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Sandy has suggested that we have a space for open discussion of topics that may be off-topic. That's fine with me. Let's see if the "Discussion" option will serve that purpose. Please give it a shot. Jim

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Beyond the Pale? Sarah Palin next reality TV star?

I thought I had seen it all since JFK , but politicians morphing into reality TV stars? How deep is this pathology. Of course, I am referring to a new reality TV series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" which I see advertised on TLC network upcoming, where Sarah is a down-home Alaska citizen/mother. What is next, A spin-off with Bristol in the starring role ????? (supply your own punch line).
A sobering quote to commemorate the dark JFK day:

"THIS IS bleepING IMPOSSIBLE" (Trutv bleeped out the true word on air)-

-quote by Jesse Ventura from his mock firing nest. In a test in collaboration with Jim F. and Jesse (Jesse was a Navy seal and expert marksman), he tried to duplicate Oswald's purported 3 shots, and in frustration uttered the above JFK quote of the year.
Thanks, Thoth. I don't have a TV and appreciate the info. I'd watch Ventura online, but it seems to be only available with iTunes and that's more hassle than it's worth, in my experience. Once you download iTunes, you can never get rid of it.
to JFK truth people, sounds like Uncle Don (Adams) is going to make our
local summit county ohio (fox 8) news tonight.....have to figure out if anything of it
is new, or the same stuff over again. thunderstorm moving in, over and out!
(will probly be back to comment after seeing)
yeah, so Mr. Adams was on the local 10:00 nooze last night, i just checked and
they have it up at fox8.com, and there was some new stuff in this interview. at
least he seems to be able to prove that it was/is covered up.
hey, at the beginning of the news blurb about it they said that interest in
Don Adams' work on this has gone world wide.
now if they'd just do a series of reports on fake planes on 9/11, right?
Hey Sandy,

Maybe Jesse Ventura will take the planes on!


sandy rose said:
yeah, so Mr. Adams was on the local 10:00 nooze last night, i just checked and
they have it up at fox8.com, and there was some new stuff in this interview. at
least he seems to be able to prove that it was/is covered up.
hey, at the beginning of the news blurb about it they said that interest in
Don Adams' work on this has gone world wide.
now if they'd just do a series of reports on fake planes on 9/11, right?
fortunately a lot of us are already stupified enough. thanks, anyway.
so how much money have you made off of 9/11 so far?
hi Dean, yeah, i think Jesse is a rather large asset. i don't think
it would be too much of a stretch for him to consider plane stories
fake. i saw him put the air quotes around the "plane" at the pantygone.
i keep thinking back to, gee, it would be a mite awkward for our
wondrous tee vee nooze top dawgs if it were to come out (all the way) that fake
video was aired. a wee bit hard to explain how osommy bin whommy
did that from a cave in Afghanistan.
it's sort of easy for us to keep working toward the truth being all
the way out, but kinda hard to imagine all that would happen were
it to come out. no wonder everybody keeps just covering it up.
the nooze top dogs on 9/11 would be extra crispy toast.

good to hear at chu, Dean, good to have you amongst us.


    hi Jim, friend,   (hey, i tried to send this to your page and it said it sent but then

disappeared it seems.  hmmm, that's weird.  so i sticking it here instead.)


    i'm somewhat concerned that mehmet sounds to be threatening you in some

form or other.  not sure if he's just spewing, his motives don't add up ta me, cause

i mean what does he think he's gonna accomplish in this community?   i really

don't like the way he's talking at all, and wonder if we should maybe be alerting

any authorities about his spews?

      Jim, you have been utterly amazing thru all of these years after 9/11, you've

been willing to make a public stand against the hideous machine, you've put your

reputation on the line in spite of all the guff you got for that, you put up with loons

who are scared of your knowing the truth, you are awesome.


       yeah, i don't like the way that person is talking to you, it's not just offensive,

it's threatening, even as he sits there saying he's not threatening you.  reminds

me of things our asshole gummint says even as they go directly against what

they're saying.  like on that repulsive video someone (Chuck?) sent out where

they're all gathered together, kawngriss, was it, or some similar pack of fools,

and ohbombya said "we do not torture", and they all like stood up and applauded.

i wanted to barf just then.

       i am suspicious of this person, and am not only bothered by his down talking

to great members of this group, but now he sounds threatening to you personally,

he suppposedly lives in belgium, but we can't be sure of who or what or where

he says he is.....course the law can easily track where his computer is spewing

its crap from, so he would be easy to locate, by honest law i mean, not agents

of the pigs, in case he attempts anything against you.  he creeps me out.


       anyway, we all hafta have each others' backs here, stay safe, love ya!

corporations: surrogate parents


The thothman has been kicking around a thesis in his cabasa recently that goes something like as follows:  We have done extensive political commentary on this forum using the rules of scientific reasoning (for the most part) and thus I think we have a pulse on "truth" in this world, and that is hard to get these days with all the paid disinfo. agents.  We must overcome our cognitive dissonance and go ruthlessless toward truth, thus we shortcircuit the efforts of these monsters who get up every morning with the intention of subverting countries and history for common folk.  But these agents are just that, PAID by a client , who are the elite , rich of this world.  


