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Event Result Year
JFK assassination LBJ president, troop withdrawal reversed 1963
Gulf of Tonkin LBJ receives wider authority to prosecute war 1964
MLK assassination leading voice against war silenced 1968
RFK assassination leading candidate against war silenced 1968
Chappaquiddick peace candidate loses chance at presidency 1969
George Wallace assasination   attempt peace candidate McGovern can't win election 1972
Soviet invasion of Afghaistan increases defense spending 1979
Delayed Iran hostage release peace president Carter can't win election 1980
Ronald Reagan assassination   attempt former CIA chief Bush gains power 1981
Gulf War cancels so-called "peace dividend" 1991
Oklahoma City Bombing justifies need for more police power 1995
Columbine scares public regarding children safety 1998
2000 Election Rigged puts dupe in White House with war cabinet 2000
Events of September 11 justifies need for wars against Muslim nations 2001
Invasion of Afghanistan justified by "attacks" of 9/11 2001
Invasion of Iraq justified by "attacks" of 9/11 2003
Sandy Hook scares public regarding children safety 2012
Boston Marathon Bombing scares public regarding general safety 2013


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