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I just received this alert and wanted to pass it along:  .....  http://enenews.com/japan-officially-raises-fukushima-to-level-7-sam...  ......   This is possible  Cesium 137  in strawberries and mushrooms from N California.

I don't want to scare everybody, but just warn you.  I've seen rotten strawberries at two Wal Marts in West/Central Texas

(San Angelo and Kerrville) in the last two days.  Hopefully they've just been frostbitten.   Maybe Chuck can shed some

light on the radiation situation.  It appears to be worse than everyone was hoping.   You might want to get some kelp or

thyadine to protect your thyroid from iodine 131.  Many of the health-food stores have already sold out on kelp powder,

but I believe rubbing tincture of iodine on your neck where your thyroid is (adam's apple area) is supposed to work also.

Too bad we can't count on the MSM and our worthless government for advice.

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