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I've listened to this several times, and am very surprised Leuren Moret didn't even so much as mention the possible use of

nukes on 9/11:  http://truth11.com/2011/03/24/haarp-and-its-role-in-the-false-flag-...  ....  She mentioned the occurrence of uranium, deuterium, tritium, heavy

metals of all kinds .....  and left the impression that haarp or some kind of extremely exotic energy weapon was used.

Gosh.  In all fairness this is an old interview I came across while looking for magnetometer data for 9/11/01, which

turns out to be unavailable.  I can see haarp being used to create and steer Hurricane Erin, but I don't much think it can

be focused on one single building at a time.  How could haarp or a space-beam take out the North Tower without harming

the antenna on top?  I wonder if Hurricane Erin might have been plan B or just a diversion in case something didn't go as

expected.  I wish I could see Erin's track overlayed on a map of Canada and Alaska, to see if the track points right to

Gacona.  If anyone happens to have the magnetometer data for 9/11/01, please share it. 

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