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Anthology of 9-11 Quotes to Remember - August 24, 2012

I hope that this thread that I am starting today, 8-24-12, will be one that fellow forum members will participate in and add to as time goes on.  I would like quotes to be fairly short and on one subject.  There should be full source of the quote and the original source, or as close in date to the original source, should be attempted to be the source URL posted with the quote.  If a quote is on a video or audio only file, please transcribe the notable quote and give the time/minute tracker reference where the quote and transcription starts on the video.  Please be sure to make sure the link you give is still a working link.  If there is more than one good links for a quote, maybe post two or three good solid links.


An example of a good quote to be posted on this thread would be the one where Condoleeza Rice is saying they had no idea planes could be used to crash in to buildings.  The date and original source would be great for that quote.  If there are current news stories where Rice is making the news on some current news story, the quote would be handy to use if you want to refute whatever Rice is now saying.  The quote establishes Rice as National Security Advisor who was either totally ignorant of USA military exercises and intelligence [Project Bojinka]  at the time she made the quoted statement or she was lying.


I think using established 9-11 truth and sourced important quotes of the major players in 9-11 and in 9-11 truth is an excellent tool within the 9-11 truth seeker template to refute or raise questions regarding a wide variety of current news stories.


Here is my contribution from a video of part of Jesse Ventura TrueTV show that dealt with the dust at Ground Zero.  The first part of the video  includes statements by Professor Steven Jones saying two important parts of his overall position regarding his part of 9-11 truth seeking efforts.  He tells us he accepts that planes hit the buildings and he does this in what I would describe as a dismissive or discounting tone, indicating he does not want to talk about planes crashing into buildings but he does agree that that happened.  He also makes oblique reference to "it" [the dust, the superthermite] as a "high explosive.



* Professor Steven Jones Quote - on Jesse Ventura TV show video



partial transcription first 2 or 3 minutes of this video…

Interviewer:  So you believe that there was controlled demolition used not only not only in World Trade Center 7 but also in buildings 1 and 2 as well ?

Dr. Steven Jones:  Yes.  Yes, I do.

We do have good evidence for the use of explosives. …[elipsis to indicate possible words by interviewer possibly omitted re. questioning about planes to Jones] Sure they were hit by a plane.  I’m not challenging that.  But I’m saying that’s not the full story.  Because there’s evidence of explosives in the dust.


Interviewer:  Professor Jones says the residue is a substance called superthermite, the combination of powdered iron oxide and aluminum.  When ignited it burns at 25 hundred (2500) degrees Celsius, much hotter than jet fuel.

Dr. Steven Jones:  It’s a liquid when it’s wet and it can actually be painted on.  I mean these guys might actually could have thought that they were just painting.  When you’re painting with it, it’s safe.  It’s really quite remarkable stuff.  When it dries, it’s a high explosive.

 ___ end of transcription


This video interview and clip from Steven Jones at beginning of this Jesse Ventura TV show segment on 9-11 and Ground Zero is probably a clip taken from some other source.  I do not know the original source of that part that I have transcribed, nor do I know the name of the interviewer, the date of the interview of Dr. Jones, or the  original source URL for that video clip used by the Jesse Ventura show film production team.

(The way Jeannon approximates the date of Dr. Steven Jones video clips is by looking at the color of his hair.  In his early 9-11 work that was around late 2005 and 2006, his hair was blond and he was maybe in his early 50s in age.  This particular video clip must be fairly recent because Dr. Jones hair is grey and we can maybe assume this video interview took place when Jones was in late 50s or early 60s which would place them “recent” in my “science.”)




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