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time to kick Khadafi's butt again:  not




This world, were it not so very tragic, would be laughable.  Deja vu, my favorite friend and roommate in college grew up in Khadafi's Libya, and the US empire was already kicking in his butt back then, Ghouma used to wax on and on about this. I agree with Hugo Chavez, a guy who's been there, our real designs are on khadafi's oil fields.    

Yup, you're right, Thoth. Obama wants the oil. His feigned concern for civilians is belied by the fact that he continues to drone bomb innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan to protect an oil pipe line, and that he won't intervene in any country that doesn't happen to have oil.

CNN/CIA The Enemy Within  is about Operation Mockingbird and probably the largest hurdle we face.  I encourage everyone

to research Operation Mockingbird for yourself.   If I find a good video about it, I'll post it later.   We have to understand who

our foe is before we can begin to solve the problem.  



thank you, I had not read that article, it is very good, people should read it.  It expresses the depth of the mind control.  Even just a few hours examination of CNN/MSNBC/FOxnews this weekend with the Libya bombing, shows me how crazy these propaganda experts are.  You have the hairdo great looking guy/gals to give the facade and suck people in, then you have the ex-ambassadors and other shills, the ex-generals, etc.  In a few moments I heard them conflating OBL, Khadafi, Saddam Hussein, eastern Libya as a al-qaeda hangout, and on and on.  I doubt Orwell could have spun a tale as spooky as the real one unfolding daily, his books now seem like cartoons in comparison to this world.  

Operation Mockingbird in a easy to read format :     http://www.apfn.org/APFN/cia-media.htm

History Channel: propoganda central


This morning , HIstory is airing a 2 hour pseudo-doc called "10 ways to kill Bin Laden".


He's been dead 10 years, they act like he's still alive.

last night Jesse Ventura debated Piers Morgan about the whole usual list of topics, and Morgan showed his hand: he is a total company man spouting every logical fallacy and dark side agenda items that we've heard for 50 years.  But this time our hero Jesse was ready, and he held his ground extremely well against this well-oiled propaganda suit.  Way to go Jesse.




One thing Jesse said that made me think philosophically about this.  He pointed out all the kids entering high school were born and lived their whole lives under a war on terror.  As I watched this interview unfold, it was so very clear that our thought and research and Jesse's hard work and research made Morgan's branding Jesse a "kook" impossible, and even his attempt to brand him "coward" backfired.  But who is believing these corporate suits anymore?  Are the children?  That will wheel the future, who are the children believing?  

Thanks for posting that, Thoth. Since I don't have a TV, I never see anything on TV unless somebody I respect posts a link to an online clip that interests me. Unfortunately, younger generations are saturated with TV, so many people have a very skewed view of things, a view that is promoted by the corporations that own the mainstream media. As our economy continues to decline, some people retreat into denial, while others wake up. As for what will determine the future, I think that what has been done in the past may preclude any possible future. Until Fukushima, I questioned the Mayan prediction that the world would end in 2012. Now I just wonder how they could have been so accurate.  ;)

Jesse appeared last night on coast to coast




His straight talk shows that politicians really could solve many of the problems confronting the average man and environment, etc., if they were working for the average man instead of the billionaires.  With all the inventions, resources, technology, if a real effort were made, the citizens plus the environment could be sustained at high levels.  So this world has been engineered for the benefit of a handful of billionaire families, and that is why it is the way it is.  Jesse proves that in spades.  



There aren't too many people like Jesse Ventura, let alone politicians. Who among us can walk into a room full of CIA agents and not feel intimidated? Thank you once again, Thoth, for posting the link.

hi, group, how you be, group?


     say, i wunnered if anyone here bothered to watch the National

Geographic program last night....   scarily it aired here in ohiee from

9 til 11.    i did not bother to interrupt our regularly scheduled things

that we watch to check it out, nor did i recordicate it, figgerin that

if i know merricka, it would echo all the BULLSHIT that the offishal

story glommed on to us, and would not in any way resemble any

thing that was ever so distantly related to the truth...


     i found my eyebrows uplifting an extra two inches or so when i

looked thru the teeee veeee guide to see what was on last night,

because it said, something close to,


    "science and conspiracy..    forensic investigators (which in my

book might translate into "undercover see eye ayyyyy agents....")

probe common conspiracy theories linked to 9/11 terrist attacks

including allegations (BAH HAH HAH)  that they were an inside job.


       'naaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  ya don't say."



        anyway, did anyone bother to watch that and have an comment?

by the looks of it it coulda been a rerun and soma you maya had

the displeasure (that i imagine it was)   at having seen it before..


      but just wondered, if anyone here might have an comment on that..


      Thoth II, you are often up on all things, you seen this gem before?


      by the way Thoth II, i recommended you for an private list a while

back, that has lots of our , okay some of our best folks on it,.....    would

dig to see you there.  i hope Jimbob might consider stickin you on there....


    hi Jim, Thoth II (and a coupla others here)   might should be cornsidered

for additions to 'the list'.  



       anyway, lemme know, if anyone has comment, i am rather curious,

tho as i said, not curious enough to actually watch the thing.  i figure,

with giant knot in stomach, that it would be more of the same blah blah

blah, aren't conspiracy theorists wiggy, blah blah blah to it.  well, if that's

the case at least we know we make their panties bunch up.    lovies.






I did not see that particular show, but most of those I see keep repeating the same theme and try to paint conspiracy theorists as kooks.  It is such an old formula but I guess some dufuses still believe them.

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