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Ever since September 11, 2001, debates between Americans (and some foreigners) about what really took place that day are ongoing. The problem is the debates are working to wear us down. No matter what people believe about the attacks, there is a truth, and that truth needs to be universally accepted in order to take the next step. Allowing it to rest is not an option that any American should be willing to accept, for one simple reason.

People that are allowed to get away with crimes will undoubtedly do it again. That means every American is at risk of becoming another statistic. Anyone of us (or our loved ones) could be the next victim, anywhere, at any time. It's like having a serial killer on the loose in your neighborhood and doing nothing about it. Right now we have multiple serial killers on the loose in our own neighborhood, and they have an agenda. It's not a matter of "if they strike" again, but when. Who knows...this Covid thing could very well be them also. 

One of the things that really ticked me off was a video made by a blacksmith proving that fire can weaken steel. In order to prove that, he stuck a 3/8 piece of re-bar in fire (the equivalent of a coat hanger) and bent it. Aside from the fact high rise buildings aren't made solely of coat hangers and re-bar isn't the same size or metals of industrial steel frames, it was just plain dumb. Re-bar is used to reinforce concrete, and people can bend re-bar without fire. Let's see him try it with an industrial sized steel beam covered in 2 coats of fire proofing whilst surrounded by concrete. 

If that's the logic being used to prove points, then I have a better way. Of all the horrible things that day, these stand out the most to me. There are many things that stood out and can be used to prove the official story was a lie, but these ones in particular leave no room for debate. They can't be explained or twisted or brushed away. There's no room for other possible alternatives or excuses to confuse or mislead.


This might seem like an unusual question, but only because it is. And yet it isn't as unusual as the fact it actually needs to be asked.

"How do body parts end up 4 football fields away from a gravitational collapse?"

Think about how much force and energy is required for any object to be hurled across the distance of 1 football field (350 feet). Especially if it has to work simultaneously against the forces of gravity. Yes, gravity, the force that pulls things straight down. For an object to end up 350 feet away would take an enormous amount of force to achieve.

2 football fields (600 feet) would need twice the energy. This is the distance massive industrial sized steel beams were shot into surrounding buildings. To stick an object of that size and weight into the concrete walls of a building like darts 2 footballs fields away is an astronomical feat. I'm pretty sure gravity can't achieve that.

To put it into perspective, picture how much force you would need to throw an object across this field.

Now imagine how much force it would take for 4 football fields. There is absolutely no reason for any object to end up 350 feet (1 field) away from a building pulled down by gravity, let alone 1400 feet (4 fields) away. There are no other ways to explain or achieve that feat without the equivalent force of a giant explosion.


Here's another unusual question that no grown up should ever have to ask another.

Do falling buildings start car fires? When 100s of cars suddenly catch fire for seemingly no reason, it's normal to ask "why?" The last you thing you expect to hear is "Oh, a building fell down 5 blocks away, so.... yeah!" 

Here's something else I never thought I'd have to say in life. Cars do not spontaneously combust from gravitational collapses. It takes more than a falling building to start 100s of car fires.

To put it onto perspective look at this photo. In the upper right corner is a map that shows where these cars were in relation to the towers. The van to the left was 1 of the hundreds of cars torched that day. It was the furthest one damaged in this direction.

Now look at the photo below and check the location on the map. "Dude wtf happened to my car?" Ah.. well a building fell down. "Wait, what? Where the hell did my engine and windows go?" Um, did I mention it was a gravitational collapse!?


Once again the ridiculous official narrative didn't disappoint. We were told that jet fuel fire (kerosene) weakened the steel frames on the roof of a high rise building, which then caused the steel to weaken enough for gravity to pull it down in a total free fall collapse.

Let me simply it. 2 roof fires caused by kerosene brought down 3 buildings, and destroyed a 1/4 of New York city.

To put that into perspective I made this model explaining something else I never imagined would need an explanation.

It's a funny thing about buildings. When they collapse, the building itself breaks apart into chunks, leaving behind a huge pile of rubble. That's because a building doesn't have anywhere to go but down. It's still a building, only it becomes a huge rock pile with twisted steel. 

Believe it or not, 110 story building would leave at least a 30 to 50 story pile of rubble.

That's because buildings can't disappear. They crumble down because of gravity. If the only thing left of 110 story building is a 3 story pile of pulverized dust and steel, there's a good chance that gravity guy is innocent.

And jet fuel isn't capable of such feats. Jet fuel doesn't melt steel. If we have to explain this to people, then we're all in greater danger than we know.

Gravity isn't a magician that can make a 110 story skyscraper vanish. More importantly, gravity isn't strong enough to pull the roof of a high rise building through 90+ undamaged floors.

These are just some simple facts that no one should ever have to explain to another adult. Grown men like Mick West (or Mossad Mick as I call him) from MetaBunk, who claim to be scientists are pushing this type of nonsense on others. But this isn't rocket science, it's common sense.

Buildings don't collapse from roof fires. Building collapses don't start car fires. And gravity doesn't expel objects outward. And if any self proclaimed scientists or experts would like to prove otherwise, all I ask is for the chance to make some popcorn first.

Maybe next time we can address the fact that plane crashes don't slice walls perfectly straight... or do they?

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 Any and all videos that share a different opinion over 9/11 at youtube is deleted. The Global Elite the, ______, that control America ordered Congress into action and threaten youtube that people can not expose this Government.

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