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9/11 victims' names missing from federal death registry -

I thought it would be good to just have a record of this article on this forum.  Obviously there are many unsatisfactorily answered questions about this subject.  It is unlikely the matter will ever be fully investigated.


Another site that covers this subject is DNotice.org - scroll down to Jackson Report.



Why 9/11 victims' names are missing from federal death registry


death registry

By Thomas Hargrove

Scripps Howard News Service

Thu, 08/04/2011 - 1:47pm


Authorities in New York City and at the Social Security Administration now have explanations for why most of the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are missing from an important federal registry of deaths.

The federal government was fully informed by city officials about all of the tragic deaths -- authorities agree -- but was prevented from publicly releasing them because of a morass of reporting laws and restrictions.


Since few bodies were recovered from the collapsed World Trade Center's twin towers, privately owned funeral homes did not independently report the deaths to the Social Security Administration, as is their common practice.

But these reasons raise new and troubling questions about the reliability of the Death Master File -- a public record overseen by Social Security and widely used by credit agencies, banks and other business interests. The file was created in 1980 under a Freedom of Information lawsuit brought by U.S. businesses seeking protection from identity theft and consumer fraud.

The embarrassing reporting failure for 9/11 victims was uncovered by a Scripps Howard News Service investigation that also found that nearly 32,000 living Americans have falsely been reported as dead, causing them difficulties with police, denying them credit cards and bank loans, and even hurting efforts to obtain jobs.

Although few Americans have heard of the Death Master File, it is frequently used in a variety of medical research and even determines eligibility for critically ill Americans awaiting organ transplants.

"I am very concerned that it appears that so many of those who died on 9/11 cannot be found in the Death Master File," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. She asked for an explanation from city, state and federal authorities.

"The agencies responded and stated that current protocols were followed. I will be looking into what can be done to get better protections and increased accuracy," Maloney said.

According to the official Death Master File, only 405 people died in the state of New York on Sept. 11, 2001 -- just a slight increase from the state's daily average of about 350 deaths.


New York City officials, at Maloney's request, reviewed their records and confirmed that they had reported all of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to the federal government. "Even though all New York City deaths are reported ... the deaths are not public information," City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley told Maloney.

Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue, who has declined requests for interviews with Scripps Howard, agreed in a letter to Maloney.

"We cannot legally share all of our death information," said Astrue. "If we received the report of death from a source other than a state (or city) government, the name of a victim could appear on the public Death Master File."

But there were special circumstances that prevented the 9/11 deaths from getting into the Death Master File.

"In most cases there were no physical remains, so (private) funeral directors were not involved," said Steven Schwartz, vital-records registrar for New York City.

Another major non-government source of death reports are family members who are eligible to receive Social Security survivor benefits.

"In our vital-records analysis of those deaths, we determined that about 70 percent of these people were under 40," said Susan Craig, a spokeswoman for the New York City Health Department.

Schwartz agreed.

"There is no question that these were largely younger people," he said. "When there are younger victims, there may not be survivors" to claim federal benefits.

As a result, more than 90 percent of New York's victims were not recorded in the Death Master File.

"We've always said that the Death Master File is not a complete record of all deaths," said Social Security spokesman Mark Hinkle. "It is only an extract of information in our records."

(Email SHNS investigative reporter Thomas Hargrove at hargrovet@shns.com.)

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Could it be possible that it was a case of the more victims, the more Americans would never forget?  Isn't that what keeps American's buying the official story and the images they saw on t.v. for months?  The numbers of those who died?  Maybe they stretched the numbers by about a 1000 or 1500.

It is quite possible that they could have inflated the numbers for your reasons stated.  We have no bodily remains.  We have almost no one who comes forward and says they lost a spouse or family member.  The efforts of some to investigate the names given as those who died and almost always they get an immediate dead end in their investigations.  There is a pdf file floating around on the web by someone with the handle "hoi polloi" who wrote a paper about "vicsims", that is , simulated victims.  At first the paper seemed extremely far fetched, and it was to some extent as it claimed there were NO victims, but now I can see that the number and names of victims and their stories could easily have been manipulated.


