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Chapter 1

Is this story true?

Chapter 2

Could plane crashes and fires really cause what we saw? Where’s the tail? Where are the engines? Where are the seats? Where is the luggage?  Where are the passengers? Why did World Trade Center building 7 go into freefall? Wouldn’t the core be left standing? Does this look like a hollow steel shaft? How could that possibly be? Where are the floors?

Where was America's mighty air defense? Was it just a coincidence that a number of military war games were taking place on 9/11, including simulated hijackings, planes crashing into buildings, and fake blips injected into the radar screens? Is this real world or an exercise? Was it just a coincidence that a bio-terror exercise called Tripod II was scheduled for the day after 9/11, on the pier right next to the World Trade Center, and that FEMA agents had already arrived the night before 9/11?

Was it just a coincidence that on the day before 9/11, the Pentagon announced it had misplaced $2.3 Trillion? Was it just a coincidence that Flight 77 struck the Pentagon in an area that had recently been renovated, and that contained financial records, and not the area where the top brass had their offices? Did the Bush administration receive warnings that Al Quaeda was going to strike? How specific were the threats? How can security be strengthened in the future? Do the orders still stand? Why would the U.S. government do such a thing? Did Brent Blanchard get the memo?

Chapter 3

Could the steel floor trusses be melting for some reason? Could it be melting aluminum from the airplane? Could it be melting lead batteries? Why indeed did the twin towers completely collapse? Who can deny there was molten metal? What was the conflict between Wood and Jones really all about? Can Morgan Reynolds be serious? We all saw planes crash on live TV, didn’t we?

Chapter 4

So where does all this energy come from? Where'd it go? Where are the towers? Is the building just turning to dust? Why? Is it because Tahill was afraid of what he knew he would find? But what caused those round holes? Why would the beam shrivel up that way, like you curl a ribbon for a package? Are Directed Energy Weapons the best explanation? Tritium, strontium and barium, molecular dissociation, mushroom cloud, China syndrome, 1400 melted motor vehicles, rare cancers  . . .  are we really supposed to believe airplane crashes caused all that?

Why isn’t molten metal in the Request? Could we really have expected a fair proceeding in a government court? Were these even serious attempts at justice, or was it theater?

Chapter 6

What Planes? Did you check your simulation against reality? Where are the pieces of the airplane? Are those data available if someone were to want to duplicate your results? Since when do performance artists even have the money to rent an entire floor of the north tower for a year? How did they fake the passenger phone calls? Wouldn't it have been easier to just use real airplanes? But I saw an airplane crashing into the tower on live TV! How could they create a fake airplane from so many different angles, and have them all match? What about the airplane parts that were found on the street? If there was no plane crash, then what hit the WTC? Can they really put a fake airplane into news video?

Chapter 7

What is the key to solving 9/11? What crashed into the twin towers on 9/11? Why would the composi-traitors make the airplane come in quick, and slow down at the end of the shot? Wouldn’t Kai Simonsen have thought to mask off the left part of the airplane layer? Why do you say it's impossible? What are the odds that this occurred by chance? Does this mean it's a real dinosaur? What is Mr. Wright’s explanation for this? But how does the compositor know exactly where in time to place the airplane? Was live compositing possible with 2001 technology? So how does an engine, or a landing gear, or dust, or anything else, become a size and a shape that's indistinguishable from an airplane nose?

Still not convinced the airplane videos were faked? Want to prove me wrong? How did the perpetrators get away with this? Why do most people support the official story? And even within the 9/11 truth movement, why is there such venomous conflict? Discussion of the plane hoax is forbidden on most 9/11 truth forums. Why? Why is the 9/11 truth movement such a catastrophic failure?

What about all the eyewitnesses? If there was no plane crashing into that tower, could eyewitnesses really be made to believe they saw something that never happened?

Chapter 9

Do you think the perpe-traitors would leave the leadership of such a potentially revolutionary movement to chance? And just where are the so-called leaders taking us, anyway? What is David Ray Griffin doing, in 2009, on national television, encouraging us to think that the twin towers “fell” “straight down” into their own footprint? When, exactly, does it begin to sway? What, you may wonder, is the Hutchison Effect?

