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Capitalizing on the highly publicized 'End the Insanity' march hosted by Comedy Central comedians Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert - 9/11 truth groups around the area are getting together and marching together to spread the 9/11 Truth message.

Would like to invite any members close to Washington DC to join with local 9/11 truth groups (DC911truth.org, Truth-March.net, WeAreChange, TeaParty911Truth.org and others) on October 30th in DC.

We are planning a 9/11 Truth March, a banner drop and possibly some street theatre. This march is the day before Halloween so we're expecting folks to come in costume. Our idea was to have a costume for each 9/11 Truth Group.

Local 9/11 truth groups got together a few weeks ago in DC on October 2nd and we had a wonderful reception we ran out of all of our literature and aroused a lot of interest for 9/11 truth.

We're hoping for the same effect on October 30th.

Please spread the invitation, Saturday, October 30th 11 am at the Washington Monument to all your members if there are any members in the DC area, please have them join us.

for more details contact Oskar Mosquito @ 202-441-8983

or Anna Yeisley, anna@teaparty911truth.org

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