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"Kris Millegan, in the Publisher’s Foreword, suggests that *“the image in
the rear-view mirror” is getting clearer, noting that the author provides
some historical underpinnings to massive black ops funding deceits going
back decades, “a secret history of criminality and corruption beyond the
wildest imagination of fiction”.

Among the topics covered, in addition to that of “black funds”, the author
“searches for the answers to such questions as: How did the inexperienced
hijackers pull off such intense military-type aerial maneuvers? Was UAL 93
shot down in Shanksville? What did the eyewitnesses [there] see? What does
the radar data show? What happened to World Trade Center buildings…? Was
remote control of the airliners an operational option at the time of 9/11?
And more.”

Milligan quotes from David R Simon’s book
http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1381479.Elite_Deviance *Elite Deviance*:
“Many of the scandals that have occurred in the United States since 1963
have been fundamentally interrelated; that is, the same people and
institutions have been involved in a number of scandals.”

The book’s foreword by Aidan Monaghan has 24 footnotes and discusses the
plausibility of GPS guided aircraft autopilot systems, and notes that the
readout file from the flight data recorder of American Airlines flight 77
was completed 4 hours and 15 min. before it was even found.  Yet the NTSB
has not published any unique inventory control serial numbers for flight
data recorders and Monaghan has been told that that agency possesses no
records that positively identify the flight data recorders for either
aircraft (AA 77 or UAL 93). Monaghan’s conclusion is that the official
flight information documenting the alleged terrorist-pilot control of both
of these very aircraft is unverifiable is “unverifiable at best, and may be

He notes that the “flight paths of the commercial airplanes involved in the
attack share common characteristics with the capabilities provided by
precision automated flight control systems and related commercial aviation
technology, all of which had emerged in the period just before 2001.” The
accuracy of the augmented GPS system known as WAAS ( wide area augmentation
system) is between one and 3 meters.

The 1st chapter, entitled “Crashes”, sets the background around it UAL 93.
The 2nd chapter, featuring a full page photograph of Maurice Greenberg, is
entitled “Forewarnings”. [No, it’s not about Odigo, etc.]    A *major
theme*is struck with the notation of
http://www.fas.org/irp/cfr.html Greenberg’s CFR article from 1996 which
demonstrates clearly that “When criminals are judged to be intelligence
assets they are to be granted protection from prosecution for
narco-trafficking, money laundering, extortion, rape, even terrorism and
murder. Such has been our de facto policy since at least the final days of
World War II.” There is also a discussion with regard to the case of Gary
Webb and his series “Dark Alliance”.  Peter Dale Scott’s book (co-authored
with Jonathan Marshall), *Cocaine Politics*, is noted. The chapter’s
concluding paragraph:  “The outcome of a secret policy of complicity was
entirely predictable: the possibilities for abuse are as unlimited as the
criminal imagination. But I must admit to shock at learning just how far up
the food chain the rot extends.”

The 3rd chapter, “A Walk on the Dark Side”, is about money…lots of money.
The author notes that that strike at the Pentagon provided for “the
surgical destruction of the Department of Defense’s [financial] records and
staff, nearly all of whom died in the rubble...”. The North Tower of the
WTC is the next focal point; noted in particular are Marsh and McLennan,
and Kroll Associates, with the statement that “the network of corporate
ties here is so entangled that tracing all the links would fill this entire
volume, but the most salient connections can be enumerated.” They include
Jerome Hauer, Marsh and McLennan CEO Jeffrey Greenberg (son of Maurice, the
owner of AIG, a former director of the New York Federal Reserve Bank,
vice-chairman of the CFR, and author of the previously noted report). He
was floated as a candidate by Sen. Arlen Specter for the directorship of
the CIA. And 8 paragraphs, 2 pages, are devoted to be important evidence
provided by Richard A. Grove. If you’re not familiar with that particular
story, http://www.freewebs.com/abigsecret/Grove.html (it’s a big secret),
do your homework. I did, years ago.

Chapter 4, “Insiders Trade”, begins the discussion of the highly suspicious
sales of shares in various companies including airlines and insurance
companies, along with major trades in gold and oil markets, both before and
during the events of September 11 and which suggest advance knowledge of
the attacks. It covers 11 pages and has 35 footnotes. Cited are Michael
Ruppert’s book “Crossing the Rubicon, a disinformation campaign launched by
the *New York Times*, the involvement of people like Buzzy Krongard and
George Tenet, Mayo Shattuck III and Bankers Trust, as well as Wirt Walker
III, the Convar story, and more. “All of this hints at the probable
frightening extent of criminal activity on Wall Street in the days and
hours before (and during?) 9/11. The SEC [Securities and Exchange
Commission] was like a surgeon who opens a patient on the operating room
table to remove a tumor only to so him back up again after finding that the
cancer has metastasized throughout the body.”

