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Remember hearing about the man who bombed a synagogue last week Santa Monica, CA?  He was arrested in Ohio, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Also, according to the Los Angeles Times, he appears to be JEWISH.  His name is Israel Fisher.
From the article.
"[b]Hirsch, also known as Israel Fisher, was described by authorities as a transient who frequented Jewish synagogues and community centers in search of charity.[/b]"



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The False Flags that we are experiencing with increasing frequency certainly do appear to be associated with "Jews" but unfortunately that is only one part of the overarching Deception of these days, albeit an apparently major part and one that needs to be exposed and explored.


I suggest Dr. Fetzer try to get a guest on his radio show named E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine.  Dr. Jones wrote a very helpful book titled "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.  His thesis is that the Jews who rejected Jesus Christ also rejected Logos which not only means Jesus Christ but also means all order that we have in this universe and because of that rejection, Jews' basic identify is  a rejectionist revolutionary spirit and that has caused just about every major revolution, including most of these 'little" false flag events,  in world history in Anno Domini times. 

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