I have decided to post the pdf link to the file...




9 | 11 | 9: The Vicsim Report | by hoi.polloi | please print in full w/ high quality color and distribute widely | page


1 of 80

9 | 11 | 9: The Vicsim Report

The collapsing state of the CNN Victim Memorial simulation and the


War of the Words hoax by hoi.polloi


Everyone by now has probably heard of the universally popular game


The Sims, the virtual world Second



or has at one time seen a video game being played at the super market or a relative’s home. The

Internet itself is essentially one of these video games, where each of us takes digital samples of our real

personality and mixes it with a level of cybernetic tools – keyboards, mice, cameras – to play inside a

simulation of reality. Some deceit makes us feel safe: a fake name, a little lie about our age, avoiding those

who seem too eager to find out who we are. Others are necessary by the medium. We cannot yet transmit

our smell, our subtle mannerisms, our physical selves across the Internet. Still others are purposeful lies.

Simulation – using tools to claim presence where one is not – began a long time ago, with the invention of

language, various signatures, the press, the radio, the telephone and the television, respectfully. And most

of the time it seems harmless. But technology has advanced to the point that allows a single person, or

small group of people, to truly transform the perceptions of an enormous population by playing with our

expectations about how these simulation and authorization devices work. A disappointing number of

people know even enough to read and write in their native tongue. Consider how many people are running

and operating the literally trillions of web sites now in existence, e-mails being

sent and cell phone calls

being made. Now think about how many would know how to fix the network if the entire system “went

down?” One person for every … nine-hundred miles?

An example of this imbalance of power being abused is the War of the Worlds hoax, in which a radio play

deliberately disguised as a news media event was sent to America’s personal “simulation participation

systems” – in this case, before the advent of TV, their radios. Because the complex and subtle behavior of

news media professionals was perfectly mimicked by the Orson Welles team, who knew exactly how the

radio system functioned, everyone was convinced that aliens were truly deleting human civilization. Many

people described sights and smells and sounds that were not – in fact – occurring at all.

It is difficult for the average person to imagine the kind of production it would take back then to make the

hoax convincingly. It might take twenty people, all doing different things, making different noises, switching

different switches. Today, we must consider that computing power, technology and




of active, willing simulation participation devices


have dramatically reduced the number of necessary

people to spread a single simulation – a single claim – across the globe. A well-connected technician with

the opportunity to switch the “official” channel to a pre-recorded “hoax” channel, guarded by a layered

scheme of deceivers at each station – would not involve an inordinate amount of people.

Now imagine if Orson Welles never admitted to the event being a hoax, and news reports of victims of

space beam attacks were played every day on a more and more desperate and sad sounding series of news

channels? Imagine that each anniversary of the hoax reiterated, with increasing generalization and

modernism to fit the spirit of the time, the events that never took place. It is simply a matter of developing

a constant rate of information supporting the hoax


at a rate faster than people

can uncover it. Nowadays,

you need to understand the number of simulation devices has increased, but the computer can mimick

every single one – including language. Orson Welles did not have information-generating computers and

real life actors running around cities and telling his story through every simulation system.

Our government does."  snip

Could it be possible that it was a case of the more victims, the more Americans would never forget?  Isn't that what keeps American's buying the official story and the images they saw on t.v. for months?  The numbers of those who died?  Maybe they stretched the numbers by about a 1000 or 1500.
I found probably 10 percent of the names in the Social Security Death Index of those I looked up, I had looked up all the passengers on the planes.  I've also researched victims that live near me, and one has no proof of birth or death.  The "mother" of that victim is employed by a cable news channel.  I think there was a lot of fraud.  Considering that the highest percentage of those who supposedly died worked in the financial and insurance sectors, anything is possible.

Death claims total number filed: 2,280

Total Awards: $5,996,261,002.08




Number of claims filed:


Total award: $4,099,933,810.82

Percentage: 68.37%

Victims Compensation Report page 112





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