The 5th chapter, “American International Group”, zooms in for a closer
look, traces the history of AIG, notes Henry Kissinger’s role, describes
the numerous sub-organizations involved in the massive shell game, and
notes the involvement of Warren Buffett (who also received the skeedaddling
George Bush 43 into the bunker at a major air base). Also noted are Michael
Ruppert’s article on the possible involvement of AIG in the drug trade, the
inside employee at AIG’s San Francisco office with ties to the Medellin
drug cartel, the whole story of Manuel Noriega, Operation Watchtower, a
review of the deregulation of the financial services industry under the
Clinton administration, the role of Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup, and the
Bank of America, American Express Bank, Wells Fargo, and Wachovia. This
chapter features 54 footnotes, with number 49 being most notable, as it
tells the tale of Bill Clinton, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority,
Barry Seal, Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm, Marine Lieut. Col.
Oliver North, and Barry Seals’ death.

Chapter 6, “Collateral Damage”,  runs for 12 pages and has 38 footnotes,
and leads with the question: *“When society fails to hold wicked men
accountable, what is to stop them from proliferating their criminal
behavior even to the point of undermining an entire nation?* All the more
so when the criminals in question are captains of industry, finance, and
the government.” “It is a fact that despite the unprecedented security
failures…, none of the officials responsible, at the time, for protecting
the US were subsequently held accountable. None were disciplined, sacked,
nor even reprimanded.” One of them was awarded the Presidential Medal of
Freedom. Note in particular is made of the covert economic war against
Russia in the 1990s under the George Herbert Walker Bush administration.
Central to the chapter is
heavily-documented 57-page paper by E.P. Heidner.  Note is made that
title, were you to Google for it, would take you first and foremost to
countless sources involving  a 2002 Hollywood action film of the same
name.  Mention is made of plans, around 1998, for “a false-flag terrorist
attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to destroy critical evidence,
shut down the ongoing investigations, divert attention away from
themselves, and generally cover their tracks. The diabolical plot may also
have served other converging interests, one of them being to create a
pretext for a vastly expanded use of military force worldwide.”  There is
additional explanation with regard to the attack on the Pentagon in which t*he
Office of Naval Investigation* “suffered total destruction: 39 out of 40
ONI staffers died, including the entire chain of command”; “according to
Heidegger, the ONI had been investigating crimes associated with the
plundering of Russia”.  Another target in the 9/11 attacks was a task force
led by the US Customs Service and the Internal Revenue Service which was a
money-laundering watchdog group and which was housed in the US Customs
office in *WTC6*. I trust the reader is familiar with the picture of the
crater in the center of that building.  Mention is made of the story of the
official FEMA photographer Curt Sonnenfeld and the story of the open vault
door, the vault being completely bare, indicating that apparently “someone
had cleaned it out before the attacks”.  Three paragraphs cover the story
of the targeting of *WTC–7*, which also housed government offices that were
investigating financial crimes. The entire thing is characterized as a
“fiendishly clever” “diabolical scheme” that centered on a secret “war
chest” controlled by the CIA and certain Wall Street bankers. Mention is
made again of the October Surprise, the story of Israeli whistleblower Ari
Ben-Menashe, and Israel’s role in  “stage management” as a middleman or
“cut out” in the Iran-Contra arms scandal.  “To this day, the average
American remains clueless about this report and history”, its sham
investigations, the Mossad agent/media mogul Robert Maxwell, his murder, as
well as the death of the investigating Sen. Tower in a crash of his
commuter airplane.  Two pages are devoted to the foreign policy in the 90s
of the Bush administration, President Clinton’s Secretary of State,
Madeleine Albright, the nuclear blackmail of Russia, CIA slush funds and
the role of 10-year bonds. The chapter ends with the introduction of the
story of “*Yamashita’s  gold”* or *the “Black Eagle trust”*.

Chapter 7, “Black Gold”,  is not about oil, but about World War II
Japanese plundering, the US involvement in the Philippines, underground
vaults constructed by slave laborers who were then buried alive, Ed
Lansdale, former OSS chief chief Gen. MacGruder, Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg (“who
then headed the interim Central Intelligence Group), Secretary of War Henry
Stimson, John Foster Dulles, Clark Clifford, John L McCloy (an ally of the
Rockefellers) (later head of the World Bank, chairman of Chase Manhattan,
and a member of the Warren commission), Brown Brothers Harriman, and
Ferdinand Marcos.

