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 It Must be True It Was On the Internet, 119 Mirrored 911, found these two videos, at first it was like, ok what ever, now I figured what the heck so here it is.

It Must be True It Was On the Internet 119- YouTube



 There are several claims that ISIS is involved in the Las Vegas shooting, our team has not as of yet found any evidence to support the media news. This is a ISIS video, dealing with the shooting in Las Vegas.

by Henry Massingale

 To tell you the truth, I can not tell that they are claiming responsibility, but they are making threats. When our team is keeping a eye on the devil, "ISIS" why are we not surprised to find that evil ? Make up your own minds about this issue. Personally I am tired of their BS !

 ISIS Video Las Vegas Shooting Live Leaks- Vimeo

The video, ISIS Video Las Vegas Shooting Live Leaks- on youtube went viral with over 12,300 views. And our anti- ISIS videos were flagged, but it only costed us one video. Our network was basically hammered with vulgar comments and even though they tried to down rate the video, it went viral anyway.

 This video you will have to have a gmail account, I will not have any more videos flagged.

2nd ISIS Video Las Vegas Shooting Live Leaks- YouTube

 Exposing ISIS Terrorist, is more then some expected from our network.

ISIS Video Las Vegas Shooting Live Leaks Update- YouTube


 I was so thrilled with viral videos, but I was also very sad, because so many died in Las Vegas, This video came from my heart, to inspire the Music World to speak out, to create videos, because most of us young and old have children, and concerts are fun and full of beautiful people.

 Inspirational People Of The Las Vegas Shooting- YouTube


 The next thing I knew is this email I got, from Hank,

The video is being seen by the YouTube Administration, this Inspirational People Of The Las Vegas Shooting- YouTube, will go viral, it has even moved the hearts of people we do not know. This is the YouTube forum for this video now, by their hands.

I am also moved and sad and inspired by this video.


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