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A two hour account of 9/11 released: 'Tuesday Morning in September'

'Tuesday Morning in September' was previously introduced into this message board. It is now officially available on DVD at www.TuesdayMorninginSeptember.com


There has been much resistance from this community of people towards this project, but I hope that some will give it a chance. Although the project does not deliver any new data to support your ideas, it does hold something that has been lacking in all other accounts/footage of 9/11.


Short intro:


'Tuesday Morning in September' is a two hour account of 9/11. It is shot from Jersey City, across the Hudson River. The vantage point gives viewers a grounding effect. This allows you to draw a reference point to understand what really happened. The footage is raw and reveals the true emotions and feelings that surrounds that day.


Please check out the trailers on www.TuesdayMorninginSeptember.com

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This is another Sept 11 anniversary, and I just woke up to my calendar which in big patriot emblems says this:

Well, today is only one year from the tenth anniversary, and what is ticking me off is that this is deja vu : we're also getting near the 50th annniversary of JFK. We've had to suffer for a half century through an official lie about JFK, and now we have had to suffer through another decade of official lies on 911, topping off this anniversary with another psuedo scientist Dave Thomas apologizing for the govt. and a popular host Ian Punnett, totally clueless about what is going on in this world of ours and another Soledad obrien treating a great iman of religion like a criminal . This state of affairs may be unique in human history: a country with so much inventions and wealth on the one hand, and such a squandering of this wealth on the other by an illigitamate controlling empire.

I just hope this one goes down a different path than JFK in the sense that we don't someday still have to have opposition newspapers like "Third Decade" and "Fourth Decade", etc; but that the new generation will air all the dirty laundry in the bright noonday sun, deal with it, get on with it, and take this wonderful technology and use it for the betterment of their children and grandchildren.
Keith Hansen (Think or be Eaten) interview:


Introduction of 'Tuesday Morning in September' with Keith Hansen: 0:00 - 10:45

Introduces An Pham (the individual working on the project)
-How James Kosior and An Pham met?
-Being 13 years old during September 11th, 2001.
-Keith Hansen being 13 years old during JFK's assassination.
-why was 'Tuesday Morning in September' released on the ninth anniversary of 9/11?

Introduces Jim Kosior (videographer of 'Tuesday Morning in September'): 10:45 - 13:10
-How did you tell An about 'Tuesday Morning in September'?

Keith Hansen interviewing An Pham: 13:10 - 18:43
-What was the experience from the first viewing of 'Tuesday Morning in September'?
-The reference point: Going to the top of one of the WTC Towers in 2000.

Keith Hansen's experience with the WTC Towers: 18:43 - 19:59
-Keith talks about this experience with the WTC Towers.
-Standing at the ground level, experiencing vertigo.

Keith Hansen interviewing James Kosior: 19:59 - 24:05
-Were you there while An viewed the account for the first time?
-Did An help in solidifying your decision to release the account?
-We were in prayer about releasing 'Tuesday Morning in September'

Website and blog information: 24:05 - 25:33

Keith Hansen interviewing James Kosior: 25:33 - 31:42
-How does 'Tuesday Morning in September' start off? (Breakfast scene)
-Hussein cooking breakfast in the apartment.
-Keith Hansen talking about the Jersey Turnpike and how he was on it during the '93

WTC bombing.
-September 11th, 2001 being a beautiful sunny day and how people had no idea what

was going on.

Keith Hansen interviewing James Kosior: 31:42 - 33:42
-James trying to get his wife out of NYC on 9/11/01.
-Keith stating that 'Tuesday Morning in September' is easy to view.
-More or less 'Tuesday Morning in September' feels like watching 9/11 live.

Keith Hansen interviewing An Pham: 33:42 - 35:40
-was it a replay or did it just happen? (Second tower being struck)

Keith Hansen: 35:40 - 40:27
-The story about "The towers are there... and the towers are GONE!"
-Flight out of NYC on 9/14/01.
-The importance of your own account of 9/11.

Keith Hansen interviewing Danny Cannon (Someone outside of the project that viewed 'Tuesday

Morning in September'): 40:35 - 47:45
-Where were you on 9/11/01? When did you find out?
-"...9/11 through the eyes of an American."
-Panning down to the graveyard.
-'Tuesday Morning in September' is not a production.
-Spell bound experience.

Keith Hansen: 47:45 - 50:45
-Knowing the "lay of the land" in NYC.
-Danny Cannon - "Jim was talking from his heart. You can feel what he was going to


Keith Hansen: 50:45 - 52:30
-The sound of fighter jets.
-Found out about the WTC attack at 2:30 PM

Danny Cannon: 52:30 - 54:25
-The account is "1000x's" more powerful than the news footage.

Keith Hansen interviewing James Kosior: 54:25 - 1:00:05
-what is going to happen next?
-James talking about other people in the account.
-James acting career and ability to express his feelings.
-The Empire State Building, the next target?

Keith Hansen interviewing An Pham: 1:00:05 - 1:03:15
-What was it that made you want to wo5rk on this project?
-The students at Georgia State University.
-My account of 9/11.

An Pham's experience with a psychologist from Homeland Security: 1:03:15 - 1:10:55
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
-The rings of people effected from a crisis.
-9/11 effected people all over the world.

