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9-11 Tenth Anniversay, Sunday, September 11, 2011 - What will we do?

Please just post any ideas you have for remembering 9-11 on this Tenth Anniversary. 


Please see recent post by Sandy and replies in "Open Discussion" forum



This forum is the only real 9-11 TRUTH forum in existence.  It is importance that our voices are heard.



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Here is one of our Internet notices of our 2007 year-long demonstrations.


Here is another photo of one our street actions way back then...


Here I am protesting the Agenda 21 Trans Texas Corridor and toll roads.



"Ten years since 9/11...

Don't leave the truth about it in a time capsule!"

I'm still thinking on this Tenth Anniversary event ....  things that come to mind so far are reminding people of the Constitution

Article 2 Section 4  and Article 3 Section 3.   Maybe after opening with the Constitution, go on to meatier things such

as  "Joe's Law"  and video tom foolery.  If we could just educate folks on the principles of Joe's Law, I think we might make

some progress.  The way I understand it is something like a plane can't fly through a steel and concrete building.  Seems easy enough to me to understand.  Video fakery is another easy-to-understand concept.  I think diseases of first responders

and cleanup crews should show proof of radiation at  "Ground Zero"  .  Radiation means nukes  .....  nukes means it was an INSIDE JOB .  Video Fakery proves media involvement  .....  Ownership of media is all zionists  .....  Israel stood to gain the most from 9/11  .....  Israelis caught on the morning of 9/11 celebrating  .....  our government full of so called dual

citizens in strategic places.  The Constitution is pretty clear on how to deal with a corrupt government.   Tar and Feather !

We should identify the crimes committed on 9/11 and name people who ought to be indicted for them.  Here is a partial list I had in mind.


Murder - of all who died at the World Trade Center and Pentagon

Conspiracy to Murder - those who prepared and/or planted explosives at the World Trade Center and Pentagon

Destruction of Evidence - at World Trade Center [PRIME SUSPECT: MAYOR GIULIANI, see Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk, pages 63-65]

Falsification of Evidence - at World Trade Center and Pentagon (like planting of evidence)

Falsification of Official Documents (like the Bureau of Transportation Statistics records of flights)

Fraudulent use of Airwaves (TV fakery) - Mainstream media


There were undoubtedly other crimes committed, but my point in bringing this up is that by stating criminal charges, we will focus the attention on those who committed them.  It gives our theories meaning and purpose.


Feel free to add on.


Thanks, Dean, for this list.  You are right to have us focus attention on the crimes committed and their perpetrators.


It appears that our heretofore focus on what destroyed the Towers, or even what destroyed Building 7, has not furthered truth or justice to any appreciable degree so if we keep on doing the same thing expecting different results, we are insane.


It is amazing to me how the "Toronto Hearings" people are simply calling for a new investigation.  They are not focusing on crimes committed and are staying on the "controlled demolition of Building 7" story now.  The only thing new about this old goal is that they seem to be now internationally oriented as if to convey to us that they really really want a just investigation and to prove that they are seeking an international investigation, not one conducted by USA.

That is what Scholars for 9-11 Truth did 6 years ago.  I remember signing that very first petition.  We have come full circle or should I say we have gone in circles.


Yes, let's name the crimes committed.  That is a good thing.  However, Dr. Reynolds said that his son and other attorneys say they could never even prosecute a case with the state of the evidence such as it is.  So we may not ever get justice, but we can certainly specifically expose the crimes and the deceptions and machinations, and we can do this very well without knowing what effected the destruction of the Towers.


I think that there were deliberate false pieces of "evidence" planted or "displayed" to lead us down rabbit trails and run the clock out, just as was done in the OKC bombing.  One example I recall is the "plane": that allegedly crashed into WTC 2 south tower.  We have a "pod" that is displayed on a cartoon plane.  There is zero evidence that it was a real plane.  If one focuses on the anomalous pod, one tacitly accepts the veracity of the real plane flying into the building.  (See movie "In Plane Sight")  I think it is good to expose and name specifically other examples of planted or salted evidence.  All that functioned as "props" could be classified in this category as well.


We may never get truth or justice, but we can expose as much truth as we can and shine the light on all the false and distracting and misleading 9-11 truth efforts that are still operating strongly today.   Let's shine the light of truth as much as we possibly can.



The Austin American Statesman, posted an article on Sunday, August 7, 2011, about 9-11 and said they will provide a forum for Central Texans to share their memories.  They are going to have a big 9-11-11 spread "package" in that Sunday's newspaper.


There was an insert in the article that said


Tell us your story

Please email your 9/11 recollections (with "9/11" in the subject line) to letters@statesman.com, or mail them to us at Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 670, Austin, TX 78767.

Please limit submissions to 150 words.


Here is a link to the story ....




10 years later, memory still burns

Editorial Board


Published: 7:20 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011


I posted a response as Dachsie.


(I would note that our newspaper has been for sale for about 5 years.  Someone is paying for this grossly losing financial propostion of a newspaper.  I guess someone sees value in the capital of  Texas having a newspaper.  Many of us gave up reading this rag about 12 years ago.)

What I noticed was this article's focus on the "immediacy" of the feelings of people about the actual 9/11/01 day and event.


Share your thoughts, your memories, your feelings, your sense of vulnerability, emotions of the day.

It referred to our country as our "homeland" and ended on the total BS notion of unity with this quote...


"Americans came together and touched each other in a way as if to say 'We don't know what this is, we don't know how this is going to play out, we don't know whether it's over, but we are together."  (State Senator Kirk Watston)



I think if we can post short little comments online to 9-11 articles in newspapers int the coming weeks, that would be the best.  But I do not recommend preparing a 150 word statement and sending it in for them to reject and not include in their hokey special "forums."   Write your statements and post them here and then somebody tell us how we can Tweet from here.


Let this forum be the hub for 9-11 truth truth.  The other forums are just more 9-11 untruth.






Programming the Nation, a film Aug. 19, this might be a good one.  

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