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Rochester Police Arrest Woman in Her Front Lawn For Filming Traffic Stop in front of her house: Police State USA unleashed

On May 12th, A Rochester woman was arrested for taping a traffic stop in front of her 19th Ward Home. She was standing in front of her house with a hand held...

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on June 24, 2011 at 5:45pm

The public exposure consequences are far, far, far greater for this arrest than if they had just left her alone, unless thay were up to doing something illegal, unethical, or against one's constitutional rights.

USA Police ignorance and stupidity.

It looks like going out at night is a very risky occupation where Police can be predatory on law abidng citizens.

Basically, I do not go out at night, specifically to avoid incidents like this, especially here in Miami, Florida, where they have some looney-tune policemen, but not all of them...

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