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9/11 Consensus Panel: Check it out. By and large, it looks to me as though it is well done!


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October 19, 2011
9/11 Consensus Panel

9/11: The consensus of an international panel of 21 experts

Increasingly the media is having to deal with evidence emerging against the official story of the 9/11 attacks.

For example, on October 10th, the *New York Times* revised its earlier reports on the source of the anthrax spores used in the frightening attacks on members of the media and the Senate, following 9/11.

The letters carrying the spores seemingly originated from a Muslim hand, and the spores were considered by the FBI to be low-tech.

The longest investigation in the FBI’s history finally traced the spores to a deranged “lone-nut” working in the Fort Dietrick, Maryland, bioweapons laboratory.

The alleged culprit, Dr. Bruce Ivins, apparently committed suicide in 2008 following intensive FBI allegations against him, and the FBI closed the case.

However, it transpired that Dr. Ivins was a respected vaccine researcher with many publications to his credit, and a following of loyal colleagues.

An 18-month National Academy of Science investigation into the case has recently found that the weaponized spores were far too high-tech for one person to have made, and is suggesting a new investigation to replace the inadequate FBI account.

In a different news story, on October 17th, Britain’s BBC’s *Today Programme * interviewed FBI whistleblower Ali Soufan,

Soufan revealed – as had White House former anti-terror chief Richard Clarke some weeks before him – that the CIA deliberately blocked FBI warnings of impending hijacker attacks – warnings that could have prevented the attacks.

These press reports lean towards evidence of domestic complicity in the attacks, long believed by independent researchers. But some pundits say that journalists are not qualified to challenge the government’s technical reports on the building collapses and the Pentagon attack – that expert opinion must be engaged if these reports are to be meaningfully challenged.

Such opinion is now available from the new *9/11 Consensus Panel*, an international body of 21 experts in physics, engineering, chemistry, and other disciplines.

The Panel, in reviewing the evidence, selected the Delphi Method, which is used by medical panels to develop consensus statements that guide doctors towards “best-evidence” state-of-the-art treatment guidelines.

In a Delphi study, proposed statements are mailed to recipients who remain blind to one another and who rank and provide feedback on the statements being considered. When successive rounds of feedback have refined a statement to a high level of consensus, the statement is considered to be the "best evidence" on that topic.

The 9/11 Consensus Panel’s 21 experts spent nearly a year developing its first group of 13 Consensus Points of evidence relating to the official account of the events of September 11, 2001.

The Points achieved consensus of 90-100%, and are available at consensus911.org.

This truth is not a conspiracy theory or the speculation of uninformed people.

It is scientifically derived evidence and offers the media the confidence it needs to address the expanding cracks in the 9/11 narrative – which don’t seem likely to go away soon.

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Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 6:37am

I sent some information to them that I wish they would consider adding to the data they used.  for obvious reason I can't trust them with an e-mail to respond to at this stage of the game but clearly the two items I requested they should consider are:


FLT 77's FDR data is fraudulent and or fake, based on the missing Aircraft I.D. and the missing FLEET I.D. data in the raw data file header preamble data that MUST have this information in it to link the file in the crash protected memory to the aircraft.


UA-175's ACARS data transmissions from PIT and MDT (pittsburgh and harrisburg) just around half an hour AFTER the aircraft reportedly struck the WTC tower in NYC that morning, which is not possible under any circumstances if the aircraft was destroyed.


my guess is that they'll ignore the request because I didn't use the Heiny Lick maneuver and genuflect and cross myself when sending the request to them...but we'll see.


both of my points are solid and both are VALID.  because I'm not a PhD'd and vetted by the annointed ones in the upper echelon of the clique in the movement, they'll most likely ignore me and gaff this stuff off.


in any case, if they can find one verifiable FDR person with real experience, or ACARS person with REAL EXPERIENCE with VHF data link transmissions to and from aircraft, that can controvert me without the obligatory bullshit ad-hominem attack, I'd love to see their cogent and timely response somewhere.


one of the larger problems with the 9/11 truth gang is it too has it's GATE KEEPERS, and if you're not in the clique you sure won't have your information seen by too many others.


but let them debunk me with real facts, which they cannot.  they'll just ignore me, per the protocols of 'only the vetted are heard' rule of let's limit the discourse and only talk about what is on our script to discuss.


I read the talking points about their factual information and they were just a tad LIGHTWEIGHT in the FLT 77 arena to be too very much more than a form of gatekeeping, at best, and at worst, another case of AE911TRUTH folks by virtue of the fact that they have more than just one or two acolytes from AE911 in their clique.


so I am going to have to tell you, Mr. Fetzer, that I'm not too very encouraged by their stuff.  It's very sketchy, does not include nearly a third of the real stuff that is out there, and is far too LIGHTWEIGHT to be taken seriously by anyone who's done heavy research in this area.


so my opinion of this consensus911 gang is that it's missing so much meat that it is borderline translucent in what it has to offer.  certainly they could come up with more jello to nail to the proverbial wall than what they have in their stickling points they published???????  truly.

