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United Flight 23 on 9/11



Just found out about this 9-11 Tenth Anniversary ABC TV disinfo news story yesterday.  I tried to post it here but it did not post so will try again.  It was linked from Rense.com yesterday, but today Rense.com apparently has deleted the story.


It was evidence that the psy-op and official disinfo pieces about 9-11 are still going on.



Read the Peeling the Onion piece by Dr. Fetzer to see how all of his has many unfolding layers to keep everyone confused.

Whenever you hear "the hijackers" referred to, know that that person is either misinfo or disinfo.

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Dr Fetzer has done an outstanding job of sorting out this bunch of lies masquerading as the truth and so called evidence.

I'm not too sure the American public is up to the task of understanding what has befallen them, even though the evidence is

plain for all to see.   And then there are those who still seem to think all Muslims are to be hated, because some nutjob mega-

preacher tells them so.  I'm personally ashamed of my Country, not that it makes any difference.  Hopefully the rest of the world

realizes we're not all as stupid as our Congress, Pentagon, and  "intelligence" agencies.

thank you Danny, i am also ashamed, on an daily basis, and there

seems to be always that nagging thought that maybe we should all

be running away from this horror that is the yew ess of aye.


     yeah, hopefully the rest of the whirled realizes that we are not all as

assinine and heartless and blood thirsty as our assholes in whatever...


     it is truly a shame.  and casts a big ugly black cloud over our lives,

and the lives of all who are injured by 'our' cuntry's greed and pigginess..


     how do we get by it?  well, i don't know.   let me know if you find out.

but the few of us who dare to speak are to be greatly commended. 

     in the 'end', who knows what will occur?     but let the foul pigs of the

world know that some of us are not fooled.     thanks, Danny, good to have you a-bored.

it is not a pretty row to hoe, is it>?          



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