Judy Wood couldn’t really fall for this nonsense, could she? Why is it so important for CNN and John Lear to promote the false concept of thin-air holograms? Do you see how this works?

Chapter 10

What actually happened on 9/11? Why do most people support the official story? Did you hear the one about the dead musician? Na na na na na na who cares?

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wow, that was a lot of questions.

    good ones, too.  hi Psy, welcome to the group, and in my humble

dorky opinion this is the group to be at for a lot of those questions, and

we basically get along rather well here,... with the occasional exception or

two.....many of us here KNOW about the planes.   with the help of our

wondrous and talented experts, of course.

      welcome to the group, you sound like you may belong here,.....and

'we'  hardly ever ban anybody here, because most of us that bother to

contribute to this group are more or less of like mind on 9/11dy things.

(most of the folks on this group pretty much sit on the sidelines and observe...)


(oh gawrsh, i hope i spelled all my words almost right....)    peace out.   snady




Sandy, if you or Shallel or Thoth II have the chance to review Ace's "Psy-Opera", I would like to have your take on it.

well, until not too very long ago, personally as you know, I had not really looked at the plane entry into the WTC towers, and seen the obvious fakery there in those videos, having seen those videos 'ad nauseum' for years, you just get to the point where you turn away and don't look any longer.


as for the 'eyewitnesses' gig, those who support the official story, to the last person, are government people who can't be trusted to ever tell the truth.  starting with Theodore Olson and working down from there.  virtually 'all' of the people who swore they saw a Plane actually impact the Pentagon, to the last person, were or are still, government employees.


in the case of David Ray Griffin, who I used to actually believe and trust but now am wondering about, his linkage to Gage and Company at AE911 thru endorsing their fantasy land shit, puts him in a rather unusual position of either not fully understanding how unequivocal support of 'bullshit' like that, makes virtually all of his work now very suspect.


as for chap 10, most people DO NOT support the official story any longer.  about 20 percent do, on a stretch, maybe up there as high as 30 percent of the population still believes the official story which now is morphing into LIHOP land.


we're all entitled to our opinions but until I took really good hard looks at the plane entries into those towers and saw virtually ZERO INTERACTION going on with half the plane buried deep within the building, I took those videos as 'real' or truly indisputable evidence that the video shot that day in NYC was probably good.  Can't go there anymore, based on the total utter lack of reaction to the buildings and the nice clean edges shown initially,which then became jagged like magic, after the breakaways and re-zooming back in again. 


the PsyOp piece makes good points but it's really not too fair to attack Judy Woods without doing more research into what she is saying.  I don't really espouse all she has written but I can say that after looking into it for two weeks from a number of things published and in lectures she has given, she raises more valid questions than anything, with her work.


do I believe that no planes impacted the buildings?  not at this stage of the game I do not, but to be honest, until people look at those video's, in particular, the plane entry moment on at least the real clear one where you can see half the plane just go into the tower with ZERO, and I do mean, ZERO interaction with it, till everyone does that, I don't know how much more proof they need of VIDEO FAKERY than that shit.


jesus f'ing christ, there is no structure anywhere on this earth made of steel and interspersed with concrete, albeit a less rigid form of light weight concrete, that would have offered ZERO resistance to the plane as it penetrated the building, and allowed for a nice clean cookie cutter edge to the entry point as is clearly visible in the video.


shit would have, by that point in time, been going in all sorts of directions, not all necessarily forward into the building.


we can all differ here about what we all believe took place, but until every one of the members of this forum watches the entry of that one plane in particular, in slow motion, and freeze frames it thru the sequence, IF after having done that you can still tell me that is normal or real or valid, I don't know what to tell you.


it doesn't make sense.


per Jim Fetzer's very correct assessment here, video fakery took place with those videos.  does this mean no aircraft were involved in striking the buildings?    what it means is that those videos of the plane strikes are altered, heavily so, and if AA 11 and UA 175 hit those towers that day as the government said they had, then WHY IN GOD'S NAME DID THESE FUCKERS HAVE TO MESS WITH THOSE VIDEOS then?