The corporations started their pogrom in the 1950s in earnest using the CIA to rape and pillage 3rd world country resources to recycle into their products and dump onto their consumers, which were largely Americans.  But that was only just getting this cycle going.


Aided by the political assassinations which cut the heart out of robust liberal politics in the 1960s, these corporations decade after decade have been following out their program.  And the effect is a full couple of generations that have been raised more by corporations than by anybody.  I say this because a healthy democracy has robust vibrant politics to keep excessives from happening and the govt. functioning more or less for the public good.  But when the progressive side of this equation was neutralized in the 1960s, this could no longer happen .  (and no surprise these political assassinations are happening perhaps today and certainly as recently as 2002 when Wellstone was assassinated).  


Now with the political field clear , the corporations could use their handles to carry out their programs in earnest in the 1970s through today, especially taking off under Reagan/Bush and W.  A vibrant democracy would be functioning properly, but this one is not.  One characteristic of a well functioning democracy would be that decisions would be made by the public for the public good.  But in this post JFK /911 regime, the corporations are calling all the shots.  They decide what products will be dumped on the public, whether they are good or not for the public, and they have all the common stuff like ad agencies working in their favor. These products are everything from military/industrial ware to pharmaceuticals to the ugly baggie pants the kids wear today.  Who are making these decisions.  This is worse now than ever.  This is no longer mere humorous consumerism, it has become the stuff of this country.


And the effect on the people has been profound.  No longer are people controlling their own destinies and decisions , but are dancing to the tune of corporate america.  They are no longer vibrant voters but rather dependent consumers.  How long can a society like this last, until the resources run out, the soul of people is crushed, and the earth is polluted .  The people are like the surrogate children of the corporate ladder.  

A vibrant democracy would be a great thing, Thoth, but we never had any kind of democracy at all, just the facade of one, the lipstick on the pig of tyranny. 


We have no way to hold our federal officials accountable during their terms of office, which is the only time they're supposed to represent us. If we can't hold them accountable, we can't exercise our will through them. If we can't exercise our will through our elected representives, and we can't exercise our will directly, we do not have a democratic form of government because we have no voice in government, just a referendum on who we'd prefer to govern us, which is nothing more than our consent to be governed by whoever wins, and that's usually whoever has the most money, meaning whoever gets the most corporate donations and is seen by the corporations as their best choice.


False flag operations like 9/11 aren't to gain public support, since our government makes it quite clear that it will not allow its decisions to be influenced by public opinion. The purpose is to terrorize us so that we'll knowingly consent to be governed by people who have no respect for us whatsoever.


Genocide "R" U.S. Right from the beginning, the powerful bought loyalty by killing Native Americans and allowing those who were loyal and subservient a share in the loot. Fight for the American corporation's freedom from the British corporation, and the American corporation gave you some land it had appropriated from the Native Americans it had killed in the name of progress and profit. And then, as the corporations colonized other countries, either openly or by militarily installing puppet governments, the corporations got richer and could hand out even more loot. 


Do you think today's overworked and underpaid robo-signers want to help evict their neighbors from their homes? What they want is a job so that they won't be homeless themselves. America was a fling. It was a young, sexy toy for the ultra-wealthy. But they've used and abused it to the point where they've lose interest in it now. Were Americans fooled into thinking it was a marriage, a partnership, or some sort of permanent relationship? Our Constitution was written in such a way as to ensure that those who owned the country, would always rule it, and when you own something, be it land, cattle, slaves, or anything else, it is nothing but property. You use it as long as it interests you and you toss it when you've lost interest.


After WWII we established a vital democracy in Germany by enacting a law that said that the board of directors of a corporation had to consist of equal parts owners and workers. So the owners can't outsource jobs or outsource the whole factory, because the workers have an equal voice in decisions. They can't cut corners on worker safety or harm their community because the workers have equal power with the bosses. Germany is a small country, but today it is one of the top three exporting nations in the world, and needless to say, we are not. The only things we export are weapons and jobs. 


For a bit of insight into how today's world works and who rules it, here's an article about a Russian guy:


The Real Crime of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, by F. William Engdahl




Notice some familiar names?


As the French say, the more things change, the more things stay the same. 


I'm on Gary Kohl's mailing list and I see that he's trying to arrange for Jim to speak in the Duluth/Grand Rapids area. Being in California, I hope not only that it happens, but also that it is videotaped and available online afterward. Corporations think quite differently, but Jim is my idea of a motivational speaker. Instead of telling lies and fairy tales, he just lays out the facts that can enable people to get motivated. America needs more Fetzer.




yes, that is an excellent reply you made.  I also think along similar lines.  The history of this country is rape and pillage by the wealthy, first the Native Americans ( I knew many growing up and respected their culture), then the 3rd world countries in the 1950s, and now the average american himself, who is a dependent consumer.  


I do however think that if some principled politicians like JFK had their way, plus a dynasty of Kennedys with MLK living on, labor unions would have continued to win rights for their workers and the corporations would have been constrained by federal law.  If Teddy Kennedy had been prez, he probably would have won price controls and a federal option for all americans for healthcare, which I think is sorely needed.  Think of what could have been better if not for the political assassinations of the 1960s.  

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