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When will the 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth get off the fence?

While undertaking research for my book, Collateral Lies, I contacted various bodies and experts for advice. One such request was to the 911 A&E for Truth. This group are perhaps the most qualified to comment on the collapse of the towers. In fact, I have just watched a very well produced re-hash of the data here:


Again, in this video we have respected architects and engineers putting their reputations on the line to state categorically that the towers could not have collapsed due to the damage from fires caused by the collision of the aircraft, and especially not so WTC7, which was not hit by a plane. So I must admit to being a bit sceptical of the conviction of these guys when challenged over the subject of planes being involved in the attacks. The reply I received from ae911truth.org was this:

AE911Truth does not speculate on the planes, but the NIST report does discuss the WTC 2 oscillation in NCSTAR 1-2 p. 28-29 [PDF p. 142-143]. See http://fire.nist.gov/bfrlpubs/fire05/PDF/f05168.pdf

I have found NIST's data to be mostly correct. It's their analysis and conclusions that don't hold up to scrutiny.
All the best
Chris Sarns

Apart from showing how the NIST model ignored key aspects of the building's design, what these folk are saying is that the only way these towers could have collapsed in the way they did was with explosives, that too placed in the central core, which suggests an inside job. Now, nowhere do they state who was responsible for this grotesque crime but let's just assume for a minute that it was Al Qaeda. Ignoring how these guys managed to infiltrate security and maintenance companies to the extent they were able to place explosives everywhere, having done so they would not have needed the elaborate hijacking of planes to achieve their ends - they could have chosen the time to inflict horrendous casualties around midday. It suggests that the terrorists were home grown and that they used Al Qaeda's hijackings as a cover for their own plans, more importantly, that the planes were superficial. The question is "how superficial?" - so much so that they never existed?
If 911 A&E for Truth claim the buildings weren't brought down by the impact of planes and the 911 Pilots for Truth claim it was impossible to hit the buildings in the first place, isn't it about time we had a concerted effort from all parties to eliminate the planes once and for all?

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Comment by Danny White on December 5, 2015 at 9:47am

Dean:  I agree with you on eliminating the plane nonsense.  Once people understand that hollow aluminum cans

can't fly through steel and concrete buildings,  they might see pretty quick that the mainstream news media all

conspired with the CIA to terrorize the American public.  I think another easy to understand idea is the fact that

the dust samples collected by the Government's own USGS and others were full of radioactive stuff that could

only have been produced by the use of nukes.  ae911truth also refuses to admit to the nuke idea.  You are right

about ae911truth having the people who should be able to see these things, but I guess it could be political.

Maybe we need a law to make it illegal for our Government to terrorize the American people to achieve political objectives.

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