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We Should Stop Making Reference to 9/11 "Passengers"

EDITION 5/9/14 - Read the theory below that there were no passengers on American 11 or 77 or United 93 or 175 on 9/11/01 challenge it:

1). Did you take someone that day to the airport and watch them board one of these flights and see the plane take off with that person on?
2). Can you show proof of a real manifest for any of these flights (signed by the pilot)?
3). Can you show any other proof there were any passengers on these flights?


My latest book, Rumors Fly, Truth Walks: How Lies Become Our History, concludes that there were no passengers on any of the flights said to have been involved: American 11, American 77, United 93 and United 175.
I want to take this idea one step further.  With no passengers involved, how did the names that appeared on passenger lists get created?

Officially, the people on these lists were dead.  One would ordinarily expect the names of deceased to be reported by a mortuary or by family members to an official source such as the Social Security.  But because the “passengers” bodies were never recovered, there is no reason to believe a mortuary would report their deaths.
That leaves family members.  But how did family members “learn” of their losses?
The media.

How did the media decide to accept the names they published on the lists of passenger victims?
I have decided to focus on Flight 11.  The Boston Globe posted Flight 11 passenger list on September 13, 2001.
I find no information on how the Boston Globe got the passenger list for Flight 11.  The only logical sources would be American Airlines or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Airlines have the names of their passengers because the passengers must give this information upon buying a ticket.  In the event of a disaster, it would make sense for the airline to release the names of those from its official record (the manifest) so as to notify the public.
But they apparently did not release the names here or serve as the source for the Globe.

The FBI took over the investigation of the “plane crashes” from the group that has the responsibility to investigate them, the National Transportation Safety Board.  How did the FBI know so quickly that the plane crashes had been acts of terrorism?  From fake phone calls or other staged “evidence” that the media ran?
How would the FBI have obtained the passenger names so quickly?  Ordinarily, again, one would look to the airlines.  But they are not the source.

So who created the list?  A look at the list helps us to answer this question.

In my research of “passengers” on the Flight 11 list in late 2013, I discovered that only 24 of the 81 “passengers” on board Flight 11 appear on the Social Security Data Index. [Rumors Fly, Truth Walks pages 99-101].
I ran across an article by “brianv” on “Let’s Roll Forums” in which the author said in 2005 that he discovered only 9 of those same 81 “passengers” were on databases that serve as “front ends” to Death Records, Public Records, SSA Master Death File Database.

Allowing that there might be some discrepancies between the two sources, I used his method of checking on names on May 4, 2014:
“I start with a wide open search on the Name only at http://www.stevemorse.org/ssdi/ssdi.html this returns the SSN of the person, if that person existed. I then cross reference with the other web - http://knowx.com/death/search.jsp.
Then I do a more restrictive search Name and State and cross reference. If the State is not listed I search by 'All States'
Then I do a Name, State and Date of Death = Sept 11 2001. I then note the Age of the person if they Died Sept 11 2001.”

I found people accounted for that he said did not show up in 2005!
Why would death records change for people already dead?
I keep coming back to the question: Who created the list?
What is the list composed of?
What about SSDI searches before 2005?  Were there even fewer names then that showed up on SSDI?

Here is what we know: the flight list got to the media (namely, the Boston Globe) very quickly.  The allegation of a plane crash took place on the morning of September 11, 2001.  The newspaper published the list on September 13.
The party that had the responsibility of maintaining the list of passengers was American Airlines.  The airlines is the only party that could have the official passenger list, known as the manifest.
The Boston Globe does not identify American Airlines as the source of the list.  In short, we have an unofficial list that could have been created by anyone.
Someone composed a list of 81 names that would be known as Flight 11 passengers.
They chose some names of real people, the people who show up on the SSDI lists.  The earlier the research of SSDI lists, the more likely the true number of real people who actually died on 9/11.
There was likely enough time for plotters to find names of recently deceased individuals and add them to the list.  There were nine such people on “brianv”’s list.  Many of them were elderly, giving rise to the possibility that names were taken from retirement homes.

The rest of the names are most likely fictitious.


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Comment by Dean on May 26, 2014 at 12:35am

Good sources!  Thanks, Danny!

Comment by Danny White on May 18, 2014 at 10:00pm

Dean: I found a couple of good links on the subject.  In case you haven't seen them: 

9/11 myths:  http://www.911myths.com/index.php/Social_Security_Death_Index

Vincent Sammartino:  http://www.wingtv.net/thornarticles/911passengerlist.html

Comment by Dean on May 18, 2014 at 12:51pm

To learn more about the significance of SSDI information, go here - http://deanhartwell.weebly.com/essays/united-93-passenger-ssdi-case...

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