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I mentioned that the 2nd plane generated on 911 was a PVI animation. PVI used to be totally manually operated, now it is man with complex computers. PVI used to only generate 3D wireframes on which the operator would plot the point to start the animation or generate a down line by entering the number in the address keypad, Now it is high tech. I took the class 4 years ago. Compared to the new demos this video looks primitive.

Old PVI demo: Virtual Animation - PVI


Note that all the graphics, cars, trucks, cartoon characters, animations, Lipton Tea, soda cans, bubbles, billboards, posters and sidewalk ads, advertising are INSERTED INTO LIVE broadcast or a taped presentation..


Sportvision PVI has updated its website, which has it made it much easier for me pass on information of how PVI works. A flat chroma key is not used as in the old days. This is digital technology and deals with pixels. Every pixel is used in establishing a real time environment and constantly updates itself.

Here are samples of how PVI now works. It is different from when I took the class. It will give you the idea that it is not a chromakey, but works on the same basis.for football anyway.




PVI Virtual Media Services sold out to Sportvision and ESPN2 in December 2010.

Now it is Sportvision PVI.


Virtual Imaging;

I will list the links to videos on Sportvision's website. but if they don't work for you, you can go to the Sportvision address and access all of the videos. Go to MORE in the subtitles, cursor down to Sportvision Videos.

Sportvision Videos Sportvision Reels



NBC 5 News, How does the yellow line work?


KRON 4 News Tech Talk on KRON 4 News


Bloomberg Sportvision Videos


CBS Evening News Sportvision Videos


1st and Ten System


many more

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