it's truly a stretch to look at the stuff and not come away realizing that we've all been had.


to what degree, who knows?  the whole entire thing was a staged event.  is it any wonder that virtually every bit of propaganda and evidence the government has shown us, is truly suspect of being tampered with or fabricated fully?


in the state of the art in 2001, the technology was there to really do some incredible special effects work with video.


unfortunately for the asshole who did the tower strike videos, they forgot to put away their HOLLYWOOD dunce cap and think about physics.  You can't have airliners going into buildings without significant interactions between the two objects, one which is stationary and one moving at very very high speeds, beyond 460 knots and as high as 508 knots.


not possible.  so is Judy Woods so crazy?  Is John Lear crazy?


I don't think they are.  both raise very valid issues about the perceived reality everyone has of the day in New York City when two alleged passenger planes hit buildings and yet the building strike sequences and the clean cookie cutter edges of the entry on one building, don't compute.


at this stage of the game, everyone should re-examine those videos and watch them really close and critically, and

in particular, the one nice clean one where the plane is halfway embedded in the building and virtually ZERO impact force

evidence is there as it goes in.  That aluminum plane struck a building, yes, at high speed, but even when planes fly into clouds, there is interaction with those clouds immediately upon entry.  Why not with steel and concrete?

as for the people who sit on the sidelines and observe, Sandy, I think they do it because they're 'numb' now.


ten years ago these murders happened.  but more than 48 years ago the real fun began, and actually, well before that.


the U.S. has had one false flag event after another, starting with the U.S.S. Maine, and going forward, for the purpose of initiating bloody, costly wars that needed Rothschilds financial backing and financing.


sept 11th. was a big event but in the grand scheme of things, it was just one more heinous crime on top of others carried out by this government and blamed on others.


I can't blame anyone for sitting this one out.  if you think about it, what is the point of being in here in the blog? most of us already know what happened. it was not 19 saudi hijackers with boxcutters and mind hypnosis power that disabled NORAD from a cave in Tora Bora.  It was our government and ISRAEL.


per the PsyOpera question; "Did the perps get away with it?", yeah, they did.  but they got away with blaming the U.S.S. Maine's magazine explosion on sabotage when evidence says otherwise.  Time after time the perps have gotten away with it.  9/11 won't be any exception to that rule.


we're all in here hammering our collective chicken's to death debating the finer points, but hey, there is virtually no chance the government will come clean and stop this shit.  if anything, they'll only upstage 9/11 criminality with a much nastier mass murder of american citizens using either chemical or biological or nuclear weapons assets they have.


in time, 9/11 will fade into black like every other false flag done by this government at the behest of zionists.


and then what do we do?  back up ten yards and punt?


in the case of all of the evidence now exists to empanel grand juries and indict the people who did this, and we know who they all are now, ten years later, there is virtually no chance that will occur in the wholly co-opted united states.


splitting hairs here is not going to bring any justice.  blogging here is not going to bring justice.


only a revolution, at this stage of the game, will get us closer to bringing these guys and those others long dead, tried post mortem if need be, to justice.


the ballot box does not work.  the system is fake.  the perps control us thru fear and endless false flag attacks aimed at stampeding the sheeple.


we all might as well be barking at the moon at night.  until we march on Washington by the millions, none of this is relevant.


it's time to shit or get off the goddamned pot.   truly it is.

I have seen Psy-Opera through the fifth chapter, and can say what I have seen so far has been very professional, and fair. As a musician, his songs really are heartfelt and super enjoyable. I am hoping there is a song for you, Jim. I have admired his science, it is very rigorous, however, I don't think his claim to have the whole thing solved is very scientific. 

