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Just received this email and do not know anything else.  Need to watch the video.


I do not have TV and will have to see what I can find on the radio.


Terrorists struck the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th in an apparently coordinated effort. Early reports revealed this coordinated attack carries the signature of past Al Qaeda attacks using multiple targets and unrelated agents. However, it is unclear if the dance attacks affected other national monuments but authorities have been placed on high alert.

Law Enforcement officers on duty at the time acted swiftly to diffuse the dance threat before damage could be done to the memorial and the tourists at the site. The terrorists are now in the custody of Washington DC officials and are being interrogated.

For the complete report and exclusive footage from the attack see http://rtr.org/videos/2/21418

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Sorry I posted this before looking in to it more.  It is more silliness.
Better listen to Alex Jones' program today. No doubt he will talk about it in detail.

This incident was staged and there were apparently several people who were posing as just spectators present and they were all videotaping the incident.


This does serve to ilustrate to the public the "police state" behavior of our law enforcement officers, in this case jumping on the people and handcuffing them because they were dancing.  But I doubt seriously the MSM will cover this story at all which makes the purpose of the staged event kind of a failure as only the Alex Jones type listeners will hear about it.


I am not much in favor of deliberately causing a scene like this to show how our cops act.  Those of us in the conspiracy corner, like me, don't need staged scenes like this.  We already know full well our police state status and the officers' extreme tactics.


The MSM suppresses whatever stories it wants and it wants to play down our police state so the real value of these kinds of staged events is lost.


I have seen some local people goad or egg on officers at sensitive kind of public rallies.  They have gotten physically injured and then they complain what happened to them but they knew full well that was the liklihood to happen and that is what they were wanting to get on their video film. 


I guess I like the bible verse that says something like "the evil of the day is sufficient thereof" or something like that.  We don't need to go out and deberately stir up trouble to prove their agenda and support our agenda.  ( I also do not like sting operations by law enforcement I guess for the same reasoning.)

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