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"And the cudgel of making fun of people for opinions which are "strange" is used both by the mainstream against the 9/11 event skeptics as a whole. And by the "truthlings" against those who are more aware of the obvious facts and the reasonings inherent from a close study of the event."


Why 9/11 Truth Movement is Mis-led


The Truth about Truthlings


Serpent Songs in America



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Nice post, Peg.


Enjoyed reading Holmgren's article about Truthlings.


I think many people are attracted to the ivory tower of academia because that is where "truth" is sought.  But Dr. Fetzer always makes is clear that the truth arrived at is always tentative and subject to change.


As a Christian, I believe in absolute Truth Who is Jesus Christ.


Each of us needs to love truth, value it, and seek it in every way in our lives.


Many of us were well familiar with "false flag" operations over the last century by our government to cause unjust wars and mass killing of the innocents, so we immediately saw 9-11 for what it was.


I find it particlarly intersting to observe the "winners" in the 9-11 truthling game, that is, Dr. Steven Jones, Richard Garge, Keven Ryan et. al., and their big "Toronto Hearings" scam coming up soon.  Here you have THE most sophisticated disinfo / misinfo operation against 9-11 truth.  These are those who abusing the ideal of truth.


All of us, know matter what our mindset, know that it is truth that will set us free.


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