Ace has presented and raised legitimate questions about Steven Jones', Judy & Morgans' lawsuit, and seems to be heading toward a conclusion that mini nukes were responsible for the destruction, as some on here believe. I cannot fathom how it would be possible for above ground nukes would not be highly visible due to the several million ºC temperatures of nuclear reactions. I have reviewed the work of Khalezov, and while an underground nuke could avoid this visibility  issue, I have pointed out other glaring issues with his work. 


http://911scholars.ning.com/profiles/blogs/review-of-dimiti-khalezovs   (part 2)



Here is another perspective from spooked:


Ace Baker's "9/11 -- The Great American Psy-Opera"

So, out of curiosity, I have plunked down $1.99 each for the first four chapters. So, production-wise, it is first-rate. I'm not clear if Baker made this this entirely himself or what. The music I can see, but there are some very complex and impressive graphics-- not clear if he did this all himself or what.

So, as the title indicates, it IS an opera, where each chapter has a song or two from Baker. They are really good pieces, and tie into the plot, so I have no problem with that. It's quite a clever concept.

The "Phenomenon" chapter is good in making the case for nuclear demolition of the towers. IMO, though, it has too much Judy Wood in it, and it should mention Anonymous Physicist at least for describing the China Syndrome. Baker has a nice addition to the China Syndrome evidence, where there were strange holes in the bedrock RIGHT BELOW where the South Tower was, with weird molten-like rock. I hadn't quite made the perfect China Syndrome connection before, though I had posted the story here. But basically this phenomenon is perfectly consistent with the China Syndrome of fissioning fragments continuing to produce high heat well after the demolition. And striking how they are filling the hole with concrete now.

Anyway, back to "Psy-Opera". Only four chapters are complete right now. These are the pay ones. A fifth chapter is on Youtube: 

(Somewhat disturbingly, with this video, Baker aka "Collin Alexander" has 33 videos on Youtube right now. Let's see if that changes soon. If he stays at 33 for more than a few months, then you know what that means.)

Overall, the movie is worth a look, if you don't mind shelling out $2 per chapter. The chapters are about 45 minutes each, so not bad in terms of content to dollars.

My understanding is that Baker had the whole movie made, then supposedly had a catastrophic computer crash which wiped out most of the film. So he's had to re-create the whole thing. Overall, I am impressed with what he's put together."
The Anonymous Physicist, who is a major proponent of fusion mini nukes/China Syndrome/high temperature at GZ, 
seems to have shut off his mind at the mere mention of Dr. Wood, even though Ace is presenting important background evidence and seems to be supporting AP's theory.

Below are comments from http://covertoperations.blogspot.com/search?q=psy

AnonymousAnonymous said...

If this phony fuck actually even mentions Judy Wood but once, it should be clear to all that he continues to be an intel fraud. 

Let alone not mentioning the only honest original proponent of the China Syndrome--Anonymous Physicist. So this creature does not mention me, naturally.

I made clear 5-6 years ago, Wood's whole Op-Plan was to try to HIDE the China Syndrome and the nuking of the WTC with her stupid DEW gibberish.

I recall Baker showing that he had the same intel controller by continuing to cite "molecular dissociation clouds" long after I showed what that intel crap was about!

So these 2 intel perps are still working in tandem, and are only serving to try to destroy the 9/11 nuke and China Syndrome work I did.

Honest people should continually be referred to get my books here:



2:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And no honest person should give 2 cents to Baker or Wood.

And as far as the free video above, only one new piece of info was derived here. 

I said from the outset that the so-called Qui Tam lawsuit was more intel crap at the time. And would lead nowhere--just another distraction by the intel agents involved in that. 

In the vid above, we have atty, Jerry Leapheart say on camera, that he had previously 

"represented oil companies [or interests] in 3rd World countries."

Translation: He is another creature of the intel agencies/secret societes.

Surprise. Not.


2:52 PM"

I have also read AP's work, and though he does bring up good info about the Quarantine trap placed around Earth, which is pretty close to the mark, overall his 9/11 work is not so compelling.
I am glad to see Ace here!


James H. Fetzer said:

Sandy, if you or Shallel or Thoth II have the chance to review Ace's "Psy-Opera", I would like to have your take on it.

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