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Just in case anyone is still interested in 9-11 truth theories and their most recent iterations.

Just my cursory view and have not explored any of these new ideas in any depth.  However, I think I see an underlying common threads that have nothing to do with objectively seeking facts and truth.

I have noticed several people who have commented prominently regarding seeking of the truth of what happened on 9-11-01 are now putting forth various, but quite similar, theories about "what hit" the World Trade Center 2, the South Tower.

Richard D. Hall  - the original proposer of the hologram hypothesis with new hypothesis


Dr. Morgan Reynolds - nomoregames.net

Dr. Judy Wood  

Mr. Field McConnell - refutes "hologram theory" of John Lear


(I hope someone facilitates this gentleman's taking of the Narcissistic Grandiosity Scale (NGS) psychological test.)

Mr. James Perloff


Dr. Steven Macon Greer M.D.

 "traumatologist" and ufologist and 9-11 "truth" commentator


Mr. John Lear

here are some recent YouTube titles wherein Mr. Lear speaks of his ideas.

John Lear, The Moon is a Soul Harvesting Station. A World Of Weird #13

24K views9 months ago
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FWIW, John Lear's take on reality is about 50% similar to that of mine. The spirit lives on and some form or mode of reincarnation ...
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John Lear.
118K views2 years ago
John Lear focuses on the Mysteries and Secrets of the Moon and what's going on up there today. When you try to talk about the ...

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Soul Cube on the Dark Side of the Moon? Archon Harvester Exclusive Content @ http://www.leakproject.com YouTube Channel ...


Some, but not all, of the common threads of these new 9-11 truth ideas are...

The object that "hit"  WTC2

was actually a drone somehow made to appear as a plane.

A Boeing Drone,  model   E 10,  was actually what was presented as United Airlines Flight 175,  WTC2 "hit"

The drone had a large "pod" on its underbelly which was actually a missile.

The missile exploded upon impact with WTC2 and its mission was to provide distraction so that other elements of the destruction could ensue without detection.

The idea of the plane shaped gash in WTC1 North Tower is no longer thought to be a cartoon-like, Wiley Coyote, computer-generated imprint image.  A drone of a specific type could in fact  leave a real wing shaped destruction imprint in the side of the building.

And the beat goes on...

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