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Although there is international efforts for a re-investigation it will get nowhere as the govt will obstruct all efforts to get this matter into a Federal court. I believe what is needed now is a campus movement that the media will not be able to ignore. Students were very much responsible for the anti-Vietnam war effort and their efforts now can bring similar results that the media will not be able to ignore. Right now, no District Attorney or politician has the guts to file legal papers to get an investigation into a courtroom, but once the media can no longer ignore student protests they will have to cover it.  

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Very good idea Laurence. The young internet savvy crowd is our best hope of spreading the word. It is their future at stake.

The word is spreading through the military also.  Hopefully the word will reach the voting booth, not that it makes any difference nowadays.

Hi Danny - The Internet indeed is a tool. Because both political parties have been guilty of false flag operations with the Gulf of Tonkin belonging to the Democrats and 9/11 belonging to the republicans I see the voting booth being a negligible factor. I have noticed that in all the speeches given by very credible 9/11 truth speakers that the large audiences are comprised of older adults, the exceptions being scattered street march protests a few years ago. Both young and older adults should be equally insulted by the treasonous actions by our govt administrations. Because 9/11 occurred in a Republican administration the same array of influential and credible speakers that have given lectures, etc., should be speaking at the top Liberal colleges across America. The attention and retention span will always be greater in live speaking performances than viewing you tube videos, etc., that can be easily flicked off when the attention span wans. Book authors always like doing tours as they have a captive audience where a rapport is created, so much the same effect with 9/11 speakers. Figuratively speaking, the college age youth have to be grabbed and shaken as to how their govt so blatantly and wantonly deceived them, in the process having no regard for human lives in the furtherance of their profane objectives. Here, I am referencing how Dick Cheney did not give an evacuation order to Pentagon employees knowing that a plane or drone was headed towards the Pentagon, because he and his cabal members needed more dead bodies.

Attending college during the late 60's during the Vietnam war, I saw how the anti-war youth leaders got right in the face of the establishment and drew maximum press coverage. In Europe street protests are very common, but in America they rarely occur. I believe that an enraged you movement marching on Washington and other places would draw media coverage needed to bring the issue to that segment of the  American people who are totally unaware of the massive efforts by architects, engineers, physicists to expose 9/11. Notwithstanding, the preponderance of evidence that shows that 9/11 was the result of govt collusion and participation. This movement can not achieve its aims if it is merely finessed. Romney tried to finesse his way past Obama instead of showing genuine anger as to what the Obama administration had done and in the case of Benghazi did not do. Lawyers are afraid to take on the Federal govt to get an investigation into Federal court. The movement will continue to be talking while the media lets their talks fall on deaf ears. Various forms of physical action will be needed to make a dent in exposing 9/11 for what it really was. Americans need to be told how their lives became expendable in the furtherance of profane objectives by a small but powerful evil cabal that exerted maximum power of actions                    





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