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In comparison to online anonymity by the means of masking or hiding the originating IP address of information packets, a true and real "signature", just how far can we retrace the true signature of the objects which apparently crashed into the WTC Towers, The Pentagon, or near Shanksville? What evidence do we have?

Web anonymity is scalable. Our true identity would be at the bottom of the scale, with 0 = the true and real signature. 10 = complete anonymity, by means of complex usage of proxy hopping and encryption.

The OCT, or the Official Conspiracy Theory tells us "four commercial passenger jet airliners" (quoting wiki) "were hijacked";

American Airlines Flight 11 "crashed into" the World Trade Center's North Tower
United Airlines Flight 175 "hit" the South Tower
American Airlines Flight 77 "crashed into" the Pentagon
United Airlines Flight 93 "crashed" near Shanksville, Pennsylvania

If this is to hold true, we would need to have the true signature of each and every one of these, from the origin of the last flight (registration of flight) up to and including what was left over of them, at the precise location of the termination of each flight (crash, burn and debris).

Is all of this data/information readily available? ALL of it? The answer is "no".

Which parts are missing and why?

Which degree of anonymity can we place on each flight, on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the information available to us?

To which degree can we be certain the OCT is absolutely true, in regards to the "planes"?

Thanks for keeping it real and objective.


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Comment by Thoth II on June 20, 2009 at 8:53am
I would say that all 4 flights were a 10 anonymous, because I read Morgan Reynolds paper "some holes in the plane stories" and in there he has a section "Phantom Flights?" where he has evidence the flights never flew: AA flight 11 and 77 were not scheduled that day; the AA flights were not deregistered until 2002; confusion in gate number for flt. 11; the UA flights were not deregistered until 4 years later; all 4 had improbably light loads (since when have you been on an almost empty flight? I never have), and several others.

I really wonder if those flights ever even took off that day.

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