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"The attacks of 9-11 needed a conductor...This person had to give orders to military leaders to run the war simulations, to manipulate air defense computers so as to confuse their readers, and to continue the story that the hijackers came to the United States to take flying lessons so as to create the legend that they flew the planes, and to put people in places so that cruicial evidence (such as the WTC rubble) would be destroyed or sent away and to control the movements of agencies like the Secret Service.  Only one person fits all these descriptions:  Dick Cheney."


                                                                      Page 71, Facts Talk But the Guilty Walk

                                                                      Dean Hartwell


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Webster Tarpley in the last 15 minutes of the second and last hour of the Tom Keily Show on RuleOfLawRadio.com this evening said no way Cheney or Bush made any decisions whatsoever on the day of 9-11.  He said they were absolutely taking orders from the shadow government operatives.  He said no way would they put the decision making ability on a deal this big in the hands of a guy who has had 4 or 5 heart attacks and 3 to 6 pacemackers and who might drop dead right in the middle of it all if he were doing anything other than just following orders, and then the insider shadow government people would be left exposed and ruined.


Dr. Tarpley said there were 46 drills connected with 9-11 and about 22 of them were taking place on the day of 9-11.  He spoke with amazing detail about what happened.  The archive of this show will be up in about two days from now and is worth listening to.


The fifth edition of Webster Tarpley's book just came out and it sounds like it gives much new detailed information.


/11 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA  (5th edition)


This is a brand new edition and need to email info@progressivepress.com to inquire about buying the 5th edition as only the 4th edition is presently on this site.


He seems to be painting a much more vivid picture of what was actually happening on that day.  He said it was a coup d'etat.  The shadow government people successfully carried off this coup and I get from what he said that that is who is really running the USA right now.

The living dead...
Being a shady character, Cheney probably emerged from the shadow to take control of things.  He doesn't sound like someone who would take orders well.

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