begins his book The War on Truth with the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) which was held on July 2-5 1979. An inspection of Ahmed's footnotes however shows that he had little awareness of the direct outgrowths of that meeting. Barely any of the attendees took an interest in proposals for a Global War on Terrorism at the JCIT and so the Jonathan Institute (named after Jonathan Netanyahu who died during the Entebbe raid) hosted a second conference in Washington on June 24-27 1984. The book Terrorism: How the West Can Win is a collection of essays which emerged from these two meetings. I think this book is a central piece of evidence which should be spoken of and contemplated as we enter the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It essentially invents the Global War on Terror in 1986 and indeed shows the pre-9/11 desperation of those Likudniks who were trying to make Israel's priorities the priorities of non-Israelis. 
In the preface Netanyahu emphasizes the need for "a better understanding of terrorism and for mobilizing the West against it" and laments the failure of "the West" to mount "a coherent and united international response" to terrorism. The book purports to demonstrate "the urgent need for the West to undertake a broad-based, vigorous campaign against the terrorists and their sponsors."
The book might be seen as the Global War on Terror's manifesto or Netanyahu's Mein Kampf. Netanyahu boasts that "the book presents a strategy with which the West can wage a successful war against terrorism." [Remember this is in 1986, the year I was born!]
There are many Straussian assertions in the book including this statement: "Given terrorism's unique dependence on publicity and amplification, the media have a crucial role in either facilitating or obstructing the spread of terrorism against the West. . .manipulation of public opinion is in fact, central to the terrorist strategy. For this purpose, access to the media, indeed their domination, is indispensable."
Seeing as 9/11 has (as argued by Sneigoski, Cook, Petras, Barrett, Tilley and others) facilitated the age of Israeli Empire the following statement on page 7 of the book also has Straussian implications: "international terrorism. . .is rooted in the political ambitions and designs of expansionist states and the groups that serve them."
Anyway, I thought it might be beneficial to draw people's attention to this manifesto for the Global War on Terror which I hope one day might be submitted to a court as evidence.
Joshua Blakeney

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Comment by Thoth II on August 22, 2011 at 2:55pm

"It essentially invents the Global War on Terror in 1986 and indeed shows the pre-9/11 desperation of those Likudniks who were trying to make Israel's priorities the priorities of non-Israelis."


this really does have the ring of truth.  These thinktanks often give the broad outlines for what false flag stuff later unfolds decades later.  Here is where the extremists of the world make their plots against the legitimate legal structure, that is mainly invented for control over the "little people" and of course innures to the financial and other benefits of the legal professionals (who are total fawns over the "war on terror").  

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