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I wanted to know the truth about 9/11 so I rounded up three people who said they knew.

Their names were OCT, PT and NPT.

I spoke first to OCT.

He told me about four airplanes, 19 hijackers, OBL and crashes into buildings with the planes.

He said the majority of people (including the media) believe it so it must be true.

I pointed out that a majority of people used to believe the sun went around the earth that the world was created six thousand years ago and other ideas long discarded.

He told me this is about national security.

I told him the truth would make me feel more secure and that I was not getting the truth from him.

So I turned to PT.

He also talked about airplanes smashing into buildings.

He said that the planes had passengers on them.

He said the planes were hijacked.

And he told me if I did not believe in the planes, then I was with that other guy (NPT) who is dividing the truth movement.

I asked him why he thought his idea was the truth.

He said he didn’t.

He just knew that NPT wasn’t.

Last I looked to NPT.

He said he knew nothing about the truth.

So he knew nothing about planes, passengers and hijackers.

He said he could not support a theory that there were planes unless he could prove it.

He looked through the scenes where PT said there were planes.

He could not find any plane.

He looked for the passengers and hijackers and found none of them, either.

Not knowing anything, he speculated that the other theories could, in part, be true.

But there was no proof of anything that anyone talked about.

OCT protested PT and NPT as unpatriotic.

PT protested NPT as divisive.

NPT said they doth protest too much.

NPT said the search for the truth is the knowledge of nothing.


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