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InTolerant Lefties Stealing Trump Signs Across the Country, Some Using Violence & Agression

This is an excerpt from the fourteenth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members, showing footage of intolerant White liberals and n...

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on October 17, 2016 at 12:23pm
I am very convinced that Donald Trump has the great majority of people in the USA ready to vote for him. Even with the Clinton Media Machine making sexual allegations against Trump, Trump's campaign rally's are pa;caked, even with thousands of overflow attendees who can not get into the rally's oustisde the event. Most logically, if the sexual allegations were working and being effective for the Clintonites, there should be far less of a turnout of event attendees. But no, the attendance keeps climbing. Trump is unofficially far ahead in the polls and will win the Presidency, handily, logically.....

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