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Where the 9/11 Passengers Went after Landing in Cleveland

This is the most detailed account of what happened to the passengers!

I need people to challenge it!

From the article:


I refuse to give up.  On a personal note, my parents are both computer programmers.  One of the first words I learned as a child was “debug,” or clear errors out of a program.  I would watch them make guess after guess as to what was keeping their program from succeeding until they found the correct one.  It was very much like the idea of generating and testing hypotheses until one worked.

So I took another look at pictures on Let’s Roll Forums and September Clues.  I re-read an article on the latter as to how a picture of one alleged victim, Honor Elizabeth Wainio, could be used to make several pictures of her.  With her and with other alleged passengers, there are different pictures with the same lighting and facial expression, which would be highly unlikely of real people."

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Comment by sandy rose on April 16, 2012 at 9:33am

thanks, Monsuier Dean, for sticking with it......


     i find more and more lately that the uggy forces that be will try

whatever desperate, horrid moves they can keep up with to try to keep

us trufers from our truth-bound path into um, the truth.

     they will stop at no ends to break us up, try to shine doubts on our

well-founded truths.

      they will try until the bitter end to not end up guilty, even tho they

know that their last name is in big capital letters, GUILTY.


       it's a gnarly row ta gosh dang hoe.   we know better than to question

our own sanity, because we know whence the guestions cometh,.   yet

they will cross many paths to try and separate us, confuse us, set in to

pillars of fear-stone.    only the most courageous will come out at the other

end.   i'm not religious, but Fred bless those who are an determined to not like give up.


      let us nay forget that they will do whatever they think they can to split us up.


      let us not forget that they make it their mission every day of their sorry lives,

because they know that some of us KNOW WHAT THEY DID.


      we don't have to prove it, we probly couldn't if we tried, but yet we must

all stick together and make efforts to stay intact with one another.....less

it all just fall apart into wishy-washy nothingness.  (their gooiest dreams...)


      Mr. Dean Hartwell, wow, we are at a really stinky crossroads.  you

and the Others who have put the Truth before their own personalities,.   .....


      we should and must stick together against' the Asssholes.....no

matter how far we get from the actual dirty deeds.

      i hereby vow to not let them break us up, for they have tried ALL ALONG.



IT IN THIS YEAR OF 2012, the truth will always be stronger than their lies,

and i could never stop thanking all of those who have chosen truth over BULLSHIT.


     thanks, Dean, i sincerely appreciate your input.   the more the Merrier.  ya hah.


      (at this point we'd think we had died and gone to Peace Hevvin if the shit ever stopped>>>)

















                                                thanks Dean, for all you do.  stick it ta of ness.



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