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9/11 victim Justin McCarthey is actor Nick DiPalao

An unknown number of 9/11 victim identities are fake and their representative images are altered or otherwise disguised photos of agents who continue to act in other roles supporting the network's agenda. I think purported victim Justin McCarthey [right] was supplied by "conservative" actor/comedian [repeated Howard Stern appearances] Nick DiPalao.

Nick DiPalao is managed by Don Buchwald and can be seen in the talent scroll here:

Buchwald's agency represents the entire Stern crew as well as Gwendolyn Briley-Strand, actress and supposed sister of Jonathan Briley, "The 9/11 Jumper" [sister and brother likely the same performer: their brother Alex Briley, who is the Navy man in the Village People, each could pass for the other, but that's another thread].

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