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I consider 9/11 Truth and JFK Truth to be sister movements.

If they hadn't pulled off the JFK assassination and gotten away with it, would they have ever dared to pull off 9/11?

A new development has surfaced in JFK truth- the most important finding in years, and maybe decades.

We know now, beyond any doubt, that Oswald was standing in the dooreway of the Texas Book Depository when the shots went off, and we have a photograph of him standing there. And we have been able to prove- through multiple point analysis- that it is definitely him and could not be anyone else.

An organization has been founded around this idea, and it is called the Oswald Innocence Project.

My name is Ralph Cinque, and I am a 9/11 truther. I am a member of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth. But, I am also a JFK truther, and I am the founder of the Oswald Innocence Project.

Please visit our website. It consists of just 7 pages, and much of it is images. So, it doesn't take long. And afterwards, you will know - definitively- that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent.


And please tell others to increase traffic and search engine ranking. Thank you.

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