Chapter 8 is about the eponymous “Cocke Deposition”, available online and
also excerpted in one of the appendices, nuclear weapons in Northeast Asia,
the Nugan-Hand bank, the CIA-Saudi relationship, the Bank of Credit and
Commerce International, the Pakistani intelligence agency, operating off
ledger, and
Hammer (see David Guyette’s work in
*Nexus* magazine, volume 9, number 1).

Chapter 9, “Rise of the National Security State”,  is 8 pages long and has
24 footnotes. In addition to noting the role of Allen Dulles, the work of
Fletcher Prouty, the role of Gen. Bedell Smith,  Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer,
Frank Wisner and the Office of Policy Coordination, Operation Gladio, the
attempted coup in 1934 against Franklin Delano Roosevelt by a cabal of Wall
Street bankers and industrialists, and the rapidly “disappeared” letter by
former Pres. Harry Truman in December 1963 to the Washington Post.  It
“vanished down an Orwellian memory hole in nearly disappeared from human
consciousness”. It is noteworthy that the original edition of Flethcer
Prouty’s pathbreaking exposé,* The Secret Team*, suffered a similar fate.  *The
thrust of the chapter is captured beautifully in its 1st paragraph*: “One
of the most successful frauds ever perpetrated upon the American people is
the notion that the CIA exists to provide intelligence to the president. In
fact, the CIA’s intimate links to Wall Street suggest that the CIA was
created to serve the perceived interests of investment bankers. The
well-documented links to Wall Street can be traced to the founding of the
agency .”

Chapter 10 concerns itself with the Bank of New York and the Federal
Reserve system. The 1st  paragraph notes NSDD-66  and a huge effort which
marshaled “the CIA, the Pentagon, Treasury, and other governmental agencies
to devise ways to increase economic pressure on the Soviets”; one offshoot
was a “massive secret study on international oil pricing” which the
Treasury Department completed in early 1983. Note is made of the role of *Marc
Rich*, identified by *Business Week* as the most powerful commodity trader
in Russia in the early 1990s, and who was pardoned in 2001 by Pres. Bill
Clinton in his last moments in the Oval Office; “Rich had been a fugitive
from the US since 1985 and faced a combined 325 year prison sentence.”
Three pages are devoted to electronic money-laundering through the Bank of
New York, its senior vice president Natasha Kagalovsky (whose husband “had
been an economic advisor to Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin and was also an
associate of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky”), and  *Israeli banker
Bruce Rappaport* (one of BoNY’s  principal shareholders, whose
Inter-Maritime bank in Geneva had directed BoNY’s  initial expansion into
Russia, and who was a longtime US intelligence asset as well as William
Casey’s golfing buddy and Ollie North’s personal banker. Rappaport also
owned a melon farm which was used as a base for the training by Israeli
mercenaries of paramilitary forces for the Colombian cartel. There is a
3-page description of the activity of the Bank of New York during the 9/11
attacks. It is noted that the previously-mentioned E. P. Heidner argued
that *“9/11 was the mother of all money laundering scams”*; over two pages
are devoted to the *pre-9/11 currency spikes*, which also suggest
foreknowledge of the events of 9/11.  As noted previously with regard to a
different chapter, footnote number 53, on pages 139 through 141, provide 10
additional paragraphs of information relative to *the continuation of the
Russian demolition project after 9/11*.

The 13-page Chapter 11, “Remote-Control 9/11”, notes Operation Home Run,
the research of Joe Vialls, the famously-amusing case of honorary “top
gun”  pilot