Jim Kosior: 1:10:55 - 1:14:22
-Explaining the importance of viewing the account in its entirety.
-Addressing the comments made in the account.

Keith Hansen interviewing Danny Cannon: 1:14:22 - 1:19:15
-How the account touches your heart.
-"If you are an American, you're going to feel this footage."
-The human touch.

An Pham: 1:19:15 - End
-Email address: TuesdayMorninginSeptember@gmail.com
-The importance of viewing the account with others.
oh crap, yawl expect us to buy the thing? geeze. now i see yer angle.
uh huh.
so yesterday i clicked on something to do with this tuesday morning
bit and heard a bunch of swearing, i shut that off and looked at something
else, now i can't find that again. has that been taken off? i was gonna
at least try to get thru whatever that was..
see, i'm sure you'll correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks to me like
you people are trying to make money off of the horrid tragedy that was 9/11.
if this is the case, i would put that in the despicable category.
now granted, there are items out there for sale about 9/11 that are
written/made by actual real truthers, and we can't expect them to supply
their stuff for free.
but it's a whole different thing when people set out to try to make
money off of such a thing, and looks to me that this is your purpose.
when you say there has been much resistance from this community,
i guess you mean this group, and don't be surprised at that, because
truthers are pretty good at smelling rats. and if it doesn't deliver any
new data, what's the point?
i suppose any actual footage of 9/11 might be interesting to some
degree.... what's up with the still shot of that plane? i wouldn't
mind if our video experts checked out the planes/copter shots to
look for anything of interest.. or fake.. that would splain a lot..

interesting where it said the person filming was filming 15 minutes
before the first explosion at wtc....hmm....expecting it maybe?

so what does it hold that all other accounts lack? i'm sure as
hell not gonna buy the thing. but if yawl were real honest truthers
trying to share the truths of 9/11 why keep it secret and hold off
all that time and not just say what you think is so great about it?

sorry, i ain't buyin it, literally or figuratively, i think yawl are
seeing 9/11 as a money maker for you and that disgusts me.
and trying to appeal to our emotional side doesn't help.

you're on my fraud radar, sorry, ain't gonna fly with me. nope.
please send me the link for the swear fest that was on here yesterday.
An, we've been expressing our feelings and disgust and rage and horror
about 9/11 for nine long years. we didn't need you to help us do that.
and it seems that YOU have conveniently forgotten to answer my
simple question, who do you think did 9/11? and so i ask it again.
and here's a nuther question for you, but answer that one first, please..
if this footage of yours is so mind blowing that we all need to rush out
and buy it, why has it taken nine years to get it out there?

and hey, an phan, LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!

if you are for real and this is so important, put your entire footage
with sound on this site for us to check it out. yer not likely to make a
whole bunch of money off us here anyway so how bout it?

interesting how the person filming was said to go back in and
take a nap while the buildings were demolished and then came back
out and they were gone? that was convenient, but don't worry, we
have plenty of footage of the freefall of all 3 buildings.

now write this down so you don't forget this time, who do you
think did 9/11?
and the gdmf media whores were involved in 9/11 up to their
greedy little pus-filled heads. their part in 9/11 was criminal and
deceitful and a big pack of lies, so them making money off of it
doesn't make it ok. so you admit that this is your objective?
you keep trying to appeal to our mushy, emotional side and it
ain't workin. the more you say the less i trust ya, feller.

so don't forget now, who do you think did 9/11? was it
osama bin laden from a cave in Afghanistan? please answer.
The Media-Military-Industrial Complex is up to their eyeballs in perpetrating and has profited greatly from the 9/11 Myth.
The should all be hanging from their necks (once convicted). Once you answer Sandy's important questions, you can answer me. The video of the news media is selectively edited in the archives, and original footage that is highly suspect isn't available even when they are offered $100,00 for it. Tell me, would you support a request under the Freedom of Information Act to get the original broadcast footage from FOX 5 NY, WABC, CNN, CBS and others who broadcast this footage? Does "Tuesday Morning" show the events depicted on the media footage ie. planes hitting towers, without editing and with sound? Thanks in advance for your answers, it will help me determine if I am interested in purchasing or endorsing "Tuesday Morning".

Good luck helping people express their feelings about 9/11, though we don't seem to have many with that problem here.
I couldn't imagine sitting for two hours listening to Jim Cynapcis' whiny commentary that "That's probably a military ship out there right now" and "those are probably military fighters coming in to secure the air space." This film would not provide healing for me..... it would probably make me want hammer an ice pick through my Big, Giant Head!

....and they can shove Patriot Day and anything else "Patriot" up Donald Rumsfeld's ass.

I am so sick of this country!
Awwwwww. You are so cute!
Thanks for your reply. It's unfortunate the N Tower strike is not caught, since this is one of our main research areas.
Sorry to criticize, I was in a snit. I do wish you all the best with your work. Having watched the trailers I don't think this is
something that would appeal to me, but I may pick it up at some point. Again, no hard feelings, we all have suffered the loss of our cherished freedoms, and the guilt of these illegal wars killing millions. I hope your account helps people understand the truth, and that your endeavor is a success.

Blessings, Shallel

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