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Comment by Danny White on January 31, 2017 at 5:30am

Shallel: Thanks ... for raising my blood pressure about 50 points.  I think we all knew Trump was a Jew lover and

Israel Firster  before we worked to get him elected.   I didn't realize just how big the problem was.  I wonder if the reason such a sorry candidate as Hillary made it to the top was the Zionist plan to take over America.  I've been

thinking a lot lately about the slogan "Make America Great Again".   Our Freedom and so-called Democracy are what make us the greatest I think.  People all over the World use to look up to us as a beacon of hope.  Millions

of people worldwide are starting to understand the fraud of 9/11 and how screwed up our Country is.  Worldwide chemtrail spraying is not really adding to our  "Greatness".  Israeli and Zionist neocon involvement in 9/11 has

been very well documented by many different groups in the truth movement including us.  Many of President Trump's   Jew friends profited from 9/11.  It was a CIA/ Israeli Mossad operation.  Where's the damn Greatness?

I have high hopes for President Trump creating Jobs and getting rid of wasteful government spending. He is a

very intelligent business man.  I'm not sure what to think about the great wall of Mexico.  It's going to make it awful hard for us to get out if we need to.  We can only support President Trump and hold his feet to the fire on

Israel, 9/11, and chemtrails.  He has a very good chance of being a great President. Our Country needs one bad.

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