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 21, 2011 at 4:01am
To Jim, we can now begin to start heading in the direction of pushing for the empaneling of grand juries to get indictments handed down against those who did this.  if the D.A.'s (ducks asses) in most communities won't empanel a grand jury to get this rolling, then it needs to be an important part of the OWS movement, in that it must be one more demand that has to be acceded to or 'no dice' on anyone's bid toward resolution.  till we get this punished, no compliance with arbitrary bullshit laws the police want to enforce, such as parking tickets and other crap.  stand tall, don't back down, and refuse to pay the fines.  if these scum can commit such mass murder and wars then the least that spineless and gutless american's can do is to STOP COMPLYING WITH BULLSHIT LAWS THAT ONLY ENRICH THE FUCKERS WHO ARE DOING THE KILLING!!!!  and if that takes making statements in court rooms to that affect and being locked up for that, so be it.  they cannot lock up three hundred and thirty million of us even in their nice new REX 84 camps aka FEMA CAMPS.  time to just stop complying with all laws that are there to scam money from us, period!  end of story!  if you willingly feed the beast, you deserve the huge raw unlubed dick up your ass.  it's that simple.  comply with bullshit laws that only reinforce our enslavement, and you're complying with BULLSHIT.  and in fact, you're committing a form of subornation of TREASON by compliance.
Comment by Thoth II on October 20, 2011 at 3:49pm
which is why they need to take your courses in logic, Jim!
Comment by James H. Fetzer on October 20, 2011 at 3:25pm
I think the sentence is meant to convey that, since this is a consensus among experts, it is not merely a matter of speculation; and, since they converge in what they take to be the truth, this is not merely a theory.  That is my take, but the way it was expressed was not artful, which left considerable ambiguity about what was really meant.
Comment by Thoth II on October 20, 2011 at 3:14pm

"This truth is not a conspiracy theory or the speculation of uninformed people"


It is sad that I hear the misconceived premises implicit in this tired kind of statement over and over; but yes, it is good to have these consesus and pressure the media (hopefully pressure them from both ends, public awareness plus the plotters tried to confine the knowledge on a need to know basis, but that will fail, just like it failed in JFK, because more people involved come to awareness).  


What is sad, is that the dark side redefined conspiracy theory to fit their ends, and marginalize the public as uninformed people.  That is what they want, robots, not just in politics, but everywhere.  

Comment by James H. Fetzer on October 20, 2011 at 4:40am
I agree, Dennis.  We KNOW what happened on 9/11.  Personally, taking a closer look, I think this "consensus" leans just a bit more in the Steve Jones/Kevin Ryan direction than I might prefer, where comparing their results with "20 reasons the 'official account' of 9/11 is wrong" may be instructive.  Consensus is not truth, but it may turn out to encourage skeptics of the 9/11 movement to become more open-minded.  And that is a benefit.
Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 20, 2011 at 2:23am

someone wrote a good piece not too long ago that in essence said that until this 9/11 shit is dealt with appropriately and not whitewashed or swept under the rug as it has been, there can be no restoration of confidence in any of the system.  and I concur with that assessment.  I'll go to the concensus911.org site and download as much of it as I can now that you brought it to light.  I just bristle when I see any organization trying to flog the dead horse which has now started to morph into LIHOP land, which is the zioturd way of telling us that they're going to try to soft sell the treason and hang it on a few Bush patsies now.  unfortunately that is not going to cut it.


till the day comes when they empanel grand juries and hand down indictments for a lot of first degree murder counts against all involved, I'm sorry, I'm not playing their game anymore.  and I hope enough of the rest of you come to the same conclusions and stop playing their game with them.


playing the game includes obeyance of virtually any and all stupid shit they impose, be those banking fees, or ATM charges, or whatever.


I had the shit forced down my throat by them, banking wise.  But to be honest, I was pretty much out of the banking fuck game anyway with my minimum balance in there and the occasional electronic fund transfer to pay bills.  Now I am free of their shit.   In essence, they only hastened a decision I would have made on my own anyway.


concensus is one thing, but people now have to realize that this is a very important issue, and if they don't fully want to come to grips with 9/11 treason, then every shaft job the government metes out to them is deserved and warranted by them.  if you're not going to do combat against these pricks, then your only option is to bend over and spread your cheeks because they are only going to screw you harder and deeper now.


the time has come for tens of millions of us to muster on station in D.C. and take it back.  if we don't, we can have concensus until the cows come home.  concensus is good but it does nothing when there is no rubber meeting any road.  the only rubber that can meet the road is when everyone gets into their car and drives to D.C., car pooling if necessary to save gas and money.


but we must do that.  having a general broad agreement about what they did on 9/11 is all well and good, but until that translates into tangibly dismantling the machine in D.C. and Tel Aviv and London that did it, we all might as well be the blind man pissing into the wind, stating; "it all comes back to me now" because we really need to start translating this consensus into viable action and shut the machine off.


close the bank accounts.  stop buying frivolous bullshit you don't need.  STARVE THE BEAST.


if you don't starve that beast, it will keep cornholing us.  the only thing keeping it alive is everyone's willful compliance with it's unlawful edicts that enslave us.


OWS needs to morph into TAKE BACK AMERICA, and that means encircling the Whore House and forcibly evicting it's unlawful occupiers, as well as the other house of ill repute on the hill.  They need to be bodily thrown the fuck out soon or consnsus911.org and all other sites who spotlight we all agree that they did this to us, are just lame and moot.


time to defecate or get off the goddamned pot, Jim.  that's what consensus means.  how much more consensus do we need to do that? 160 percent know they did it to us on 9/11?


it's time for people to put up or forever hold their enslaved proletariat, enslaved by despots, peace.

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