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I've recently released four years' research into 9/11 under the title "Collateral Lies" and would welcome feedback (it's available for free download from www.obooko.com). My work was inspired quite by chance after I had seen a video by Richard D. Hall in which he suggested the plane was a holograph. To be honest I was more interested in his use of Google SketchUp in mapping the flight path, which I subsequently used to create an animation of the attacks on the Twin Towers. Having recreated Lower Manhattan in 3D I was able to review the path of the plane from almost any angle as it flew over the rooftops. However, it was only when I aligned the model for the correct location, azimuth and time that I noticed how convenient that second attack had really been. It led me to more in-depth research of events leading up to 9/11 and the days after, which I decided to publish as a factual novel in the hope it might appeal to a wider audience. It is included as the first part of "Collateral Lies".

The second part of the book is a review of the FBI evidence against the alleged attackers. Having spent over 16 years working in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia alongside Arabs from many countries and backgrounds, I believe I am in a better position than many to comment on their attitude towards people from the West and especially so considering my experience during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait when I had to rely on the good nature of these people to survive. Again, this part of the book is written with more than a dash of artistic licence, without which it would be quite tedious.

Having spent so much time collating the information I then decided to include the results of my research in the third part of the book. It covers everything from the conception of the original WTC and the unique aspects of their construction through to an analysis of their collapse and NISTs conclusions. Also I have included a thorough review of the newscasts on the day and recreation of the much overlooked first attack from eye-witness testimonies. I draw attention to anomalies in video evidence and in particular aspects of Pavel Hlava's video, and a review of FBI evidence from Urban Moving Systems, neither of which I have seen discussed in other 9/11 truth sites. Finally there is my own take of why the towers had to go and who might be responsible.

Apologies if so much of my research is not new to this audience. I do hope that everyone finds something of interest to keep the debate alive.

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Welcome to Scholars' Forum, Dean! Thanks for making your research freely available, I have downloaded your book and am eager to delve in. New perspectives are always welcome here and I am very grateful for your input.

Hmmm - I had hoped for some more feedback. Anyone reading the book?

Dean: Thanks for getting back to me.  I will read your entire book a couple of times before criticizing it again. Please understand this bunch of lying by our Government, news media, fake actors, and sorry bastards is eating on us all. I am

very concerned that the history books will lie like they have on damn near everything in my lifetime.  For the sake of our

Country the absolute truth about everything should come out.  Our Country has been taken over by a bunch of lunatics

with the assassination of President Kennedy.  The history books need to explain this. It's hard to sit back and watch our

flag and Country being drug through the filth of liars we are up against.  When it comes to 9/11 the history books should

 explain the entire event had been planned years in advance by the CIA and Israeli Mossad.  Jet Fuel will not completely

demolish steel and concrete.  Many radionuclides were found in the trade center dust, which could only have been produced by nuclear detonations.  If students reading the history books understand that our government nuked its own

people, they might not line up so fast to join the military to save the world from a bunch of so called terroristic Muslims.

9/11 was nothing more than terrorism on the American people by our Government and carried out by the CIA and Mossad.

Israel was the only country to benefit from 9/11.  Mossad demolition experts were camped out for more than a year in the

towers posing as "art students".  You mentioned Richard D Hall and the hologram idea.  Many in our group believe this, but I'm not one.  I think Mr Hall might be tied in with the  "thermite sniffers"  , who refuse to accept the idea of nukes. Thanks again for your input and I hope more members of our group will read your book and comment.

Thank you Danny. I soon learned how ignorant many of my friends were with regards to 9/11 and found it difficult to make my case during the many discussions I have had. So one of the things I have attempted to do is to provide analogies that can be understood by the non-tech reader who accepts first-hand what the media truthers say, like this widely peddled view that speed is a factor in determining physical hardness. If nothing else it should bring a smile to the face of people like yourself who know better. I'm not a supporter of Hall but have him to thank for sparking my interest in the towers.

Again thanks Dean.  If you want to see a bunch of hard headed impossible to convince thumb sitters you should try talking

to a few West Texans.  It looks like everyone is trying to protect what few jobs there are, and are afraid to even listen to a

little logic.  When they wake up and realize we don't have a Country left maybe they will listen.  Your approach to breaking

through the roadblock of ignorance might work.  This conspiracy is so unbelievable it takes years to understand it all.  I like

to try and keep it simple by pointing out the radioactive dust and the impossibility of a hollow aluminum beer can flying through a steel and concrete building.  If soft aluminum planes can't fly through steel and concrete, the plane videos are

all fake as you know. My background was in electronics and TV broadcast. I remember the feeling I got the first time in a

TV studio and seeing the fakery involved. With the advent of video capable PCs we better get used to fake videos. It requires some common sense, logic, and critical thinking to realize when we are being lied to.   We are going to have to keep it very simple to get through the heads of people who are not used

to thinking technically.  All of us in the truth movement are trying to figure out how to wake people up.  Our futures all

depend on it.  With the possibility of radiation induced Human extinction on the horizon, we need some straight answers

from our governments very soon.  I heard somewhere the other day that about half of the people in the United States are

afraid of their Government.  How long will we be free if everyone cows down and does nothing? Good luck and thanks for

your input. ...  ps I made a mistake on my last comment and said drug instead of dragged. Sorry  ning wouldn't let me fix

it without changing the order of our posts. After all I am from Texas.  We talk like that.  Ha 

Could not agree more. And don't forget the use of social media in all this - the redistribution of unqualified stories to people who are willing to believe anything they read on Facebook. I left it behind some time ago when I realised how rude I had become in my response to some of the mind-numbing crap my friends were posting.  

