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That question is still asked and it becomes more important to ask. Scholars for 911 truth are still propagating false theories and so creating more confusion. The founder of ST911, Jim Fetzer is still continuing to support such false theories.


"Comment by James H. Fetzer on November 25, 2010 at 4:49pm

No one is obligated to respond to anyone else. When you have something to say to which I have not already replied, I will consider making additional comments. But that is not the case at present. Thanks for asking. "


Here are some unanswered questions and that Jim is refusing to answer:


No plane theory: The main argument of no speed reduction during entry is false. The proof is physics law, well summarized by the calculation F=m*a --> a=F/m=dv/dt --> dv= F*dt/m, F is limited, dt is very small 0.25s, m is big (whole weight of the plane), so dv is small.


All available evidence is consistent with real B767 planes hitting the towers.


Mini nuke: That creates huge explosion; that will blow out whole building in one time. We did not saw something like that.


Pulverized hydrogen bomb: The explosion will start at one point and progress within less than one second into whole tower. We didn’t saw such unique explosion. With such explosion one can not produce top-down progressive collapse.


The demolition of the towers was made by a big number of explosives placed on required positions as explained in my power point at www.peace911.org


Why Jim remains silent and leaves people continue to propagate false theories?

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sandy rose said: "again, what is your worst fear, mehms?    if you're afraid of the truth coming all the way out then i hafta ask,.... say whut????"


My worst fear is that the truth remain covered over the tenth anniversary of 9/11. And disinfo agents who lead the 9/11 truth movement are succeeding into that by keeping the biggest disinfo theories in the top ten of their claims.


sandy rose said: "but be advised, no one here, or any other truther place that i know of claim to know all the answers. no matter what the scenario actually was, we don't have all the answers, so it is ABSURD   for you to expect that we or anyone (except the slimy criminals) do........"


Sorry, the problem is just here: You consider that after 10 years we must not be aware of the main scenario of the events. But the name of that group is "911scholars for the truth"; if the members are really scholars and are really investigating 9/11, after 10 years they should understand and know what really happened, and there should be no one wrong theory remaining undebunked. Scholars should and have the obligation to find the solution of the problem, there is no justification to not know the truth.


later sandy rose said: "and bee tee dubs, where do you get off telling Jim that he needs to decide know?"


In fact, it's too late. Jim is unable (or do not want) to separate the truth and the false. By continuing such behavior, he is continuing to support all ind of disinformation. And that's unaccaptable for a leader of so called scholars' leader.


later sandy rose said: "which in our language would be translated into "now".   Jim has known the truth for years, my not friend, he doesn't need to decide shit now, cause he already knows.   and has known,. "


Here up you told that "no one here, or any other truther place that i know of claim to know all the answers." And now you are telling that Jim knows the truth for years! Unfortnately Jim is supporting too many disinfo theories, and he should not. As a claimed scholars' leader, he should clearly refute all disinfo theories. Except if he is the leader of "disinfo scholars".




I had enough evidence to state that your group is supporting all disinfo. I do not know how much you are involved in the production of such disinfo.


Any way, you and your group is so much involved in the propagation of disinfo that I can not more be member of such group.


By that post I ask you to delete my membership from all your groups and do not more use my name as member of your group or as supporting your work.


By the way, I am going to add your name in my disinfo list at www.peace911.org .


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