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Wikipedia List of tenants in One World Trade Center (Floors 110-55)


(Please check out the above link to see the entire list of 110 floor occupancies and more.)



The tenant list below was compiled from the original list[2] provided by CoStar Group[3] (a provider of electronic commercial real estate information), and quoted by CNN and most media. It was amended using UnBlinking.com.[4] Entries unique to UnBlinking are in italics, marked (?UB) if uncertain. Companies listed on different floors by each source are marked (CS) at their position in CoStar, and (UB) at their position in UnBlinking. Special cases link to footnotes for more explanations. Cantor Fitzgerald's corporate headquarters were located in One World Trade Center.[5]

Note: Floor numbers in  red  are part of American Airlines Flight 11's impact area, with trapped floors marked in  grey .

Fl# Companies
110 Cartoon Network,[citation needed] CNBC,[citation needed] CNN,[citation needed] NJDOT,[citation needed] State of New Jersey,[citation needed] USPS,[citation needed] VH1 Uno,[citation needed]

Channel 2 (WCBS), Channel 4 (WNBC) Channel 5 (WNYW), Channel 7 (WABC), Channel 11 (WPIX), Channel 13 (WNET), Channel 31 (WPXN), Channel 47 (WNJU), WKCR-FM, WPAT-FM, WNYC-FM, WKTU-FM

109 Mechanical floor
108 Mechanical floor
107 World Trade Club, Greatest Bar on Earth, Cointreau, Hotel and Restaurant Employees International
106 Windows on the World, Hotel and Restaurant Employees International
105 Cantor Fitzgerald, ESpeed, Genuity
104 Cantor Fitzgerald, Channel 4 (WNBC), ESpeed
103 Cantor Fitzgerald, ESpeed
102 Cantor Fitzgerald, Nishinippon Bank, Alliance Consulting Group
101 Cantor Fitzgerald, Kidder, Peabody & Co., ESpeed, Boomer Esiason Foundation
100 Marsh & McLennan Companies
99 Marsh & McLennan Companies
98 Marsh & McLennan Companies
97 Marsh & McLennan Companies
96 Marsh & McLennan Companies
95 Marsh & McLennan Companies
94 Marsh & McLennan Companies
93 Marsh & McLennan Companies, Fred Alger Management
92 Credit Agricole, Carr Futures
91 American Bureau of Shipping, Meyers Pollok Robbins, New Japan Securities International, Shiga Bank
90 American TCC International Group, Chugoku Bank, Dun & Bradstreet (UB)
89 Barcley Dwyer, CIIC Group (USA), Daehan International, Drinker Biddle & Reath, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Mutual International Forwarding, Strategic Communications Group, Wai Gao Qiao USA, Wall Street Planning Association, Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones Sud America (UB), Italian Wine & Food Institute, Jun He Law Offices (UB), Majestic Star Yacht Chartering, Tokyo Securities Company
88 Julien J. Studley, Viking Sea Freight, WTC Construction Manager
87 May Davis Group, Bank of Kinki, Okasan Securities (UB), Thor Technologies
86 Julien J. Studley, Alan Anthony (UB), Asiatic Chemical, Society of Satellite Professionals International, Trading Technologies
85 SMW Trading Corporation, Thermo Electron, Chicago Investment Group, Hyakugo Bank, Ohrenstein & Brown
84 Bright China Capital, David Peterson Law Offices, KITC, LG Securities America, San-In Godo Bank, TEMENOS USA, Unicom Capital Advisors, Blue Star Line North America, Daehan Investment Trust Company, Fukuoka City Bank
83 eMeritus Communications, General Telecommunications, Global Crossing Holdings, Lava Trading, Taipei Bank, Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation (UB), Toho Bank, TTA, Wako Securities America
82 New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (CS), DMJM Harris
81 Bank of America, Network Plus, New Continental Enterprises, Blue Star Line North America (?UB), Network Plus Corporation
80 Agricor Commodities Corporation, Intrust Investment Realty, Noga Commodities Overseas, Shizuoka Bank, The Beast.com, RLI Insurance Company, Bank of Yokohama, Noga Hotels New York, Zenshinren Bank
79 Daynard & Van Thunen Company, First Liberty Investment Group, International Office Centers Corporation/Alliance Business Centers Network (notes), Nikko Securities, Okato Shoji Company International, Securant Technologies, Iyo Bank
78 Sky lobby, Avenir, Baltic Oil Corporation, Cedar Capital Management Associates, Cheng Cheng Enterprises Holdings, Geiger & Geiger, Hyundai Securities (America), International Trade Center, Korea Local Authorities Foundation for International Relations, Meridian Ventures Holdings, Pacrim Trading & Shipping, ThinkPath, Traders Access Center, Atinav Avenue, Korea Local Government Center, Partner Reinsurance Company, Thai Farmers Bank (UB), Verona Fair Organization US Representative
77 Hal Roth Agency, Jun He Law Offices (CS), Martin Progressive, Newey International Corporation, World Trade Centers Association, Alliance Continuing Care Network, Kühne & Nagel, Partner Reinsurance Company
76 Mechanical floor
75 Mechanical floor
65 Boeing Aviation Technical Services, Newark Liberty International Airport
63 Airport Access Program
62 CARR Futures (?UB)
61 Access to the Region's Core (ARC)
60 Asahi Bank
59 Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (legacy offices of merger partner Brown & Wood)
58 Sidley Austin Brown & Wood
57 Sidley Austin Brown & Wood
56 Sidley Austin Brown & Wood
55 Pace University, World Trade Institute of Pace University, Benchmark Hospitality at Pace University (now Downtown Conference Center at Pace University)

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