This is a very good point.  I've never joined Facebook because I've known for some time it is a Government operation,  It seems to me it's only good for spying on people and stirring up shit in local neighborhoods. 

I enjoyed this book - Concise, compelling reading, sir. I have already recommended it to several people.

Your "Novel" approach to the obvious video fakery of the planes was pretty

spot on in it's naming the News Media as a major conspirator, the shock (mass hysteria)

and the gullibility of the public raised on suspending disbelief and the exalted position they

give to anyone's head framed in a box. I'd like to see those very heads hanging from a rope...

I liked your scaling calculation: "A beer can is 2.6 inches wide or 1/76th the width of a Boeing fuselage but at 0.0047 inches the aluminium in the can is far too thick for our scaled-down model plane, which would have to be made from 0.0005 inch aluminium – basically oven foil."

As an Engineer, I was less interested in the tale of the Arab Patsies, but it is important information and well told. 

I don't know that I exactly agree with the missile impact as you propose. There is evidence the wing marks were created by missiles: youtube.com/watch?v=E0Rf_sS42U8

The dust/paper cannons are also discussed by yankee451 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoKiBn4tCNw I do believe this to be one of many special effects used.

He is trying to put together a Mythbusters type experiment to be proposed to the Energetic Materials Lab at New Mexico tech, using their rocket sled to crash a 767 wing into a WTC wall panel. Your scaling work would be helpful in leading up to the full size test. His site is http://yankee451.com

Have you seen Ace Baker's "Great American Psy-Opera? You might find it interesting.


Great comments, Danny, though I think Richard Hall is shunned by thermite sniffers, and is more associated with Dr. Wood and Andrew Johnson. 

I also believe radiation induced Human (& 9 million other species) extinction is our greatest problem. 



Hi Shallel. Sorry for not replying sooner. Tying up the loose ends of the movie was pretty difficult actually. It's one thing to write about a specific aspect and something else entirely trying to put yourself in the place of whoever orchestrated this charade. I had written quite a bit of the story when I discovered points other people had already commented on, so I haven't seen the dust cannons before, just guessed it would be a necessary part of the illusion. The real spooky "revelation" was the 911 "foreshadowing" tape here. It was obvious whoever planned the simulations would have needed to do a lot of reconnaissance beforehand, which I introduced into the story, so when I came across Alex Zuniga's video the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. In fact, they were so close to what I had proposed, I decided to use "Alex" as my "mystery man". Ace Baker has been fundamental in my understanding of what was capable with the software available at the time.

As for the Arabs, it was really difficult piecing together the data from the official reports to put into a cohesive storyline. My first literary work was about Stonehenge and my mate said the chapter on Neolithic Britain was so boring he nearly gave up. Like I said to him, "You had trouble reading it - imagine how f**king boring it was writing about it!"

Hi Dean -

Those videos were indeed creepy. Looks to me like scoping out some of the shots we "saw on TV".

I know what you mean about the hair standing up on your neck! Great find!

At one point a voice is heard saying "this will be alpha channel" or something to that effect. Does this mean something to you? Perhaps a masking or keying term?? 

One thing that really freaked me out was the Muzak version of the Bee Gee's  How deep is your love?

Playing in the plaza in the foreshadowing video is the very same song playing in this video from the  plaza after the first Tower got its hole and pieces were falling, and people climbing out windows, here, at about 3 minutes in. What are the chances of that?


Much respect for your hard work. I have checked out your Great Pyramid work, since that has long been of interest to me, having followed the work of John West, Robert Schoch, and Chris Dunn for two decades. Your theory is most compelling. 

So great to have you aboard! This is the best discussion we've had in a while here.

Thanks & Blessings,



Shallel ... didn't even hear "alpha channel" before you mentioned it - well done - but since you did, and I live in Spain, and my kids have been raised here (so they speak perfect Spanish) this is what they can hear him say as he is filming:


5:39 Tu tranquilo bueno que ahi en ese background que hay, podemos ponerle algo

5:48 Y en medio de los edificios pone un alpha channel y despues ponemos un videoclip de izquierda a derecha

Together it translates literally as:

"You chill - well there in that background that's there we can put something and in the middle of the buildings put an alpha channel and then we put a video clip from left to right”

They was some discrepancy at the end after "videoclip" because of the accent, so my daughter asked someone she works with from Argentina who confirmed it. He also said the accent is Venezuelan.

Of course, it could be a voice-over, I mean, given the number of videos that appeared with sound enhancements it would not be the first. But that does not detract from the truth – here we have two separate filmmakers at the same location on the same day taking the same type of shot, some time (3 weeks) before the event. 

Hi Dean - Would love to upload these to the videos on our front page. If you want to do this, click "add content" and "video", and paste in the Url..

               or I would be happy to do it. Let me know. This is a great area to research! Thanks.

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