Hani Hanjour (who failed a Virginia driver’s license test and was unable to
remember his ATM pin number in 4 attempts). Noted are the books *False Flag
9/11* by Philip Marshall and *Prior Knowledge of 9/11* by Robert Schopmeyer
(who spoke of a “deliberative and criminal pattern of obstruction”), and
Steve Coll’s book *Ghost Wars*. Said Philip Marshall, who is licensed to
fly both 757s and 767s among other commercial planes, “It took me 20 years,
dozens of ground school courses, and 15,000 hours between my 1st lesson and
taking command of my 1st commercial airliner”. Yet Hani Hanjour once began
a training flight with empty gas tanks. There is a 5 page discussion of the
question “Were the hijackers hijacked?” in which Gaffney voices his
suspicion of an Israeli penetration of bin Laden’s operation in
Afghanistan: “the sum total of evidence points to a plot within a plot.” He
notes Christopher Bollyn’s research which suggests an Israeli Mossad
involvement in a plane swap *before* flights AA 11 and UAL 175 even took
off from Boston’s Logan international Airport. He notes further research by
Bolllyn into the Israeli Aerospace Industries, the Israeli-own security
firm International Consultants on Targeted Security International (ICTS)
which handled “security duties at Logan international on September 11,
2001. Curiously, [it] also handled security at Charles de Gaulle airport
near Paris in December 2001, when the mentally disturbed “shoe bomber”
Richard Reid” successfully boarded a US bound jetliner.… [In addition] “the
Israeli company also had the security contract for London’s bus system at
the time of the infamous July 7, 2005 terrorist bombings in London. It was
also responsible for security” at Amsterdam’s airport on Christmas day 2009
when the so-called “underwear bomber” boarded a flight from Detroit. “This
means that ICTS personnel were at the scene of for the most notorious
terrorist attacks of recent years, and on each occasion failed to prevent
the attack. Was this merely a set of coincidences…?”. The last 2 pages of
the chapter address and introduce *the quantum jump in navigation
performance within the airline industry in the late 1990s*, also described
in Aidan Monahan’s Foreword and Afterward.

Chapter 12, “Key Evidence Suppressed”, is a 13 page chapter with 41
footnotes, most of which is relatively common knowledge, previously
available, with the possible exception of the role of a certain Eddie
Shalev, an Israeli defense forces paratrooper jump master. The chapter ends
as follows: “We must follow the trail of evidence, regardless. Should lit
ead into a dark wood, we must resolve to go there. And if it takes us to
the gates of hell, so be it. For no force, certainly no lobbying group or
political action committee, can be allowed to trump the search for 9/11

Chapter 13, “Shoot Down?”, is a 22 page, 75-footnote, discussion of UAL 93
and Shanksville Pennsylvania. There is some discussion of the possible use
of drones, the chief evidence of t*he RADES radar dat*a, a discussion of
the mysterious reports relative to Camp David, a discussion of  aircraft
“cloaking technology”, and a discussion of the vulnerability of civilian
aircraft, including commercial jetliners, to electromagnetic interference.
The last sentence of the chapter: “In conclusion, the hypothetical use of a
high-powered microwave weapon, mounted on a UAV strike platform, is
consistent with all of the known facts, including a possible explosion.”

Chapter 14, seven pages, “Correcting the Record”, continues an exposition
of the RADES radar data, John Farmer’s research, Lynn Spencer’s book *Touching
History*, and the comments “We are left with many loose ends” and the final
sentence “There is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder.”

The epilogue features the following quotes:

“If ordinary citizens do not soon awaken to the insidious dangers that
black technologies pose to our freedoms, the shameless puppeteers who
command them from the shadows may alternately succeed in imposing their New
World Order upon us.”

“*Our nation is presently in the grip of diabolically evil forces that have
betrayed and subverted our democratic values.” *

“The uncompromising search for truth cuts against the grain of US
exceptionalism, instant gratification, reality and celeb TV, consumerism,
cheap thrills, sports-on-demand, infotainment and every other readily
available form of escapism in our mass culture. As Orwell wrote, “In a time
of universal deceit, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Aidan Monahan’s Afterword (14 pages, 37 footnotes) is entitled
“plausibility of 9/11 aircraft attacks generated by GPS-guided aircraft
autopilot systems part 2”; it reviews the common performance
characteristics of GPS guided navigation systems, the wide area
augmentation system, the descending in-flight turns obviously present in
the maneuvers on 9/11, avionics systems present on Boeing 757 and 767
aircraft by 1999, (Y2K ready!), the system’s accuracy to three meters, its
capacity for transferring pilot control, Honeywell’s state-of-the-art
flight management systems in use on 911 by all for allegedly hijacked
aircraft, and the presence of the World Trade Center in navigational
databases in those systems. The chapter also addresses the quality of GPS
service through maximum or near-maximum GPS satellite visibility at the
World Trade Center’s. The Afterword ends with a quote: “In conclusion,
there is compelling evidence that the technology already existed at the
time of the September 11, 2001 attacks to remotely control Boeing 757 and
767 aircraft by accessing their state-of-the-art flight management systems
and utilizing altered flight paths uploaded through existing datalinks.”

There are over 30 pages of appendices. There is a 6 1/2 page index."

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I would like to remind Aidan Monaghan that remote controlled planes are subject to the same Laws of Physics and Aerodynamics as piloted ones.

You got that right, Shallel!  I can't tell you how many people don't understand even elementary physics!  Astounding.

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