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Ted Olson Reveals More about 9/11 (Satire)

Ted had no reason to go do the media interviews and tell a story.  We saw how bad an actor he is on television that week.

It is much more likely that someone asked him to tell the story.  He was chosen for his stature and the public’s familiarity of Barbara, who became the face of the victims.

Ted agreed to do the interviews and talk about Barbara’s calls in exchange for something.

He made the agreement with a member of the plotters, the only people who could have any control over what happened to Barbara.

He carried out his end of the bargain on the mass media, a group which controlled what we would see about the plot.

What was the deal?

Was it assurances that Barbara would live?

Ted wouldn’t bargain for something that was already true.

Did the plotters threaten her life and then coerce a decision by Ted to tell the story?

If Ted believed the official story, he would have believed Barbara dead BEFORE he went to the media.

But Ted knew the official story was and is wrong.

So what is the deal?


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