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Don't forget they are growing conventional fruits and vegetables with toxic, heavy metal laden Sewer Sludge!

Buying Organic is not a luxury, it is essential. Thanks for these video links, Chuck! 

"In 1978, a soil scientist in EPA's Office of Water (OW), Dr. John L. Walker, advised Associate Deputy Assistant Administrator Henry L. Longest, II that he should promote land application of processed sewage sludges for agricultural purposes. Walker wrote: “The application of some low levels of toxic substances to land for food crop production should not be prohibited.”2 Longest and other EPA administrators liked the idea. Walker was one of several scientists who joined EPA in the mid-1970s, who started promoting land application as the preferred method of sewage sludge disposal. Before that, Walker worked for Dr. Rufus Chaney, an agronomist at USDA who also promotes land application of sewage sludges. Others at OW who promoted this approach from the beginning included Dr. Alan B. Rubin and Mr. Robert K. Bastian. Rubin was a chemist who held the position of VP for Research at Adams Laboratories in Alexandria, VA before coming to EPA. Bastian was a biologist who formerly worked for the U.S. Corps of Engineers." - http://sewagesludgeactionnetwork.com/files/The_Gatekeepers_FEB_17,_... 


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